Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AU 8 - Elysium Review

Small Elysium Review:
Pros: Good combat scenes.
         Nice sci - fi touch.

Cons: Stupid dialog, "You can change the course of fucking history". Thank you for explaining the plot because the film could not push it along enough. More Hollywood mafia guarding talent less hacks by sacrificing what they lack in talent, to be written in script.

- The main bad girl person thing, played by Jodie Foster, has huge trouble reading the script. I mean this is stuff straight from bad acting level F movies of the 60's and 50's. I even think there was a part she forgot a line, pauses mid speech, looks down, looks back up at the other guy she is talking to, and continues the dialog...I rewound the film (watching pirated online), and yep, she has an on screen "whos line is it" moment. She talks like a robot...just because...I guess that means she is future boss lady when you talk like a robot. I miss dramatic space opera characters. This is stale and poo tasting.

- Things do not make sense between technology and scenes. It is like they wanted to show two different scenarios and crammed them together without thinking it through all the way. Was there a pre war? Why are the bosses of the workers overly mean but have zero guards or advanced technology, but are protected some how socially? I did not understand. It made no sense in this sci-fi world unless...oh yeah... the social message we are supposed to get from it. White boss man exploits mexicans...LEave that for Avatar 3 or some crap. This film seems odd fitting that in between robot fights and mass overlord computer systems... Was seriously waiting for a "TPs report" moment...

So medical is super over advanced. A scene a guty gets his head blasted off, but the medical DNA reconstructer re builds it. So, if that is the case, why did they show some ghetto scene of Matt Damen getting operated on only using painkillers, anesthesia, and butcher knives... This operation is done by the same guys that steal arms and technology, yet they never got a hold of a medical device??? Oh that is right...something about black market medical devices would ruin the plot that medicine should be given to every one on the planet...
  I have a question...when Matt is operated on, he has no T-shirt, the next scene he leaves the hospital WITH the T-shirt UNDER the mech suit. with the drill holes in it and all. And he never takes this T shirt off in the film. So...how did he put the T shirt on AFTER the surgery??? All clothing would have to be put on OVER the suit, like the bad guys. They even made a point to blood stain the parts of the T-shirt where the mech suit was drilled in...Sooooo...blooper. Ahh the blunder of future technology: The T-shirt.

 - The bad guy, hit man, who ends up taking over and out to destroy everything and everyone; bad bad choice of character. I can not understand anything he is saying in english. He talks with an Australian accent I think? but it is really bad, with slang and drawing of the speech...I understood not a line of dialog from this poorly developed character.
  Another thing, his operations with Jody Foster... HE was a hired merc, but left alone with a ship and 3 others that are always close and just patrol around earth?? didn't understand that arrangement. Why not just use robots? They call generation 3 robot suits generation 3, meaning they are old and replaced by robots (superior version). Yet, the robots are absolutely useless. You would think Jody would use an unmarked robot to do her dirty work for less collateral. Un marked robo that just shuts down in a cave or explodes to hide evidence. But no, she puts all her problems on the liability of a live merc that is crazy and over priced. The logic of this loops back to the mis use of technology in this film. I think the budget directed this film, not the brains. The budget said "You have 45 min worth of robot CGI, use em or lose em".

And lastly, I am not emotionally attached to ANYONE in the film. The protagonist does an ok job keeping us curious and leads us to scenes of suspense (Matt robo D) but that is about it. The whole "save the girl and the woman" is thrown out the window when you are split to decide what is more important, the information stored in Matt's robot brain (which is the plot line of the film) that will free the people on earth and give them aide or the sick little girl that needs to be thrown in a medical pod thing.
  So, because a little girl is sick we have to watch the suspenseful scenes of the mom trying to run in a house ot use a medical bay...but no... we see after Matt unleashes the codes in the mainframe, that robots then descend on to earth to aide all the African sick children...so why not just hide it out, wait, and let Matt save the day. Instead she puts in jeapordy the entire plan because she can not wait for the damn kid. So between the important codes to save the world, and one sick kid...the audience feels nothing the for the useless kid who gets air time by playing dead in the film...I Would have preferred a live kid, or half sick kid, that attempts to help or gets involved indirectly, and we grow affections for and becomes a protagonist in the film...but no..."poor people of race need medicine" was the message, and we can't, as the audience, learn messages in films unless they are directly shoved in your face (I miss the old films).

And that my friends, is the Elysium review. Now go watch the film "that is going to change fucking history man"...but make sure you do it pirated and not waste the cash.

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