Tuesday, June 11, 2013

J6 - Counsel Madness !

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I am scanning the morning MMORPG news across the internet and I see so many games are going the way of the counsel as of Spring 2014!

This comes shortly after the showing off of E3 2013 goods I image. The viel of the Xbox 1 and PS4 being pulled off and people starting to compare pricing wars (Some accuse XboX as unjustly being 100 dollars over priced than PS4 while others say it is worth it)

But this is not an article about pricing. I am here to try to get your opinion and possible connection to other games going counsel and the BIG. BIGGGG Question… Will servers be linked crossed platforms? That seems to be a wait and see but I am sure some of you tech oriented people can verify the realities of that.

So, up to bat is Elder Scrolls on both PS4 and Xbox1! In a way this is not to surprising as their titles were always hits cross platforms. PC and counsel players always seemed to give a nod to each other (or an insult ). But all in all, we can say that both camps helped give this company a huge flux of cash for a product well flushed out. I personally remember exploring some elder scrolls on the ol Xbox…oh….so many stashes in baskets in villages now forgotten… So the mmorpg version of Elder scrolls, this begs the big question. I think this will do successful without cross platforming servers though.

Warframe: PS4 adaption! WHA???!! I love this game. I have been playing it since closed Beta. One of my sad points is that online play…if I can judge a server size by the people logged in the local chat box…it has been shrinking over time…sort of leveling out in the 2 or 300’s weekdays, and peaks a little more nights and weekends…The maps a little scarce…I know this OB flux is over so these are settling fluxes…but if counsel version spark life into this title! YES! I love me some Teeno brothers (n sisters) in arms:
World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 and I think that would be compatible with the new Xbox? I am not sure.  This is interesting. My love hate relationship with this game keeps me from getting to over excited. I have re-installed several times after promises, tweaks, and changes, just to be let down in other areas. Primarily the lack of ease of forging groups. The strange tiered game play (constantly being patched). The shop, which admits they were P2W and only THIS MONTH came out public and said they will “change that”…hmm… Well Xboxers… welcome. This game does have a stead population of players and I never lagged out waiting for matches so I can image they can avoid linking servers and be just fine..
 SO, I imagine we can see all the other World of (insert name) titles going counsel now?

War Thunder just announced it is going PS4 so… pressure is on!

Black Light Retribution: PS4. Actually I am not surprised. This always felt like a counsel shooter. It just flows like one. Not over twitched but not to slow. However, of all the glaring issues that has kept me out for so long, does focusing on counsel versions really take precedence over fixing the GAME? *shrug* Again, this could be another, “if the servers are cross linked…this might be something worth suffering it’s set backs.” Says the voice in my head…

DC Universe and Planet Side 2.  PS4. Makes sense. SONY titles. Sony counsel. Will they eventually create a mmorpg Counsel hub and link all games this way? I always found Planet Side 2 to be situational combat, and strength in numbers (especially armored numbers). So if this goes cross server! Imagine! No more rumors of server mergers. Also, Some titles are reasons to buy counsels. I remember I purchased an Xbox just for HALO matches with my friends. PS2 has this potential with the Play Station 4.
  DC Universe. Again, another game that just feels better with a controller in hand.

Do you want other titles to go way of the Counsel? I no longer own counsel systems. I game purely on PC. But I do like counsel games. They are entertaining, great for having guests over (social). And just have a “feel” that sets them apart. I would love to be able to talk my PC world to others that have counsels: “Hey man, did you ever unlock that gun set”? And instead of “wtf are you talking about”? They will now reply “yeah!”.

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