Tuesday, June 25, 2013

J-10 End of Month Post

10th post. That means break time until July.

What did have I been doing? I finished Mass Effect 2. Loved it! I do not want to buy the third installment. I heard nothing but bad reviews and I do not want to ruin a game I thoroughly enjoyed. I noticed there are extension stories for the 2nd one as well. I will avoid that too. I kind of like exactly what I did, saw, and learned. I do not want see any use in the cash grab by EA.
  That is a moral principle too. I have read how EA got the worst company award. I look back and yes, it has gone down hill fast in the name to grab a buck. It is to bad, I like some of the older titles. So, out of principle, I will not pay for their products until they change. I probably am the only human being that avoids a title out of principle. Seems so many consumer sheep keep this crap alive.

Enough ranting, what else is new...Still plugging away at TERA. I plan to get my priest popori to end game. Less than 20 levels to go!

Star Trek Online has some great updates. I enjoyed the last mission I hopped into briefly. I really want to get back to that scene.

WarFrame has had some updates, but I do not have the urge like I used too. The "Vindictus" like grind is all too clear now. I want to write it off as a shooter grind and walk away, but something about it keeps bringing me back...It seems to give fill my gritty sci fi craving, and shooter aspect. Although I did notice the last patch made enemies run up to you faster, and knock you back more so there is a huge melee encounter built in the game now. That kind of turns me off. I find myself scrambling for the sword more than my gun now. They also increased mob spawn to irrational levels so they just come at you and you have no sense of clearing a room like before. So literally being forced to rush all rooms. This kind of sucks because I liked being a little tactical in fights. Now it is just run run chop chop, shoot if you want. Before I would be leaned forward ready to take a wall, and snipe some troops. Now, I just hold down shift and arrow and laszily look at my TV since the game is losing my interes. Kind of sad. But since the game caters to end game cash payers that just rush bosses...not a surprise. That leaves 0 good FPS games F2P online now. The search continues...(the good one are box purchases).

I really can not play more than 3 games full time. I have job hunting and exam final coming up. Speaking of which...I should get crackin XD

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