Tuesday, June 4, 2013

J2 - Currently Playing June 2013

I have finished Mass Effect 2. WOW that was a great ride! Perfect Sci-Fi game! I have never played the first one, but I watched the youtube videos (over 2 hours) of people playing start to finish. Now, there is the 3rd Mass Effect I would like to play, but I read it is horrible both in the ending and game play. So I will just pretend the 3rd does not exist. I have to just end the series in my mind. I read the comic books as well to catch up on back stories. Pretty cool!

So, with 1 offline game out of the way I Tackled my mmorpgs. Nothing new on the market. Same ol same ol. So I am sticking it out to my favortire titles:


2) Star Trek Online

3) Warframe.

Warframe saw some new updates that seem interesting. However they come at a huge grind. Thankfully it is one of those games that I do not mind grinding in. Get's that FPS sci fi itch down. But it can get mind numbing.

Star Trek has been online - offline - online since last major content update. So many people complaining...LOL CRYPTIC and PWE = I am so not surprised. In fact I expected to lose my account to their crappy system but nope. Still there. I explored a little in the new content. Just that. A few new things to see. A few cosmetics. Nothing really worth getting crazy about. The new faction is the biggest chunk. However the game needs a rehaul for all existing content. Better Federation stories. Better Klingon content. etc etc.

TERA is TERA. I am loving this game. Just fun. Good ol mmorpg fun. I solo, group, dungeon when I want how I want. It is just fluid and great. Just wish the game was more packed. It is healthily populated, but when it is over populated it is pretty funny game. Lots of trolling and nonesense. But now it is just noramlity. XD

I have my eyes on RIFT F2P change. That is about it. Dragons Prophet turned out ot be Runes of Magic 2. PRetty ugly, stale, P2W, and lack luster. So, not allot there to look forward too.

I do have allot of reviews to do. I think I will do a World of Tanks review. They just announced they are no longer "P2W" hahahha! I guess I Was right calling it P2W all this time and fan bois saying no... What a slap in the face to its fan boi protectors.

What are you playing mostly this month?

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