Sunday, August 4, 2013

AU 2 - Mabinogi Noob adventure log 1

Mabinogi adventures Dairy 1 :

This noob adventure continues ! The last two weeks have been a great ride. I started off doing the surface
 things. Killing rampit rodents to level up. Fulfilling quest details. Using dungeon cards to do some exploring. I was sort of all over the place doing random things. Getting the hang of it. I had spurts of focus where I told myself “I will famr all this wood just to be safe”. Ends up rewarding, like everything else I Was doing, but probably not worth my time as a new being on the Mabi planet. So I stuck to the story and made a friend.
One of my friends did a tour to show me what things are like on the elf side. We did some L-rod business. I fell into an ant pit, we escaped on the back of her 2 seated ostrich. She explained allot of life processes in the game including rebirth. At this time I was so noob I did not even have my job skills. As a Martial Artists, I still only had begineer fighting. The story was not complete. Mostly due to the fact I needed to raise 20,000K to buy a fish to continue the story. I get 10K up front and mist work for the other half. I learned part time jobs. Did some commerce and eventually got the cash. It was not long and discovering and getting rewarded in so much besibes cash was a great part of this adventure.

That is one thing that always stands out in this game. As you are told to do a basic task, such as get “X”, getting X is more than just X, it will involve thinking what rout to getting X, and then all that is included and more. If I need wool, I will need a sheering knife, the skill, and then the sheep. After it is harvested I now have several choices with it, and everything I ran into getting there. Buying the sheers, I opened up new skills, and the vendor has interesting things to share. This game really requires you focus on one thing along each route or you will berunning around exploring the surface bits of everything thrown at you. I hunkered down and continued on to finish this story, that will deliver me the Martial Arts skills as I try to protect the 4 NPC’s that have entered into my life in Mab.

MY real life friend logs back in and invites on more “tutorial” if you will. She shows me good spots to farm gold, AP, etc and crafting. Extra,, she takes me on a balloon ride where we fight off dragons. Then we earn star points and turn them in for BIG rewards. I level up fast and get rich. Then it is off to Rafting. An Indiana Jones style ride where you hop on a raft and do a tour of river rafting, shooting down bad tribes men that shoot out at you or hop onto the raft. This calls for both ranged and mele attack professions. I was basically 2 shot, so my friend protected me with AOE Lightening. After all and said and done, you get star point rewards but in exchange for items. The secret here: I had 81 star points, he offers these boots for 11 points. Buy them, then IMMEDIATELY resell them back to the npc. HE offers 4 000 gold for it. I left with over 20K in my bags… We ran back so I could continue a story now that I was a little more powerful and leveled up. My friend could not join me in the solo story arc so she sat out playing her guitar.

I am alone this weekend and did my 2nd rebirth so I am doing some things to level up and continue on the story. I ran into another player, we bonded and yet another great personality to add to the friends list. Sadly, I got into a piss poor AFK guild. I quit. Warning to those looking for guilds that chat. Alteredminds is a AFK guild, ranked about top 5 populated guild…about 20 people logged in each day, but all AFK. That done, I am now doing a goddess quest requesting me to run into the north snow mountains. I did, and hunted some wolf. Met a bear…

That is about it. How things are progressing, 1 week to settle in, get the hold on what to focus on and do, I have learned also certain jobs are more beneficial to my BUILD, and other jobs are more beneficial for my ITEMS. So the build comes first as far as pumping AP into, and the items ill keep basic level, and perhaps up later on. On that note, I am itching to have new armor. I can always buy some other look at the merchants, but I am curious at the diversity, if any, exist in crafting it? Something I will well have to wiki or ask around. Until then…
(Wait, you still are a CHILD! wtf... And life problems? pffft, I have 3 dead mounts, including a flying carpet XD)

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