Thursday, August 8, 2013

AU 4 - Mabinogi Game Log 2

Finished fighting quest 1. I had to break up a fight between a love triangle and it ends up that "Blue hair" girl loves Kaene. Did not see that coming. In fact, Kaene had no hints he liked BHG (blue hair girl). BHG opens up about her feelings but it is so over the top and not at all developed like Mina was...I supported Mina because that would have been a great back story. It was built up, and presented itself perfectly. But it is like the writers got drunk, and said, oh hey let's just screw the story up and have these two fall in love.

 And when I say fall in love, I mean Kaene proposes marriage to BHG on the spot. Kinda stupid. 
Also, I some how am the priest presiding over the marriage. Somehow, in a game that actually has a priest class and a churches, you would think someone more qualified than ME would do this. It made no sense. Also, back to the developers being drunk, Kaene, an orange haired glasses wearing silent nerd who can fight. Suddenly loses the glasses and has black hair!!! That is the character in the marriage cut scene! WTF is going on? Did the groom suddenly switch out for another dude? I guess another development flaw. This kind of was a turn off in the game, not a huge one, but I know my progression is geared towards doing SAGA, and if SAGA's, and I hope they are better designed than this train wreck of a story / Cutscene.

Another note on that. Blue Hair Girl says, before the wedding, that she is not upset Cecilia is not at the wedding (because Cecelie was madly in love with her Kaene), and she says "You lose one friend and you gain another"...and she cuts it off as that! WOAH, BIATCH! Not to mention, earlier, she said Cecelie is her SISTER! Several times in the story she says it is her SISTER! Now they are just "friends" she disowns??? OUCH! Maybe she was talking about Mina, and I missed it. It is a cut scene you cant blink or you miss, so maybe I did not see who she was referring to (It could have been Mina), but I am pretty sure she was talking about Cecelie...

I killed a spider:

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