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AU 3 - Mabinogi Question

I recieved a message from some one that read my MAbi article. I Wrote allot, so here it is. Since I am learning the ropes still, perhaps other experienced players can give tips and hints here as well.

Here is the question:
"ive been on and off it for years. never saw much depth to it. but i actually read your whole thing. well. most of it. whats there to discover? my char is like 2-3 actual years old. rebirthred like 6 times but ive gotten nowhere almost as i never stuck to the game. ive leveled skills and killed mobs. lol ive not made it very far. what have you experienced thus far?"

My Response: Hi and thanks for writing. Like I mentioned in my article, I installed this some years back and felt that "what do I do now?" wall and uninstalled because I was getting dinged more often in other games. Now that I have returned with a more patient out look I have discovered some nice features and also thanks to game updates. There are 3 aspects to getting a foot hold in game: 
1) Doing things direct and ordinary like killing, farming etc.
2) Exploring both the game and the WIKI! and forums.
3)Mind set. Allot does not stand out blinking and glowing, you have discover it, and it is a pay off. I compare this, in the article to Minecraft because of the same emotions I got playing this and Minecraft. I look back and say wow, that was me all alone, and now look! There also is no direct guide I can give since it is so open ended but here is my experience:
Starting as a noob I needed to get my stats up. We do this by leveling, as you know. I leveled and got both stats, and AP up. In the noob stage the most important thing is AP!!! Do not spen AP right away. There are no real "first quests". It is mostly explore the village you are in. Do the tutorials from the village chief. After that, do the other tasks of the village chief. YOur quest log should have at least 2 quests to be working on at all times. DO NOT DO THE DRAGON QUESTS. It is in your noob quest book, but do not touch it. I almost did but thought "you know what, dragons is a mean thing...I will ask about this.". I went to the forums and yes, zoning to the dragons will put you in bad place in the map and kill you. It is for later. So ignore it. Any ways, Back to questing and getting AP. I rolled a MArtial ARtists. It is like this as an umbrella: FIGHTER = MArtial artists, Knight, Warrior, mele stuff. So, my first noob skills were Fighter skills: Bash, block, counter, whirlwind. - This CONFUSES allot of new players. They think these first skills (because they are powerful) are THE final skills. It is not. These are just the first part of the umbrella. But where are my Martial Arts skills? I was told I would be a martial artists! and here I am sitting in the village square! This is where people are lost already usually.
The key is to 1) level up hitting certain levels unlocks quests that push you along. It also unlocks dialog between NPCs for quests to unlock skills.
2) So quests. The firs noob quests are designed to get you to unlock your class skills and open up other skills. There are story quests that do this. The first major story quest for me, as a human, was this long 3 act piece that involved a love triangle between 3 girls and 1 guy. This story unfolded by taking me to meet each NPC in other villages and do a bandit fighting quest to save the girls when I first meet them.
This does 3 things: 1) Moves me to new locations on the map discovering and unlocking things along the way.
2) Levels me up and gives me AP
3) The end of the quest line..; I UNLOCKED MY MARTIAL ARTS SKILL! WOo! That was key and honestly, I HAD NO IDEA it was like that. I thought: "I speak or find a martial arts trainer". NO! The class skill was given to me because it is TIED into the story. After saving the girls and doing some match making in the drama story (cut scenes included), there was a moment we are all talking in the school yard and they are like "oh hey Nanbo, if those bandits attack again, we should be prepared to fight. Help us fight". Then you do some fighting, bandits attack the school, and after it is over I unlcoked all the martial arts skills in my skill tab. THAT is key, because most people play thinking you just talk, buy and it is finished...It is more dynamic.
There are moments where you do have to buy books and stuff to learn things. Like right now I bought a book of a crafting skill because It was not my main job. So some things are very standard "buy and learn" is mixed in this game, but logically. Obviously, if I did not build a harvesting class, then the skill will have to be bought and read in a book. Also magic users do not train physically but use books. So that is key to start magic. -
RULE 2, TALK TO THE TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOLS! Every NPC dialog opens a book with KEY WORDS, on the teachers use "Training and School" topic, and they will teach you new skills for your class. That is important WITH ALL NPC's, use the dialog logically. Speak to them using key words. Need to learn weaving? Go to a Clothing Market and ask the NPC: "Skills" in the dialog book, and POOF if she is nice, and depending on the hour, you can be taught the skill. Ok, all these skills, I am still in the noob village, now what? -
AP MANAGEMENT! Here is a big SECRET: Some skills, if leveled up in AP, will unlock either a QUEST or NPC availability. That is, if I up Magic enough, a quest could appear in my log (by the damn owl) telling me to see magic trainer. She will then tell me I am ready for firebolt. That wont be available unless I built enough AP in certain things. Also, at certain bench marks like age, level and Skill rank (AP), the same thing happens. But that is less frequent and arrives naturally. That is the best way to describe this game so you can relax and not wikipedia all this crap. Just play naturally, and these things open up. What you do not want to do is spend spend spend AP on things JUST BECAUSE they are there.
For example, unless you are baking, or doing other tasks that need eggs as your main class type, do not pump points into gathering eggs from hens. Waste of AP, and the basic skill works fine. Most basic level NOVICE skill work great! For me, to get good, I needed to pump up Knuckles and fighting. I keep the attack skills Medium rank, medium, low. So my first attack strong, second ok, last low rank (because it is more powerful). This saves me AP. I am a fighter, so harvesting is not my main job, but it helps.
Jobs skills give bonus STATS. So, I used Wiki (you can click on the skill in game to see what stat leveling it up gets, but Wiki is easier). I used wiki to see what job is better for my class, or what job gives me +WIL as a bonus? I found fishing, and harvesting do. Now, fishing and harvesting give me fish and wheat of course, meaning I can cook. But cooking does not give me WIL bonus, but only +str (I think) bonus. Point is, as a noob, I am skipping cooking and just ranking up maybe 1 or 2 times my Harvesting and fishing skill. It is not expensive in AP points, and super easy. So I get a LITTLE boost there, and that spends half my day harvesting so it is something to do, put off, or work on, depending on what you want to do that day between questing and exploring.
If you are not confused, I can continue with the resource gathering. I hit a wall. I have skills to build in because a dungeon or farming is getting hard. I am level 30, it is longer to level now and AP is trickling in..I have 2 choices. Do AP RELATED tasks (means going to elf and and doing archeology stuff = grind) or REBIRTH, since AP comes in leveling up...It is advised to rebirth.
1) Rebirth, as you know resets your BASE stats and level (ALWAYS CHOSE AGE 17). HOWEVER, IT DOES NOT CHANGE YOUT BONUS STATS that you get for using AP on skills. So, remember those HArvesting things I did for +1WIL, and my combat skills gave me +4STR each time I ranked it up...THAT STAYS THE SAME at rebirth. So what happens is you are physically level 1, age 17, but with a bonus (thanks to spending AP on your skills) of +56 etc... So really, if noob base is
It really is, after rebirth:
5+56 = 61
2+54 = 56
4+50 = 54 So now you see you actually are a little stronger than a normal level 1. And this naturally makes sense as you have now explored allot of the land up to level 30. So I rebirthed at level 30 I returned to level 1 At level 2 I will have: 32 CUMULATIVE LEVELS. NExon says you can REBIRTH EVERY 24 hours in game up to 99 cummulative levels. So feel free, every day, like me, to hit level 20, 25ish, and then REBIRTH! Why? All of this is to get that sweet sweet AP!!!
Ap is gained through LEVELING, certain story quests, and shadow quests. EASIEST way is rebirthing. Why? Because at level 1, with all those stat bonus, you can 1 shot anything in a low level dungeon. YOur skills and stats are L33T, but your exp is level 1, so ONE shotting a boar, = DING level 3 in a dungeon. And DING you just gained AP for leveling up 3 see how the cycle works??? Digression = progression. Then it stops after 99 cumulative levels; This just happened for me. All this means is you can not re-birth until 1 real week. So around Sunday. 
I have enough level skills, enough AP, to continue the quests in my log. I have also taken time to do harvesting. I also took time to do alchemy. It does not offer a boost to stats, it is +INT I think, but I do it anyways because of CASH!
I save money from buying potions by making my own. But all in all, it can wait. I do not need it right away, just allot of side things to do! Also, Some people only play to do commerce. Commerce is a HUGE EXP dump! Commerce you talk to the Trading post guy. and you ship goods from trading post to trading post. Each post has a chart of all the villages and shows arrow up if it is a profit and arrow down if it it not a proft. So I am in Village 1, I can take goods to Village 2 with a profit of 15 extra points per unit. So I do it. You then run the goods to the other village, but bandits attack, just run around them and you will never have to fight them. Turn in the goods, and you get mass EXP = level up = AP FAST, also cash.
If you need gold, and lots of it, do normal quests (if not stuck), Hunting quests (open world animal killing) and also dungeon runs. Why? Because Normal rewards gold and huge exp and ap, but you might have to wait to continue to level up. So Hunting and dungeon quests. the mobs drop badges, lilke "Fox Formo badge" Collect 10, and yes this means a little farming. But as you farm, you rank up your skills as well, so you are constantly rewarded... Once you have 10 of a certain mob badge, go to the CHIEF of the village and go to SHOP - chose a QUEST tab, then look at the scrolls. So if I hunted 10 fox badges, I can get a FOX quest scroll, buy it, put it in your bag. Once in the bag the quest is automatically added to your quest log. Just click COMPLETE and its done. BUt shop the scrolls first, READ THEM. Some mobs give more goods. I do dungeon runs and farm spiders at rebirht because it levels me up fast, and the scroll gives 10K GOLD!!! I have over 40K gold right now just from the noob village...
Once things start to trickle, that is, once you cannot not rebirth every day, mobs getting easy (because your and skills are now powerful). It is time to progress the story line and move to another village Why another village? Because those dungeons and scrolls get harder and more rewarding. And why the quest? Because each quest under NORMAL = generation and Goddess quest. GEt those done, then start a SAGA.
That is about it. Each village and area on the map has npc to talk to and things to learn. I start random quest lines by talking to NPCS. ALWAYS ask Back story, and RUMORS. You will unlock things. Explore, talk, ask. Also, everything mentioned above is just for the humans. There is entire Elf side that will power level you as well. You can, as a human, hop over to elf side and do L-rod quests and archaeology quests to get fat cash and exp and exploration. Most exploration points are Iria (elf side) only. It is an expansion that effected all characters. Honestly I have not discovered it all, but there is a ton to do there. A level 50 showed me how she makes fat cash doing star point events on the elf side by doing rafting. But you cant do rafting without at least a some ranged as you see the cycle of build one self up, then explore out, is always constant no matter what side. Good luck!

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