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AU 8 - Elysium Review

Small Elysium Review:
Pros: Good combat scenes.
         Nice sci - fi touch.

Cons: Stupid dialog, "You can change the course of fucking history". Thank you for explaining the plot because the film could not push it along enough. More Hollywood mafia guarding talent less hacks by sacrificing what they lack in talent, to be written in script.

- The main bad girl person thing, played by Jodie Foster, has huge trouble reading the script. I mean this is stuff straight from bad acting level F movies of the 60's and 50's. I even think there was a part she forgot a line, pauses mid speech, looks down, looks back up at the other guy she is talking to, and continues the dialog...I rewound the film (watching pirated online), and yep, she has an on screen "whos line is it" moment. She talks like a robot...just because...I guess that means she is future boss lady when you talk like a robot. I miss dramatic space opera characters. This is stale and poo tasting.

- Things do not make sense between technology and scenes. It is like they wanted to show two different scenarios and crammed them together without thinking it through all the way. Was there a pre war? Why are the bosses of the workers overly mean but have zero guards or advanced technology, but are protected some how socially? I did not understand. It made no sense in this sci-fi world unless...oh yeah... the social message we are supposed to get from it. White boss man exploits mexicans...LEave that for Avatar 3 or some crap. This film seems odd fitting that in between robot fights and mass overlord computer systems... Was seriously waiting for a "TPs report" moment...

So medical is super over advanced. A scene a guty gets his head blasted off, but the medical DNA reconstructer re builds it. So, if that is the case, why did they show some ghetto scene of Matt Damen getting operated on only using painkillers, anesthesia, and butcher knives... This operation is done by the same guys that steal arms and technology, yet they never got a hold of a medical device??? Oh that is right...something about black market medical devices would ruin the plot that medicine should be given to every one on the planet...
  I have a question...when Matt is operated on, he has no T-shirt, the next scene he leaves the hospital WITH the T-shirt UNDER the mech suit. with the drill holes in it and all. And he never takes this T shirt off in the film. So...how did he put the T shirt on AFTER the surgery??? All clothing would have to be put on OVER the suit, like the bad guys. They even made a point to blood stain the parts of the T-shirt where the mech suit was drilled in...Sooooo...blooper. Ahh the blunder of future technology: The T-shirt.

 - The bad guy, hit man, who ends up taking over and out to destroy everything and everyone; bad bad choice of character. I can not understand anything he is saying in english. He talks with an Australian accent I think? but it is really bad, with slang and drawing of the speech...I understood not a line of dialog from this poorly developed character.
  Another thing, his operations with Jody Foster... HE was a hired merc, but left alone with a ship and 3 others that are always close and just patrol around earth?? didn't understand that arrangement. Why not just use robots? They call generation 3 robot suits generation 3, meaning they are old and replaced by robots (superior version). Yet, the robots are absolutely useless. You would think Jody would use an unmarked robot to do her dirty work for less collateral. Un marked robo that just shuts down in a cave or explodes to hide evidence. But no, she puts all her problems on the liability of a live merc that is crazy and over priced. The logic of this loops back to the mis use of technology in this film. I think the budget directed this film, not the brains. The budget said "You have 45 min worth of robot CGI, use em or lose em".

And lastly, I am not emotionally attached to ANYONE in the film. The protagonist does an ok job keeping us curious and leads us to scenes of suspense (Matt robo D) but that is about it. The whole "save the girl and the woman" is thrown out the window when you are split to decide what is more important, the information stored in Matt's robot brain (which is the plot line of the film) that will free the people on earth and give them aide or the sick little girl that needs to be thrown in a medical pod thing.
  So, because a little girl is sick we have to watch the suspenseful scenes of the mom trying to run in a house ot use a medical bay...but no... we see after Matt unleashes the codes in the mainframe, that robots then descend on to earth to aide all the African sick children...so why not just hide it out, wait, and let Matt save the day. Instead she puts in jeapordy the entire plan because she can not wait for the damn kid. So between the important codes to save the world, and one sick kid...the audience feels nothing the for the useless kid who gets air time by playing dead in the film...I Would have preferred a live kid, or half sick kid, that attempts to help or gets involved indirectly, and we grow affections for and becomes a protagonist in the film...but no..."poor people of race need medicine" was the message, and we can't, as the audience, learn messages in films unless they are directly shoved in your face (I miss the old films).

And that my friends, is the Elysium review. Now go watch the film "that is going to change fucking history man"...but make sure you do it pirated and not waste the cash.

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AU 7 - Final Fantasy preview

In the middle of playing Final Fantasy 6 and just started Final Fantasy 2. Very interesting differences between the two. A review will be had after I beat them both. Until then..

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AU 6 - Screen shot of the month and Kingdom of Hearts / Chrono Trigger rant.

Thought I would share this chainsaw wielding maniac from Final Fantasy 6:

I am playing FF6 on SNES because I never have... yup, I said it. My first console rpg I fell in love with was FF7. The others I sort of passed over or never played. Usually because back then I was to poor to buy these kind of games or to busy doing other kid / teen stuff to get into it. As an adult I was getting more into Xbox and PS2 titles of horror and doing most my rpg on the PC. This would leave me missing out on allot of classics. I tried Chrono Trigger, and although it had great concept, the horrible dialog was horrible. Seriously, I think Pokémon "It is super effective" dialog is better than whoever scripted Chrono Trigger...

So I decided to get back into classic gaming. I would start PS2 and work down to nes. So I tried Kingdom of Hearts. UGHH! I always heard it was a dark game that was deep. I found bad controls, horrible camera, glued together by piss poor story that was made up mostly of mini games. You have this large story arch that SORT of is interesting, but it is held together with mini games and stupidity.
  The main story being you on an island of children (although I heard a parent voice before leaving the island) and black hole sun opens up and some pedo dude trys to touch you. You have to fight his hands and then you go to Disney Land...YUP. Apparently you are in love with another child and go to find her. She is odd, because she shows up and then runs away. Making you pissed off and not want to really find her stupid ass. So that ends the story there for me. There are a few questions like who is the pedo? Where is my other friend? But all in all the mini games kill any interest to continue this bad story.
  Mini games consist of doing odd tasks in small lands that are horribly designed. You will tear your hair out as most mini games rely on jumping on platforms and performing other acrobats. Normally this is fun, but not when the camera blindly swings around like a drunk man or hidden behind a wall amking most jumps a leap of faith. It is like "wow that could be fun if I would SEE WHAT I WAS DOING". Sucky.
  Combat is fun, but recycled enemies is not.
As a hook, they tie in other video game people, right away, final fantasy 7 characters. I had no idea, and was like "OH NO DEY DIDNT'. Oh yes they did. They try to cover this horrible exploit of Cloud meets Donald by saying that "perhaps when Alice went in the rabbit hole, it was the same magic that brings cloud to Disney Land". NO you idiots! Alice in wonder land was a huge allegory. Cloud in Disney is called Marketing to kids and ruining smart adults nostalgic gaming experiences. So, in my opinion. This game never exists. It is an abomination to everything that is RPG. I will never finish it or play it again. That is why I jumped right to the SNES on FF6, and I am liking what I am playing :)

AU 5 - Nanbo's Dragon Nest (SEA) vs. Vindictus (EU) Review


I chose these two titles because they have a fair amount of time tested content. They are very comparable except in the graphics, which will set them apart easy enough for you to decide which one to play. Also, as a player of both, I find myself attracted to one or the other for the same or different reason; all of which I will discuss below.

Character Creation and Introduction: Dragon Nest Character creation consists of a very odd/interesting mix of avatars and back story and class selection. On the surface we have Sex locked classes of Warrior (male) - Cleric (Male) - Archer (female) - Sorceress (female) - Tinkerer (female)  - Kali (female). Each class has 2 sub class trees (Level 15 first job change), with 3 classes in each tree to advance too. That is a total of 6 other class types for each class, depending what tree you pick (see photo). 
So yeah, females dominate as character choice in this game. the game also has weird lore behind the classes as well. For example, I thought Kali was the name of the character, where as Warrior is just a warrior. Kali is some kind of combat style but the character herself is called Rose...Excuse me for not buying any back story manga to this...but I have no idea what is going on other than: "The Kali hails from a shamanistic tribe whose purpose is to watch over Rose."...So the character is Kali tribe, who is Rose? So there is only one me?? Any ways, the only reason I mention that is because character customization is not to deep, leaving the impression there is some kind of personal back story to these people/avatars. But not really. OR at least I missed it, because the other description for the original classes (Archer, warrior, cleric, and sorceress) all speak very general: "A warrior is a strong fighter etc.."..no real back story as to who this blond warrior figure is (poster boy of DN). Perhaps it is in a manga somewhere, or a fan lore book, but in game we all do the same thing and see the same cut scenes, so the "individuality" of it all is very ambiguous
And I am not even going to elaborate on the Tinkerer from 50 years in he future:"The crash turned her body to one that is of a 12-year-old's, but it is hinted during The Lie Detector Quest that her true age is 23 years old." Can it get any more Manga like??
All that aside, the character creation is very simple: 4 hair styles - 4 face styles, mostly just eye changes, 4 "head" or color of face features like black or blue eye lining etc, and a hand full of starting off clothing choices which will be utterly useless once you get upgrades. But I think it is well known we play Action Instanced based mmo's for the beat em ups, not the dress em ups...right? right? no? ok... I give it a 3/5 - IT does the job. It gets us in and delves us into the story. Since most of us play solo, it feels single player rpg any ways, so for me It passes as normal. I can not thinkg of a game in this genre that allows any kind of diversity or non sex locked class choice any ways. Sad excuse, but normal standard fare here. 

(Cheer up Emo kids)

Dragon Nest
 Introduction: A nice short cutscene showing an ambush of humanoid anime like guys getting attacked by goblin looking enemies. After watching this you are left to to do the first tutorial hidden in the story like quest. Which is just to cross the mana ridge and get into town. YOu do your first attacks etc.. to get a grip on this games controls. Another cutscene and you enter into the village where other troops in a fantasy middle age style call you "brother" etc. So there is this sort of unexplained alliance of "us vs them". So there it is, you vs monsters, and as you go along talking to other NPC's and getting quests, you will be doing heroic cut scene things that push the story along. Some twists and turns, but nothing to write home about. At it's core, it is relying heavily on its environments, sounds, and graphics to get you to enter the dungeons and feel apart of the world. I had no problem learning how to play with this introduction / tutorial and enjoyed the appropriate introduction to the starter town etc. 

Vindictus character creation is a little more direct. You have a choice of CHARACTERS not classes to start off as. You chose between: Lann - Fionna - Evie - Karok - Kai - Vella. Each one has a detailed fighting style that has a role (class type) to fulfill. So in a way it is class sex locked, however it plays more tru to character type. The obvious look of the beefy guy means he is going to be a brutus tree swinging damage dealing machine, while the more elegant looking female is a fluid sword carving death dealer. So it comes down to the question; "what do I want to play based on these over sexualized serotypes"? And then "am I ok with the female tank" and finally "it doesn't matter, kill kill kill". So there it is. If dragons nest seems to be coming from a wierd land of unknown manga lore, Vindictus is trying to seduce you with over sexualized sex base classes.
Vindictus operates in PAIRS! Yes, twosies, 2...Two of everything. What I am saying is that if I chose a character, he will have a specific role but broken down into two major sub classes or specializations really. It depends on what skills you unlock as you level and what weapons and armor sets you decide to go with. For example, Lann is a quick mele fighting class. You have the choice of twin blades or twin spears at any time in the game. But there are trade offs, how are you building Lann? Here is a wiki qoute: "
"As one of the quickest melee combatants of the group, it is his responsibility to slice and dice while avoiding damage. It's a simple explanation but the skill of the person controlling Lann makes a large difference in combat success.
Twin Swords are quick and versatile, allowing one to slide around enemies and avoid their attacks via Slip Dash. On the other hand, Twin Spears are also quick, have greatly increased attack and critical rate and can recover Stamina quicker due to Fury Infusion, making him one of the top DPS (Damage Per Second) classes, but has a poor dodge mechanism, often causing them to take more hits. Spears also have an extremely limited playstyle as they only have one smash enhancement (Moon Splitter) and one additional skill (Fury Infusion), while Swords have three smash enhancements (Gust Sting, Pummel Storm and Fanning Slash), two additional skills (Thousand Needles and Double Crescent), two dodge enhancements (Slip Dash Proficiency and Nimble Dash) and an additional SP skill (Active: Raging Fever).
Unlike other characters, Lanns have no actual self-defense skills, as opposed to Fiona's Guard & Heavy Stander, Evie's Mana Shield and Mana Amber, and Karok's Absorb Shock & Weaving. Both Twin and Spear Swords can slip in between attacks through Slip Dash and Rolling, respectively, although Twin Spears have much more difficulty to accomplish this. Therefore, they must take caution and space themselves from opponents in order to stay alive.
Regardless, Lann is definitely a fun and easy class to play, but difficult to master." - 

The skills you decide to unlock will of course have impact on this, and also the armor you decide to craft. So there you have it, we can safely say there are 2 subclass types for each character you chose. A little less than Dragon Nest, but enough to get tot he point of both games. That sweet sweet killing. Did I also mention boob customization comes in a healthy serving of two's????
So, character customization in Vindictus offers 6 expressions, 6 hair styles and a height slider bar. And last but not least, a CHEST slider bar to increase or decrease the wonderful giggling breasts. Youtube any character creation video to see what a beautifuly presented character creation this brings to the table. Now, where they lack in class compared to vindictus, they excel in looks and style choices. Not bad. I give it a 4/5. Notably because it has more to offer for customization. I can not compare the graphics style as both will have a critic below under GRAPHICS.

(The second slider bar, that is the korean symbol for "breasts")
Vindictus Introduction: This is very odd part of the game. The introduction is made up of a cutscene of a giant hairy white spider attacking a castle. The very 3D realism models used are middle ages troops using bows, arrows, and catapults to try and scare the spider off, or kill it really. The army speaks with a thick English accent and hte men are very gruff looking European built arro clad beefs. Then a white dressed looking blond haired girl comes in to scene speaking crisp American accent english asking not to kill the spider because she can psychicly speak to it, etc. 
So you, your character, is then tasked to escort her into the building to try and persuade the spider that he is a fool. Every dies but you and the girl by an ambush of wolfmen (games grinding fodder). So the tutorial begins! As you walk around the building fighting off the baddies, you are given instructions how to do so and later on will be shown how to skill up etc. MY biggest complaint is that 1) The intro bugged for me, it was a known bug where the door wont open to the last scene. So I had to restart and skip it. This was late 2012...2) this cut scene is very deep and poses lots of questions on the lore and story. AFTER this... IT IS GAME OVER. Nothing will ever resemble or carry out this story. Once in town and doing quests, nothing will ever loop back, make reference, or even care to pretend that what just happened has any effect upon the land your yourself. It is just a cinematic tutorial to show off the games engine model. Nothing more or less. And the far out expansions are even more proof. The last pirate expansion having absolutely no connection to the girl in white or your purpose other than, like most these games, "being a brother in arms" in some fantasy military. Like in Dragons Nest.

Combat: HEY! We are not here to talk lore! We want the goods! bring on the fighting! In Dragons Nest The combat is exceptionally fluid. The combat consists of using the left mouse click for general swing of the sword, hold it to execute three successive thrusts, the right is a kick, the jump + right does a dash down kick. Shift left and right will do a power slide in those directions. etc. The skills are in managed in a hot bar of 10 buttons. At the mose you will use about 3 primary skills with about 8 to 15 second cool downs, Those are all engineered to be used in consecutive combos and in a strategic way to time out cool downs etc. There are also long cool down items that I call "buffs". These spells I hot key farther down the bar since I rarely use unless I Really need to, like heal, block next 4 attacks, etc. Those have 20 second cool downs and are "in the heat" sort of strategic spells I d finger acrobats for usually durring a boss battle. 
What I like about Dragon Nest is how responsive and FLUID the combat is, my little anime character seems to charge in swinging and whirling, then dash side ways and roll his little head out of danger as I shit slide out and jump attack right back in the pile of bad guys. There are some skills that you can cancel out and jump into the next one very fluid like. Some times it is to fluid, if you execute another skill to early, the character immediatly takes the next animation and cuts off the last one, so sometimes you can burn a skill and not even realize you did not fully execute it.
What I did not like is that some classes are generally / Arguably useless. The game requires, later on, good team play or you will be dropped. A reality all action mmo's have. This usually relies on armor build but mostly skill. If they see you are not doing your job or not using the right class properly, it si good bye. One thing I discovered on my Cleric turned Paladin (instead of priest) is that next job I must chose between Crusader or Guardian. Let the war begin. They say Crusader is a totaly useless class due to last patch. He has great dps, but can be out dpsed by a magic class so why use him? Ok, ok he has plate mail, so he tanks? If so, why create a Crusader, use the Guardian as the obvious tanking choice due to his tanking skills... Which leaves the Crusader a left behind character no one loves. This sucks because I almost created a Crusader, I like all his skills in the tree that compliment a paladin! Noooo! Why is he useless? I learned that the company (SEA, cherry credits, but the others as well are victims) like to change the stats up ever so often in patches, leaving one class completely useless. If I am not listaken the sorceress has had her turn of "the useless class" after a patch was in place, and later removed to nerf her skills.. But generally, there is a Holy Trinity like approach to this game. DPS, support, mad AOE = boss deaths. A huge dose of skill, and later on, bragging rights in youtube videos once you learn how to solo certain nests...
I am off topic, that should be game play notes, but I think it is so relevant to Combat I had to add it there. Like Vindictus, there usually are two weapon types to chose from to beat the bad guys heads in. I had had the choice between mace and flail and each one offering a plus to the build or class.
Battles are very strategic. You have to time, watch, read the body languange. You wil be introduced to this slowly starting with spiders and goblins. Then it moves on up to harder bosses and enemie tacitcs including these beasts that like to roll up in a ball and charge the field, skeletons that take death defying swings, mages that cast magic that will encase you in ice blocks. Knock backs, etc. You will learn fast how to get in, do certain comobs, back out, time it, go back in. All very back n forth fluidish combat. For all the action based mmos I have played, I give this a 5/5. Fluid is sexy. I love the execution in Dragons Nest.

Vindictus Combat is very much the same. But I have to say it is very less fluid and ore aggressive in execution. Vindictus boasts the same kind of combat with left button attack, right button smash attack and SHIFT to sprint. This is a little different feel than Dragon Nest and the just different enough to set it apart. It is a little less fluid in the fact that each executed skill once executed is like launching a rocket and waiting for it to land. Once the skills is executed it does not change to the next skill or animation very fluidily. A little more stiff and rigid. IT feels very direction arrow pad controller designed where as Dragon Nest feels like Analog Stick design (all while using my simple WASD keyboard moves).
A few awkward skill animations and bugs in mashing to many combat moves in Vindictus as well. But not all game breaking. It is just different. This sort of stiff attacka animation etc, creates a more concrete less fluid hit style that gives a more agressive combat feel. Each bone crushing sound reflects some one getting a club to the face. Slow motion kills and other little combat perks really make the combat addictive and enjoyable. Especially the blood! The enemies respond very much the same for a very long time. I have made it almost mid end game and allot of the same enemy types and attacks. The only difference sometimes beinf the HP and counters. Otherwise I would love to see more variety. Dragon Nest has allot more mob variety attacks and defense. This adds a little more surprise and change up in DN as I fight. In Vindictus it is very much "Ok, X amount of wolfs = X amount of skill 1 2 and 3 and then hurry off to theboss. In Dragons nest it is more like "Oh crap, what will spawn? Ok, 3 goblins, 2 casters, one rolly polly" And you are in a world of skill mashing gymnastics. I personally enjoyed Dragon Nest variety and fluidity over Vindictus rigid aggressivity (new word I made up). I do wish DN had blood and more mature themes, but that is what Vindictus is there for. I give it a 4/5 combat.

(I used to be a warrior like you once, until I took a OH GODDD AHHH)
Gameplay - Features: Dragon Nest delivers a story of saving people from baddies and doing other up coming hero like tasks in it's fantasy world. you have Main quests log, side quests, and a few other quest tabs to keep you busy. The game ambience is appropriate for the graphics and story. It is all weaved very nicely together to make you feel you are really in this world. The dialog is is both great, funy, and stupid. For example, the first main story arc, after finishing an epic battle, you are left to learn that the enemy has evil plans and escapes. But this is all told by this kind of dialog: "Hey you bad guy! DOnt do that" -" HAHAHA, I lose today, I Will be back, HAHAH"... yeah, that kind of cheesy stupid dialog in the most important part of the game. A real turn off. On the other hand, there are very well voice acted NPC's in the town and some side stories and the general progression though the threat of these enemies feels real enough to over look corny dialog. The funny is the relations between you and NPCS. There are trash items that drop in dungeons you can sell for gold or give certain pieces to NPCS to boost their affection towards you. This gives you deals, quests, and other NPC perks. A whole new and interesting faction farming for trash items in dungeons. Not bad, and sometimes it is just funny to hear the NPCs talk down to you. You will be the hero or the picked on nob by the NPCS. Also some NPCS have very passive Pedophile and homosexual themes... The bank storage guy for example...has a very pronounces lisp and very suggest comments about you and others, hinting at his homosexuality. Being an anime game, there are the pedophile like hints dropped through the game. Including the innocent town girl with total up skirt poses... 
The game consists of you pushing along the map unlocking region by region and hitting the main villages for quest getting and crafting and other mmo fare business. Auction hosue etc. The heart of the game is managing your build just right and trying to get the right armor set. The game has different dungeon difficulties, the higher the more rewarding of course and the better drops and needed drops to up that armor of yours. But it is not just armor. There are important weapon and accessory sets. There are not plans that drop to make them. They are all provided at the Blacksmith. He has the list of stuff you need so you can pre shop and write down what you need and then wiki what dungeon to find it in and start the farming. But it is a little more than that. There is the cut scenes of stories to be had, there are the items for npcs to get as well, so you are not always farming to do 1 thing. You will be rewarded on several fronts for farming the same dungeon, but sooner or later, end game will end up like all games like this. The final armor piece farming, trying to get it past +12 and then having a PvP set handy.
The road to doing that is varied enough with lots of updates to keep it fast paced and fun. YOu can up your armors to level 6 safely, after that you risk breaking it and losing it. The crafting system is very diverse, to make a hat for example, you light need the drop, then the powders, then enough powders to mix to create a super powder. So allot of collecting and pre planning is very helpful. Or do what I do, ignore the stress to start off as, just enjoy the game, do the dungeons, and save what you get and you are half way there, saving the hard work for latter dedicated crafting sessions.
The villages are instanced, but to get to the dungeons you isntance out the villages and are on the "routes" to the dungeons. These routes are part of the world of course and very well designed out. Things are happening on these routes, some NPCS there to give extra story . Quests. Some interactive items like repair anvils, and other crafting stops. then you have the portals to the dungeons waiting to be entered. In front of them are usual poster boards with challenges. Such as "kill X" or "find X" or "finsih hard mode". This are in ADDITION to the achievements in the dungeons. For example, I have a quest from the village to enter X dungeon, kill boss. Before going in I look at the poster board that offers a bonus quest of killing 10 baddies for a reward ing old and exp. Ok, why not? Then once in and chosing the dungeon diffuclty and the path, there is a tab for achievements. So 1 dungeon run = 3 major things going on and to do. This keeps runs very engaging just until the dungeon has been exhausted and on "farm status" if farmed (usually just pass it on". Sometimes I got bored of farming, so I would return to older dungeons to see if there were achievements I missed, and sure enough, some low dungeons that had "finsih in 5 lin" of "do on hard mode" I could not do before, but now I can, so I go back in and try it out...Good reply things like this keep dungeons more than farming holes. 
The dungeons are very well laid out with several forks to chose from. great design, and weather effects. I never found a problem here. Never glitched, was lost, annoyed or camera issues. I did not like getting knocked down. No one does, and to avoid, you have to be REALLY on your toes durring some battles. However, I can not help but feel there are some monsters where you just have to take a beating. Especially if doing a 3 hit combo and they break the 3rd part and knock you back, or re attack more rapid than you can avoid. But hey, we are not in god mode, so getting hit back is only fair. Again, sometimes those are personal ahievements we start to make: "I will try to do this without one knock down, especially now that I built in 199 evade,"etc." I give gameplay and features such as pets, mounts, wings, promotions, great events, etc a 4/5 - It could be better with more contents, bug fixes, and diversity. Also, PVP is a joke. Literally a SECOND thought. It was patched in later after DN was launched and just a joke.

(Praying for drops...)
VINDICTUS: Vindictus has a very unusual presentation. The world consists of One village, one port, a boat, and the dungeon. Expansions take you to: Another village, another port, a boat and the dungeons. There are some break away moments. For example, there is a path you actually travel from the village up a hill, with sheep, and a castle...I was not allowed in the castle, but to know there was a little more besides the wooden village made me feel happy. Vindictus makes you feel like a gladiator. Like a fighting beast stuck in the village enslaved to travel by boat to fight and kill. Where as Dragon Nest feels more rpgish in the fact you are traveling along the world to unlock things. To sum up, Vindictus = Soldier / DN = Adventurer.
Like I mention above, the lore starts out great but then turns into very strange dialog straight from an anime. After you finish that epic cut scene you are dragged into the village where the NPCS then start to talk Manga (and look like manga see GRAPHICS below). The dialog has things like "I think he likes me *blush*" - "OMG, what did you say?"...Very non serious comic like dialog and story then unfolds. This then completely kills the ambience of the serious agressive fighting to be had in the dungeons. But moving on, generally people treat you like a slave labor, telling oyu they need certain amounts of farmed iteme. In fact, since the village is the general game area, and there is no where really to go except the boat (to get to dungeons), you are basically doing item farming runs from the start. There is a larger story arc like piece that wants you to slowly kill X amount of baddies, or a boss. And this just continues to progress untill you are at the boss you can not kill and become STUCK. Then it is about item crafting until you can do said boss, then you continue on... all this presented by non serious npcs.
You do not even need quests to progress in the game. Many times I just farmed dungeons for leveling up and items. Doing so unlocks the next boss the next part of the "map". In fact you will be ahead map wise than the quests, so you will have this ultimate decision: "Re do that stage to satisfy the quest for just a masily xp, or continue on to unlock the next stage?" MAny times I saw myself tired of re doing Stage 1 -C, especially with 4 quests to that require I do it 4 more times...so I skip it, jump ahead to satisfy the curiousty and exploration part of me, then return to bash it out 4 more times to get quests done. A little quest to map unbalance, but it works. It also prepares you and is psychological relief. So many times I wen tos far ahead until I got stuck, and mad, so I regress to the earlier part, where my quests are, to beat the living snot out of that boss needed for a quest. 
There is not real map per say. The game has you go to the village port, where you can get a world buff buy hanging out a local camp fire, and read the poster board by the boats. The poster boards have the list of bad guys and zones. You click in and there is a territory map showing what region you are actually going to and what major boss is there. You can then start the dungeon whcih requires you get in a boat and preform a party. Your boat will the be posted on the poster board, so all other folks interested, no matter what level, can jump in your boat, you have the choice to vote go, kick, vote kick, and other orgainzational tasks before leaving the harbor. This can take HOURS sometimes. Because allot of people can jump in the boat, AFK out or goof around, or just no well equiped, you can be stuck there waiting and waiting... but it can be a god send. It is a gamble. I get lucky and get a 2 man with a power leveler, or I get unlucky afker, or just noob; Or I get the great 4 man party...really...it is a huge gamble. As you level up though, it gets more serious and people get more... moody. And you might feel the "armor check group kick" sting if you have not paid to up your stuff.
The enemies are very similar, the boss fights are the highlights. Each one acts exceptionally different. What Id id not like is that you start to feel as if the game is less based on skill and more on items, very early on. I would get stuck on a boss, and I would follow the guides to a T on how my class should fight him, but the HP ratio vs My F2P stats were incredibly out of proportion. I felt like I was not taking a dent out of the boss, he was slowly healing, and I was getting whacked and not "avoiding" vertain things other players did. I would soon learn they others hit harder, and AVOID key attacks based on the armors sets used by cashing to finish the boss. Meaning yes, skill will help, but not alone. You need the entire package. And I could not do it unless I spent the next 6 months farming and gambeling the .0001% success rate of refining. Dragons Nest has this element (better rates though), but not early on, and only on 2 major end game nests on the hardest setting. 
Sadly there is not allot else in this game to talk about. Crafting is not as diverse as Dragons Nest, you will have basically one primary set for your class. You will probably be mis matched for a long time as you start to upgrade. Upgrades are a forced way to level too. That is something I Did not like. If you wanted that 15K exp quest done to move on, you needed to collect 200 items to craft. OUCH, on top of that, there is a quest line that requires you get this alcoholic like 10 herbs, then 30, then 50, then 99, etc! IT starts to get funny like, "wow this guys an acloholic", then you realize your farming for this stupid npc dialog crap...I was pissed and could not drop it either as it was a vital point in the game... So there is that. What keeps people glued? The aggressive and bloody combat, and the graphics. All and all I give Vindictus a 3/5 Very direct, very rough as far as "here you go, deal with it", and the NPCs attitudes towards this seem to be the company mocking you like, "hahaha, didnt see "collect 500 cups of wine" coming did you! uggghh" Allot of potential, but not enough diversity to break up the obvious grind. And sadly in some cases not Grind to win, but just grind because there is nothing else to do.

(If only I can find the guy that created the NPC's and do this to him...)

Graphics: It is obvious that Dragon Nest is anime themed. Generally this is not my thing, with a few exceptions. But it is done beautifully with allot of updates! Meaning whoever has this engine is building and adding things rapidly. I notice some of the other games with advanced graphics takes longer (due to production costs) to get out the door. Sometimes YEARS. Dragon Nest has a great ambience feel. Great use of colors. It has it's style, it is very dark also. It is strange to describe, it has that glowy cheery anime effect but on the other hand some of the characters movements and natural poses, they seemed depressed or battle scared, like children destroyed by the effects of war. Ok, that is stretch, but look at the cleric pose, head tilted, weight shifted to the side kind of contemplating existence stance. Also allot of dark theme in the fantasy world. It also has great cut scenes, enough battle animations and spell sparks to keep the eyes feasting. I love the monster design. I am not a fan of Manga either, but if this was a comic book, I would probably read it. I really like the dragon concepts and the color orientation "Green Dragon, in the forest, Yellow dragon, desert theme". It is a balance between the silly, stupid, and seriousness. And given at the right time... usually. Compare the screens to other happy go lucky anime games and I thing you will see Dragon Nest has it's own flare and art direction that works for it. 5/5 Anime style

(Sandals was a bad choice)

Vindictus: Not allot to say, it takes the cake easily. It sports some BEAUTIFUL Character models. The in game animations, aggressive combat, shiny armor, bouncing boobs, slow motion attacks, AIMED ARROW and ARROW camera view, etc etc. It is a graphically sound game. Since it is an obvious champion I will have to give it it's knocks. On the version I played, it seemed the asian version of this game had allot of graphical cover ups. Several times when I clicked on the mission board, the game lagged out a bit, and 3 menus flashed before my eyes, before taking me to the English menu screen. I could see a little asian writting in there...this tells me the original asian menus were replaced by the English ones and this cover up is exposed ina few graphical hic ups. Kind of felt tacky and thrown together. But I regress, I udnerstand conversion is not easy, but sometimes I feel the lazy programmer somewhere smiling because he took the easy route, not the creative.
Also, MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT OF THE GAME! THOSE NPC's! WTF was this game thinking??? Ok, EVERYTHING is 3D human reality modeled. EVERYTHING from the boobs to the boots. Then as you stand in the village, it also has realistic modeling. The colors taken from the pallete are not at all geared for anime, but the trees use a darker more real leaf likfe color, the terrain, the wood, the armor, the animals all share a real life like modeling and color choice. even if modeling is not that up to par, ost games use color palette very carefully to get the feel of a game across. BUt then, THEN it happens, there are no 3D NPCS, all of them are found by walking into a house, which is instanced, and reading text menu's with 2D ANIME NPCS!!! WHA??? Even the room interior is a little more animated out than the other outside world color and model choice. And the NPCS are all just buttons and text window dressing. They do not even make emotional changes. You just read the dialog... WHA??? It feels odd, it feels off. A huge no no in my books. Even 2D Top down RPGS use models AND the 2D text. Like Ragnarok for example, you have both the physical NPC and then the animated text photo, that works. That is in line with the world etc...but this game??? What happened? It is like they went lazy and said "well we are out of money. We did the core combat, boat, and vilage modeling, let's leave all the rest 2D anime"...
Odd, I heard that this game is originally called Heroes of MAbinogi, and Mabinogi is very hand drawn anime like. So I understand, perhaps, the connection to show they are sticking to the anime roots, and I Guess that is reflectedin the stupid dialog as well, but graphically, it just kills a part of the IMMERSION for me. Not a game breaker, but when you hit that moment: "should I uninstall or grind it out" and you start to weigh the cons and pros, this is one thing I was not at all going to miss.
I give the game itself a 5/5 graphically. And a sub score (I am making up new rules to ratings lol) 4/5 for that horrible npc business.

MUSIC: Dragon Nest has beautiful music. One of the rare games I stopped and told myself, "woah...that is epic. I am now adding it to my collection". I was so impressed I did a little research and found the girl they hired for this. She seems like an AWESOME chick gamer! http://www.erutanmusic.com
Her youtube channel is epic! I will let you discover it. 5/5. The music also scales to the battle intensity etc.

Vindictus is standard fare. It has it's feel, it also intensifies to the battles etc. Nothing that made me want to find out more like DN. In fact, I usually just turn the music off and listen to other tunes more fitting to beat the life blood out of wolf men... I give it 3/5. Standard fare, best left turned off for a replacement of your fighting music choice.

Community: Oh mixed feelings. Hard thing to get going in action mmo"s. I guess this can have highlights in Dragon Nestby it's group creation system, but not allot more than that. You will find some people checking each other out in town squares and talking, but out side of that, the chat is not freindly nad mostly just group and item spammed. Allot of silence and random guild invites. Not to organized socially. Forums best place to find things and chat. I give it 2/5. A little poor on that end. Needs more things to get us together besides PvP.
Vindictus operates a little better. There is a campfire to meet around for buffs and chit chats. I had met, chated, and got in game advice and friends right away. There is group organizing on the boat, a few moments in the dungeon we stopped to joke around etc. The only real hindrance is the snob cash community (elite guilds) and language barriers. Other than, pretty standard fare. I give it 4/5.

(Did I mention the organized fishing parties?)

Cash Shop: Dragon Nest offers allot for free. And when things get cash shop ish, it is usually around the final few things to do. So you experience allot before hitting any unfare wall. The problem is the success rate on crafting +6 (items break and need cash to buy "jellies" from cash shop, and then the horrible drop rate for said items. Here are the success rates for crafting. The drop rate...check forums.http://dragonnest.gamepedia.com/Enhancement

Vindictus EU was a turn off for me. The cash shop divided the upper crust between the rest of us. The amount of work around is huge grind. The fact this hits you hard early mid game is not nice either (around the polar bear encounter, youll need to start thinking armor sets). http://vindictus.gamepedia.com/Item_Enhancement
That seems better than DN; but look at the first note. They round down by .05, so a .05 rate is actually 0. The ITEM DROP RATE is about 0.05 (or NOTHING) to 1.00 or .50. Meaning, you have less than 1% of a chance to get said items to drop = mass farming.

The difference, based on player feed back, is that out of "billion" times farming, you eventually get it in Dragons Nest, while in Vindictus, people are complaining of never seeing the item for over 6 months to a year of farming. OF course both games offer DROP INCREASE potions. So... that is where the money is coming from if you are planning on cashing. Which one is better? They both seem to be in the same business model, just approached a littel differently. However, more content in DN before it is felt so DN gets a 3/5 cash shop and VINdictus gets a 2/5.

Conclusion: Hard to decide. I like them both for very different reasons. When it comes to the heart of it (spending hours mashing WASD, right click, left click 1 2 3 4.) I would side with the fluidity and beautifully formed world of Dragon Nest: 4/5for an action mmo, sucky cash shop and lame dialog end game keeps me from giving it a  5/5
For that sense of really beating the crap out of something, boobs, blood, and... boobs... I would go Vindictus. But that horrible NPC modeling, lack of bigger world, so-so ambiance and music, cash or grind mid levels, and all the other things only glued together by epic combat and boobs, I have to give it a normal rating of 3/5. That said, I hear EU is a bit of a "special" child. But unless these major features are totally overhauled in the other versions I expect the experience to be the same. So much potential, I really want this one to win. It has very competitive graphics and concepts even for how old it is! All it needs is a huge overhaul to polish the story, pushed by good NPC experience in a world a little larger than a village and a boat, and a little less stingy in the cash department. Poof! Success!

(Am I reading a news paper or is this supposed to be an actual being in the game that I should
develop attachment to?)

Well, that is my humble oppinion and review. What is your's? Are you a dedicated fan? I Also left out allot of other features both games have to offer. Feel free to write about things missed or that you enjoy in the comments. You can also check out the Mmosite dedicated game pages to both these games. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

AU 4 - Mabinogi Game Log 2

Finished fighting quest 1. I had to break up a fight between a love triangle and it ends up that "Blue hair" girl loves Kaene. Did not see that coming. In fact, Kaene had no hints he liked BHG (blue hair girl). BHG opens up about her feelings but it is so over the top and not at all developed like Mina was...I supported Mina because that would have been a great back story. It was built up, and presented itself perfectly. But it is like the writers got drunk, and said, oh hey let's just screw the story up and have these two fall in love.

 And when I say fall in love, I mean Kaene proposes marriage to BHG on the spot. Kinda stupid. 
Also, I some how am the priest presiding over the marriage. Somehow, in a game that actually has a priest class and a churches, you would think someone more qualified than ME would do this. It made no sense. Also, back to the developers being drunk, Kaene, an orange haired glasses wearing silent nerd who can fight. Suddenly loses the glasses and has black hair!!! That is the character in the marriage cut scene! WTF is going on? Did the groom suddenly switch out for another dude? I guess another development flaw. This kind of was a turn off in the game, not a huge one, but I know my progression is geared towards doing SAGA, and if SAGA's, and I hope they are better designed than this train wreck of a story / Cutscene.

Another note on that. Blue Hair Girl says, before the wedding, that she is not upset Cecilia is not at the wedding (because Cecelie was madly in love with her Kaene), and she says "You lose one friend and you gain another"...and she cuts it off as that! WOAH, BIATCH! Not to mention, earlier, she said Cecelie is her SISTER! Several times in the story she says it is her SISTER! Now they are just "friends" she disowns??? OUCH! Maybe she was talking about Mina, and I missed it. It is a cut scene you cant blink or you miss, so maybe I did not see who she was referring to (It could have been Mina), but I am pretty sure she was talking about Cecelie...

I killed a spider:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AU 3 - Mabinogi Question

I recieved a message from some one that read my MAbi article. I Wrote allot, so here it is. Since I am learning the ropes still, perhaps other experienced players can give tips and hints here as well.

Here is the question:
"ive been on and off it for years. never saw much depth to it. but i actually read your whole thing. well. most of it. whats there to discover? my char is like 2-3 actual years old. rebirthred like 6 times but ive gotten nowhere almost as i never stuck to the game. ive leveled skills and killed mobs. lol ive not made it very far. what have you experienced thus far?"

My Response: Hi and thanks for writing. Like I mentioned in my article, I installed this some years back and felt that "what do I do now?" wall and uninstalled because I was getting dinged more often in other games. Now that I have returned with a more patient out look I have discovered some nice features and also thanks to game updates. There are 3 aspects to getting a foot hold in game: 
1) Doing things direct and ordinary like killing, farming etc.
2) Exploring both the game and the WIKI! and forums.
3)Mind set. Allot does not stand out blinking and glowing, you have discover it, and it is a pay off. I compare this, in the article to Minecraft because of the same emotions I got playing this and Minecraft. I look back and say wow, that was me all alone, and now look! There also is no direct guide I can give since it is so open ended but here is my experience:
Starting as a noob I needed to get my stats up. We do this by leveling, as you know. I leveled and got both stats, and AP up. In the noob stage the most important thing is AP!!! Do not spen AP right away. There are no real "first quests". It is mostly explore the village you are in. Do the tutorials from the village chief. After that, do the other tasks of the village chief. YOur quest log should have at least 2 quests to be working on at all times. DO NOT DO THE DRAGON QUESTS. It is in your noob quest book, but do not touch it. I almost did but thought "you know what, dragons is a mean thing...I will ask about this.". I went to the forums and yes, zoning to the dragons will put you in bad place in the map and kill you. It is for later. So ignore it. Any ways, Back to questing and getting AP. I rolled a MArtial ARtists. It is like this as an umbrella: FIGHTER = MArtial artists, Knight, Warrior, mele stuff. So, my first noob skills were Fighter skills: Bash, block, counter, whirlwind. - This CONFUSES allot of new players. They think these first skills (because they are powerful) are THE final skills. It is not. These are just the first part of the umbrella. But where are my Martial Arts skills? I was told I would be a martial artists! and here I am sitting in the village square! This is where people are lost already usually.
The key is to 1) level up hitting certain levels unlocks quests that push you along. It also unlocks dialog between NPCs for quests to unlock skills.
2) So quests. The firs noob quests are designed to get you to unlock your class skills and open up other skills. There are story quests that do this. The first major story quest for me, as a human, was this long 3 act piece that involved a love triangle between 3 girls and 1 guy. This story unfolded by taking me to meet each NPC in other villages and do a bandit fighting quest to save the girls when I first meet them.
This does 3 things: 1) Moves me to new locations on the map discovering and unlocking things along the way.
2) Levels me up and gives me AP
3) The end of the quest line..; I UNLOCKED MY MARTIAL ARTS SKILL! WOo! That was key and honestly, I HAD NO IDEA it was like that. I thought: "I speak or find a martial arts trainer". NO! The class skill was given to me because it is TIED into the story. After saving the girls and doing some match making in the drama story (cut scenes included), there was a moment we are all talking in the school yard and they are like "oh hey Nanbo, if those bandits attack again, we should be prepared to fight. Help us fight". Then you do some fighting, bandits attack the school, and after it is over I unlcoked all the martial arts skills in my skill tab. THAT is key, because most people play thinking you just talk, buy and it is finished...It is more dynamic.
There are moments where you do have to buy books and stuff to learn things. Like right now I bought a book of a crafting skill because It was not my main job. So some things are very standard "buy and learn"..it is mixed in this game, but logically. Obviously, if I did not build a harvesting class, then the skill will have to be bought and read in a book. Also magic users do not train physically but use books. So that is key to start magic. -
RULE 2, TALK TO THE TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOLS! Every NPC dialog opens a book with KEY WORDS, on the teachers use "Training and School" topic, and they will teach you new skills for your class. That is important WITH ALL NPC's, use the dialog logically. Speak to them using key words. Need to learn weaving? Go to a Clothing Market and ask the NPC: "Skills" in the dialog book, and POOF if she is nice, and depending on the hour, you can be taught the skill. Ok, all these skills, I am still in the noob village, now what? -
AP MANAGEMENT! Here is a big SECRET: Some skills, if leveled up in AP, will unlock either a QUEST or NPC availability. That is, if I up Magic enough, a quest could appear in my log (by the damn owl) telling me to see magic trainer. She will then tell me I am ready for firebolt. That wont be available unless I built enough AP in certain things. Also, at certain bench marks like age, level and Skill rank (AP), the same thing happens. But that is less frequent and arrives naturally. That is the best way to describe this game so you can relax and not wikipedia all this crap. Just play naturally, and these things open up. What you do not want to do is spend spend spend AP on things JUST BECAUSE they are there.
For example, unless you are baking, or doing other tasks that need eggs as your main class type, do not pump points into gathering eggs from hens. Waste of AP, and the basic skill works fine. Most basic level NOVICE skill work great! For me, to get good, I needed to pump up Knuckles and fighting. I keep the attack skills Medium rank, medium, low. So my first attack strong, second ok, last low rank (because it is more powerful). This saves me AP. I am a fighter, so harvesting is not my main job, but it helps.
Jobs skills give bonus STATS. So, I used Wiki (you can click on the skill in game to see what stat leveling it up gets, but Wiki is easier). I used wiki to see what job is better for my class, or what job gives me +WIL as a bonus? I found fishing, and harvesting do. Now, fishing and harvesting give me fish and wheat of course, meaning I can cook. But cooking does not give me WIL bonus, but only +str (I think) bonus. Point is, as a noob, I am skipping cooking and just ranking up maybe 1 or 2 times my Harvesting and fishing skill. It is not expensive in AP points, and super easy. So I get a LITTLE boost there, and that spends half my day harvesting so it is something to do, put off, or work on, depending on what you want to do that day between questing and exploring.
If you are not confused, I can continue with the resource gathering. I hit a wall. I have skills to build in because a dungeon or farming is getting hard. I am level 30, it is longer to level now and AP is trickling in..I have 2 choices. Do AP RELATED tasks (means going to elf and and doing archeology stuff = grind) or REBIRTH, since AP comes in leveling up...It is advised to rebirth.
1) Rebirth, as you know resets your BASE stats and level (ALWAYS CHOSE AGE 17). HOWEVER, IT DOES NOT CHANGE YOUT BONUS STATS that you get for using AP on skills. So, remember those HArvesting things I did for +1WIL, and my combat skills gave me +4STR each time I ranked it up...THAT STAYS THE SAME at rebirth. So what happens is you are physically level 1, age 17, but with a bonus (thanks to spending AP on your skills) of +56 etc... So really, if noob base is
It really is, after rebirth:
5+56 = 61
2+54 = 56
4+50 = 54 So now you see you actually are a little stronger than a normal level 1. And this naturally makes sense as you have now explored allot of the land up to level 30. So I rebirthed at level 30 I returned to level 1 At level 2 I will have: 32 CUMULATIVE LEVELS. NExon says you can REBIRTH EVERY 24 hours in game up to 99 cummulative levels. So feel free, every day, like me, to hit level 20, 25ish, and then REBIRTH! Why? All of this is to get that sweet sweet AP!!!
Ap is gained through LEVELING, certain story quests, and shadow quests. EASIEST way is rebirthing. Why? Because at level 1, with all those stat bonus, you can 1 shot anything in a low level dungeon. YOur skills and stats are L33T, but your exp is level 1, so ONE shotting a boar, = DING level 3 in a dungeon. And DING you just gained AP for leveling up 3 levels...you see how the cycle works??? Digression = progression. Then it stops after 99 cumulative levels; This just happened for me. All this means is you can not re-birth until 1 real week. So around Sunday. 
I have enough level skills, enough AP, to continue the quests in my log. I have also taken time to do harvesting. I also took time to do alchemy. It does not offer a boost to stats, it is +INT I think, but I do it anyways because of CASH!
I save money from buying potions by making my own. But all in all, it can wait. I do not need it right away, just allot of side things to do! Also, Some people only play to do commerce. Commerce is a HUGE EXP dump! Commerce you talk to the Trading post guy. and you ship goods from trading post to trading post. Each post has a chart of all the villages and shows arrow up if it is a profit and arrow down if it it not a proft. So I am in Village 1, I can take goods to Village 2 with a profit of 15 extra points per unit. So I do it. You then run the goods to the other village, but bandits attack, just run around them and you will never have to fight them. Turn in the goods, and you get mass EXP = level up = AP FAST, also cash.
If you need gold, and lots of it, do normal quests (if not stuck), Hunting quests (open world animal killing) and also dungeon runs. Why? Because Normal rewards gold and huge exp and ap, but you might have to wait to continue to level up. So Hunting and dungeon quests. the mobs drop badges, lilke "Fox Formo badge" Collect 10, and yes this means a little farming. But as you farm, you rank up your skills as well, so you are constantly rewarded... Once you have 10 of a certain mob badge, go to the CHIEF of the village and go to SHOP - chose a QUEST tab, then look at the scrolls. So if I hunted 10 fox badges, I can get a FOX quest scroll, buy it, put it in your bag. Once in the bag the quest is automatically added to your quest log. Just click COMPLETE and its done. BUt shop the scrolls first, READ THEM. Some mobs give more goods. I do dungeon runs and farm spiders at rebirht because it levels me up fast, and the scroll gives 10K GOLD!!! I have over 40K gold right now just from the noob village...
Once things start to trickle, that is, once you cannot not rebirth every day, mobs getting easy (because your and skills are now powerful). It is time to progress the story line and move to another village Why another village? Because those dungeons and scrolls get harder and more rewarding. And why the quest? Because each quest under NORMAL = generation and Goddess quest. GEt those done, then start a SAGA.
That is about it. Each village and area on the map has npc to talk to and things to learn. I start random quest lines by talking to NPCS. ALWAYS ask Back story, and RUMORS. You will unlock things. Explore, talk, ask. Also, everything mentioned above is just for the humans. There is entire Elf side that will power level you as well. You can, as a human, hop over to elf side and do L-rod quests and archaeology quests to get fat cash and exp and exploration. Most exploration points are Iria (elf side) only. It is an expansion that effected all characters. Honestly I have not discovered it all, but there is a ton to do there. A level 50 showed me how she makes fat cash doing star point events on the elf side by doing rafting. But you cant do rafting without at least a some ranged magic...so as you see the cycle of build one self up, then explore out, is always constant no matter what side. Good luck!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

AU 2 - Mabinogi Noob adventure log 1

Mabinogi adventures Dairy 1 :

This noob adventure continues ! The last two weeks have been a great ride. I started off doing the surface
 things. Killing rampit rodents to level up. Fulfilling quest details. Using dungeon cards to do some exploring. I was sort of all over the place doing random things. Getting the hang of it. I had spurts of focus where I told myself “I will famr all this wood just to be safe”. Ends up rewarding, like everything else I Was doing, but probably not worth my time as a new being on the Mabi planet. So I stuck to the story and made a friend.
One of my friends did a tour to show me what things are like on the elf side. We did some L-rod business. I fell into an ant pit, we escaped on the back of her 2 seated ostrich. She explained allot of life processes in the game including rebirth. At this time I was so noob I did not even have my job skills. As a Martial Artists, I still only had begineer fighting. The story was not complete. Mostly due to the fact I needed to raise 20,000K to buy a fish to continue the story. I get 10K up front and mist work for the other half. I learned part time jobs. Did some commerce and eventually got the cash. It was not long and discovering and getting rewarded in so much besibes cash was a great part of this adventure.

That is one thing that always stands out in this game. As you are told to do a basic task, such as get “X”, getting X is more than just X, it will involve thinking what rout to getting X, and then all that is included and more. If I need wool, I will need a sheering knife, the skill, and then the sheep. After it is harvested I now have several choices with it, and everything I ran into getting there. Buying the sheers, I opened up new skills, and the vendor has interesting things to share. This game really requires you focus on one thing along each route or you will berunning around exploring the surface bits of everything thrown at you. I hunkered down and continued on to finish this story, that will deliver me the Martial Arts skills as I try to protect the 4 NPC’s that have entered into my life in Mab.

MY real life friend logs back in and invites on more “tutorial” if you will. She shows me good spots to farm gold, AP, etc and crafting. Extra,, she takes me on a balloon ride where we fight off dragons. Then we earn star points and turn them in for BIG rewards. I level up fast and get rich. Then it is off to Rafting. An Indiana Jones style ride where you hop on a raft and do a tour of river rafting, shooting down bad tribes men that shoot out at you or hop onto the raft. This calls for both ranged and mele attack professions. I was basically 2 shot, so my friend protected me with AOE Lightening. After all and said and done, you get star point rewards but in exchange for items. The secret here: I had 81 star points, he offers these boots for 11 points. Buy them, then IMMEDIATELY resell them back to the npc. HE offers 4 000 gold for it. I left with over 20K in my bags… We ran back so I could continue a story now that I was a little more powerful and leveled up. My friend could not join me in the solo story arc so she sat out playing her guitar.

I am alone this weekend and did my 2nd rebirth so I am doing some things to level up and continue on the story. I ran into another player, we bonded and yet another great personality to add to the friends list. Sadly, I got into a piss poor AFK guild. I quit. Warning to those looking for guilds that chat. Alteredminds is a AFK guild, ranked about top 5 populated guild…about 20 people logged in each day, but all AFK. That done, I am now doing a goddess quest requesting me to run into the north snow mountains. I did, and hunted some wolf. Met a bear…

That is about it. How things are progressing, 1 week to settle in, get the hold on what to focus on and do, I have learned also certain jobs are more beneficial to my BUILD, and other jobs are more beneficial for my ITEMS. So the build comes first as far as pumping AP into, and the items ill keep basic level, and perhaps up later on. On that note, I am itching to have new armor. I can always buy some other look at the merchants, but I am curious at the diversity, if any, exist in crafting it? Something I will well have to wiki or ask around. Until then…
(Wait, you still are a CHILD! wtf... And life problems? pffft, I have 3 dead mounts, including a flying carpet XD)