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January 16 2014 Out of the Furnace Review / Notes

My notes on the Film: Out of The Furnace staring Christian Bale. 
Starting lines: "Give me that fucking hotdog".

Trailer dude force feeds his girl a hot dog. LoLZ.

10 min. in and EVEryONE is whispering. This reminds me of a film I saw recently...
Whispering. Dissapearance of family...stop and nothing...GASP! This is that horrible film
Prisoners all over again! Nooooooooooooooooo

EVeryone is big foreheads, chins, and jaws and excessivey "trailer park" which, when Christian Bale asks:
"Who the fuck are they"...another clone says: "Inbreed folk from Jersey". It is like white trash social level games here.
You have violence, alcohol, and greasy hair with all males talking in gruffy voices and whispering...For some reason.

Christian bale has a car accident, is put in prison since it was his fault. We understand this because teh scenes cut DIRECTLY to this. No trail scene etc. Which is cool.
But this sets the tone for the rest of the film. ASSUMPTION. For example, when he is free, his brother picks him up in a car, Bale drives and goes through the black neighboorhood since they 
are obviously white poor dudes...Any ways, they show shots of poverty and run down houses. A sort of, "this is a prison in it's way" assumption. Then Bale waves at a passerby and says "Hi Jerry". We never see Jerry,
We just assume Bale has black hood connections. Got it. 

This film does do a way better job than prisoner did. 40 min in and we still have no kidnapper. We are getting "emotionally" involved in the family...well between Bale crying, we are given more information at least. Dad died, Bale is a mill worker and
his young brother is an Army vet with no cash doing underground fights to pay debts. There is a sort of passive racial message. As mentioned above it is very white trailer park-esque. Then a division to the black hood. And then, we see white Bale has a black Ex. who is
hooked up with a black cop. So, there is that message of interacialness. Which, so far, has no real connection to the plot, subplot, etc..

Spoiler alert! Casey Afleck is playing the touch ex Army kid (little brother). And he is whispering in a little girl voice the whole time. As meh as believability as a soldier, he does have that scrawny white boy from the trailer look going on. That helps with the very dominate visual theme of the film...
Right down to the button down flanel shirts they give every one. 

My favorite line from Casey so far: "Am I supposed to be scared of him because he sucks on a lollipop", in his girly whisper voice XD XD XD.

The whole fight scenario does not make sense. So Afleck is supposed to lose a match so that a bet gets him 1,500 dollars (his total debt). He does not go down because he says he doesn't have the "losing spirit"...So he offers to go fight up in Jersey to pay it off.
Which leads him in a position to lose or pay up. HE starts winning, then forced decides to lose which gets him beat to a pulp. Meanwhile his brother is hunting. What I like about this scene is that at least we are given a hint that Bale uses guns instead of "just grabs one and knows how to use it to get revenge."

It is also at this point there is nothing going on in this film. It is the 60 min. mark. 1 hour. And the film is 1hour and 50 min longish. We spent about half the film with imagery of "look, we are poor and white. And Bale knows how to cry. Look at our haircuts (the long hair is sported and the camera zooms in on it more than once).
I guess it is better than trying to show you are unique by having wierd ass hair cuts like in the film Prisoner (yes you Jake Galyhanlgalahla). 

Silly scene where William Dafoe drops his cell phone out of his pocket and it just happens to auto dial durring his bad mouthing of the ring leader that kidnaps the brother. Then road blocked by the ring leader and thugs in seconds, and the brother is kidnapped.
Unlike Prisoner where the family is kidnapped. We see that Afleck is sot in the head. So no more Afleck and let the game of revenge begin. Bale is emotionally wound up and super attacked to his brother, so now, at the 65 min. mark, things should be getting good. 

So, 80 Min. nothing is happening. Bale tries to buy drugs to meet the ring leader. Does not have success, and gets kicked out by the local cops. Then the next day the black cop that is with his pregnant ex, tells him his brother is dead. So the next scene they are eating diner. It seems the table is the sub theme in this film. 
When Afleck met the ring leader they were sitting around a table of cards. There is allot of sitting in this film. People sitting in cars, on cars. I think is to get the audience relaxed amid the menecing unroling plot and mean "faces" that are in this film.
At this point this is a bit of a flop film. Really could have gone straight to AandE channel. It is like they are STREEEETTCHHINGGG time with long pauses and stupid scenes like "cutting cocaine", long shots of people standing around doing nothing...just to hit that 2 hour "YEah we made a feature film". 
I am hoping all this is build up for a decent ending...

Chistian Bale breaks a wall mounted phone. Next scene cuts to him in church. Then to him taking a bath. This film should be retitled: "Christian Bale: Out of the Furnace". This is just a huge 2 hour publicity stunt. 

Huge emphasis on SLOWWWWW ass film...Boredom sets in easy. No plot twists so far. No deep dialog between whispers. No intelligent story line. Shalow love plot. Christian's ex. still has feelings for him, and her new cop husband finds them getting emotional in the kitchen. It's all good though.

And it is over. Very anti-climactical. He slowly finds the bad guy. just kicks him down. Shoots him in the leg. Tells him to walk. Shoots him in the side. They walk out into a field. The bad guy falls and Bale identifies himself as the brother. The bad guy gets up and says "He was a tough kid". And he finds the force to get up
and walk, like out of respect I guess. So then Bale waits and waits, and prepares his gun but the black cop arrives and says put down the weapon. Bale doesn't, raises it and shoots the guy dead. So, the last scene they referncing as he looks down the scope is a scene when he is hunting a buck. But that makes no sense and evokes no emotion.
HIs hunting a majestic animal, hesitating, and then killing it shows no connection what so ever to the same treatment to the guy that killed his brother. They were just trying to go for that glory film shot and I can totally see the producers patting themselves on the back thinking they made some kind of poetic shot. Stupid. I mean if it was Bale
that was the EX war vet, that had to make this call, and not stupid Afleck...THIS FILM COULD HAVE BEEN CLIMATIC. But, in fact, Aflecks military career, like Bales love interest and 
racial themes in this film DO NOT SERVE AT ANYTHING IN THIS MOVIE! Afleck could have been a McDonalds worker and the plot would not change. Bale could have been single and the plot would not change. This could have been Chinese and not a white black thing, and the plot would not
Here is why they did what they did. Afleck needed a tough guy look despite his girl voice so they said: "oh hey, lets make him military, because that is tough". Bale has a relationship because it was the only way to introduce a familiar cop in the end. The racial thing was just to show a level of poverty and a "poor mans wisdom" when came to the judgment
call when shooting. Everything did not flow good at all and smells o dung heaps upon monkey feces. I did like some of nature scenes. OTher than that, there is no excuse or the whispered dialog and other elements I mention. I seiously think this would have been a great film if Bale was Ex military dealing with his burden back home as he dealt with local crime.
Then his brother killed and having to take that decision to kill the bad guy despite his training in the military, hutnuing, and civilian life...but no, wait no, if this film got to smart, we would not be able to hire the other actors in this film. All whom are known, and were totally unnecessary and piss poor in this film. No wonder it is not nominated.

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