Wednesday, July 24, 2013

JL 5 - Recap, news, state of the blog

Well it has been almost 3 months since I started this blog. I am mostly writing to myself because I enjoy writing to myself. I have 0 followers here but since I started writing for Mmosite I gained personal followers and about 800+ hits an article...not bad.

This month I reviewed RIFT while on vacation in a 2 part review up to level 20. A noob review if you will. I was not thrilled nor completely let down. Just mildly disappointed. I see a water themed content update. And since drowning is possible in this game (you have a breath meter)...I suspect ALLOT of drowning ahead. I do appreciate that each map seems to take a player up and down towers, hills and forests to make up for its linear progression. The water map seems to have this layered playing field. Seems interesting. I may not touch it though as I have stopped RIFT since the review and have 0 desire to get back in. That said, I can not bring myself to remove it from my PC as nothing on the market seems good enough to replace it...:"(

TERA I play actively still and hitting a bit of a grind wall, but it is still enjoyable and the scenery changes often enough to enjoy.

I did a Superman Movie review here, and I did a AFter Earth review on another site. I wanted to do a PAcific Rim review but no energy. It was not bad. It both offended me and pleased me. It offended in that it rips off Neon Genesis ALLOT. and Pleases in that it rips of Neon Genesis ALLOT.

I do not have allot of screen shots to post. I may come short of my 10 post a month rule. Life is getting busy so I my time is going to be limited to 5 posts a month. I might be sneaking in 1 more review this month. I have so many games to write about, not sure which...See ya next month!

FAQ for the Shutdown of RaiderZ

Question: When will the RaiderZ service close?
Answer: We will be turning the servers off on 30.08.2013 at 12 o’clock.

Question: Why will the RaiderZ service be closed?
Answer: The success of RaiderZ did not meet our expectations and as we saw no other potential alternatives to the discontinuation of the services, unfortunately we were left with no other alternative than to take this step.

Question: Is there any way to continue playing RaiderZ on another service?
Answer: Not straight away. For those of you that wish to continue playing RaiderZ, there is only the option to switch to another RaiderZ publisher. There you will however have to start from scratch again. 

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