Friday, June 7, 2013

J4 - The Open Betas of Doom

A few betas going around this month. Some look ok. Most are just depressing. I will start with the most ugly.
Dragon Prophet.

This thing looks like the sequel to Runes of Magic. It is Rune Walker (previously Frogster) behind it. This is very evident with character models. Weapon models. Building models. Ugly terrain tiles. Text. The most disgusting marketing ploys to make it different. Character creation. The 3D humanoid models look nothing like the creation screen once in game. The hair selection is like an anime wig being put on Shepherd from Mass Effect. The little circle with your HP and MP bar with your image in it...looks the same in all the video reviews etc.
  There are HD looking flame graphics strangely placed around an uglier map. Dragons are not dragons but mounts shaped like monsters and dinosaurs. They make up for this by changing the back story...saying dragons mated with other animals...the OB bugs are sooo bad. Face palming bad. Normal bugs include doors not opening and other this game, the text used to push the story of audio dialog is horribly off. Not just in a few words but it is as if the text is telling a story while the voice acting is telling a whole different is like WTF is going on? But I regress. Petty picking is not fair, but it is just a great symbolic reflection of the game entire.
  The last slap in the face. The dragon taming, the selling point, is so lame. You tap around WASD on a dragons back to rodeo it to tame it. The "bucking" action is the RUNES OF MAGIC DANCE emote...try not think of that next late, it is now stuck in your head. SOOO BAD. Mix in SONY and you have P2W boat sinking.

Got a few others. A few super heros MOBAS. Super heroes mmorpgs and video games do not interest me in the slightest. I prefer original comics and nothing else in Super hero crap. No movies, tv shows. Nothing. That is me though... I have played a few super hero titles though, especially SONY title. I liked the character concepts, like most hero games. But the game play just falls short and dull. Starts epic, drops off a dull cliff pretty quick. And turns to a cash grab even quicker. So a MOBA...Not my thing. I can't put myself in bat mans shoes running down a 3 lane path to beat up Wolverine to kill a tower protected by hench men...I will stop there. It just sounds stupid. This is all because LoL boasts millions, and companies want those millions of potential payers. Nothing more. Nothing less.

 F2P RIFT. This is tough. I want to test out the F2P model. I am already engaged in some great games so doing all this is gonna be difficult. I will keep an eye on it and see the possibilities of future review. I have so many reviews to get together here already.

Wild Star. I love sci fi and would like to play this one. Some big red flags for me though. Catoony WoW style. Set up for mass P2W and repetitive mechanics. Detraction from space themes to bring more fantasy things. Just throw in some lasers and future tile sets does not cut it for me. I need story and space and planet exploration. We will see.

I loved Prius online when it was out. I did not like Gpotato. But I did love Prius. Then the evil that is Gpotato got rid of it to make from for 7Core (which no longer exists). Big Mistake. So Arcane Saga has launched in OB and removed all that made PRIUS prius...*face palm*.

Lot's of things to not look forward too. Somethings, "meh if I have time status". See ya next post!

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