Tuesday, June 25, 2013

J-10 End of Month Post

10th post. That means break time until July.

What did have I been doing? I finished Mass Effect 2. Loved it! I do not want to buy the third installment. I heard nothing but bad reviews and I do not want to ruin a game I thoroughly enjoyed. I noticed there are extension stories for the 2nd one as well. I will avoid that too. I kind of like exactly what I did, saw, and learned. I do not want see any use in the cash grab by EA.
  That is a moral principle too. I have read how EA got the worst company award. I look back and yes, it has gone down hill fast in the name to grab a buck. It is to bad, I like some of the older titles. So, out of principle, I will not pay for their products until they change. I probably am the only human being that avoids a title out of principle. Seems so many consumer sheep keep this crap alive.

Enough ranting, what else is new...Still plugging away at TERA. I plan to get my priest popori to end game. Less than 20 levels to go!

Star Trek Online has some great updates. I enjoyed the last mission I hopped into briefly. I really want to get back to that scene.

WarFrame has had some updates, but I do not have the urge like I used too. The "Vindictus" like grind is all too clear now. I want to write it off as a shooter grind and walk away, but something about it keeps bringing me back...It seems to give fill my gritty sci fi craving, and shooter aspect. Although I did notice the last patch made enemies run up to you faster, and knock you back more so there is a huge melee encounter built in the game now. That kind of turns me off. I find myself scrambling for the sword more than my gun now. They also increased mob spawn to irrational levels so they just come at you and you have no sense of clearing a room like before. So literally being forced to rush all rooms. This kind of sucks because I liked being a little tactical in fights. Now it is just run run chop chop, shoot if you want. Before I would be leaned forward ready to take a wall, and snipe some troops. Now, I just hold down shift and arrow and laszily look at my TV since the game is losing my interes. Kind of sad. But since the game caters to end game cash payers that just rush bosses...not a surprise. That leaves 0 good FPS games F2P online now. The search continues...(the good one are box purchases).

I really can not play more than 3 games full time. I have job hunting and exam final coming up. Speaking of which...I should get crackin XD

J9 - Screen Shots of the Month

Here are some more TERA shots I recently took. 

UFO's in TERA are strange...

But then again, everything is strange in TERA...

Definitely hotter than those purple WoW elves...

Summer time in TERA

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

J8 - Man of Steel Movie Review

I just finished watching Man of Steel. The new superman movie stars some dude, Morpheus from the Matrix. Russel Crow. And Lois Lane.

Here are my notes in chronological order as I watched the film:

1) The point between Super man's birth and the his launch to earth is filled with special effects and Russel Crow doing a bunch of mumbo jumbo action. It is his turn to spew monotone dialog and do things on alien planet like swim under water and take baby fetuses, and shoot bad guys, and thankfully dies...but not for long...They could have done away with all this story telling. I did enjoy the sci fi ambience, but it will feel out of place later on. As cool as high tech environments are, I prefered the more natural course the old Super Man took, where they were in a crystal like cave sending the baby off in apod. In the 2013 version, so many questions...You have the technology to terra form, but you refuse to leave the planet that is about to explode...

2) So, the Zod, the bad guy, kills Russel Crow, and tries to stop baby Super man, or S-man, from being launched off planet. He tries to stop it, and kills some politicians, which gets him in prison...since the planet is dying and every one on it, his trial is pretty fast. They freeze Zod and his hench men and send them into a ship into outer space... wait, if the planet is dying, why not freeze and preserve every one, put in ships and set to autopilot. The AI seems to be incredibly strong...including Russel Crows...but I am getting ahead of myself.

3) So then...we skip to earth...Clark Kent is a oil rig worker and some how his oil rig is exploding and he and his friends must escape it...he walks out of a room on fire but safe, and his friends are lie WOAH. He then saves the National Guard helicopter ready to pluck them from the collapsing off shore rig, and he saves the them by stopping a giant iron fiery portion of the rig from smashing in the copter...showing off his super human strength. And his beard.
 At this point I paused the film and went to look up Super man powers. I found out he has super intelligence...I guess being an oil rig worker is all that his super brain powers got him into in life. In older super man, he was a wal-street journalist by his mid 20's. Don't worry, the film ends with him changing careers, just pretend the first 20 min of film you just watched...NEVER HAPPENED.

4) So S-man is an adult, a rather boring monotone character. He is in search of his origings, and we see some flash backs of little guy in school adapting to earth's environment. So, he leaves his boring farm life to find himself, his origins. I am a little confused because I thought the pod he arrived in is in his home area, but apparently he leaves to find it in a vague scene...Scene cutting is horribly edited in this film...it is like head of editing fought internaly and just pieced together garbely gunk.
  So super man enters some pod thingy and presses buttons or whatever, and Russel Crow arrives in a 3D-video recording. Well, hi Russel Crow, what do you have to say...oh no...Stop...Stop talking! NOOOO he mono tones his dialog, like everyone else, to tell us a story about Super Man, and how he is powerful and on earth because his people are afraid of space ships or some shit. So, Super man then walks out the pod fully costumed...wait....why? how? what? who? Thank you for the 20 min narration Russel Crow

5) 51:00 min mark S-man has his suit and super powers. But, he doesn't learn values or anything by talking to Russel, he just now is the man because he has the look. I also have passed almost an hour and Clark Kent does NOT FEEL LIKE A PROTAGONIST. He just feels like a poster boy. Even then, a very dull one. Also, that beard he had...He magically shaved it off to show us that double butt chin. The same time he magically finds his super suit. I guess as a man I relate to that...I like to shave too. I must be super...

6) Suddenly the film gets cut scene edited again horribly, and we start to hear Lois Lane narrating the film...oh, hi Lois in New York. She does this "dear Drew" like intimate journal voice to add "depth" and "emotion" to the film. It feels like a filtered in after thought. I see why though, the characters are horribly dry.AND MONO TONE! Her trying to add her poetic after thoughts feels as awkward as her boss, who ends up being Morpheus from the Matrix. I refuse to use his real name here. He is MORPHEUSSSSS!

7) Did I mention this film is incredibly monotone and lacks emotion?

8) Because they are relying on flash backs to tell story...It get's confusing and contradictory. They even make a huge time line mistake...but that later. So far, Clark returns home after "finding himself" (still not sure at what point in time he worked on the oil rig...why is his mom not effected he almost died on it? I thought to myself maybe the oil rig scene is his job in the future that we will loop back to in the end of the film...)
 His mom greets him by saying: "Well look at you!" and grabs his face...Funny thing is, his flash backs being young, before leaving...Is the same actor, same face, same youthful look, no beard...So, he hasn't changed...when did he grow a beard? What am I watching?

9) 68:00 minutes in the film the bad guys land. Apparently Zob uses his prison ship to find Earth. He used technology they apparently had and tested...So...forget it. So he threatens earth by shutting down all electricity and sending a message over the internet and radio and television that he will kill all humans unless super man surrenders. I guess people without the web are fucked. What if Super man landed in the amazon and grew up in a forest tribe. No one would get the message LOL.
  So they keep cutting scenes again and we see he is a little boy having trouble using his powers. We also get to see that his dad tried to save 2 dogs in a tornado, and is pinned between cars as the tornado arrives. S-man can save him but his dad tells him to stand down, it is not time to show the world his true powers...BUT HE SHOWED THE NATIONAL GUARD AND A HANDFUL OF STAFF on the oil rig that is super human...But now he is doubting his powers...Wait...this makes no sense...the time line of events and the moral decisions are off...Brain malfunctioning...who is in control of these stupid CUT SCENES!

10) So S-man surrenders... This is a tactic used in all movies recently. The last one is Star Trek, the bug powerful superman like Kahn just gives up, and walks into the prison to deal with things. Same feel here. Super man just gives up and we see this scene he is in full costume handcuffed in a military prison getting ready for transport. This is an awkward out of place scene. They military treats him like a dangerous guy, and say he could have a virus since he is alien. But they allow Lois Lane to talk with him, and then opent he door to let a commander and lead scientist in the room. Ok. Did I mention monotone dialog? Some times Lois Lane narrates, some times she doesn't...I guess we don't care about poetic interaction with super man all the time...just those times the movie dragsssssss....Lois Lane also knows superman because he saves her in a scene where she is somehow in the same pod he is in when finding his identity, he saved her from some kind of alien robot thing...and then used medical skills to heal her...I think with his laser eyes...I personally ignored that earlier scene because I knew scenes like this would re-appear, where they have to act like strangers but not...in addition, you can tell by the editing when you should shut your eyes and brain off, and just pay attention to the core elemnts...if possible...so yeah...
   The military then has ZERO role really in giving super man over...S-Man just strolls up to Zod's ship in a desert like location (We have desert, before it was oil rig, big city, country side, NEw York, and now some desert...did I mention the editing is bad?)
  I had to orget in the comics, super man fly's to his threats and punches holes in the ships before entering them. He does not allow the US military to play buddy buddy in his affairs. This is what set S-man asside from the rest, the fact his affairs were PERSONAL and his and not human. Adding the military in was like a nudge nudge nudge wink wink to the US military. Like, aha, you see, they work together for the greater good. It felt odd, out of character, and very stupid in general. This also adds more characters than the film can manage. So between Lois Lane narration, Russel Crow, Morpheus, Parents, friends, S-man, we now have the US military and a scientist to add...and yes, the editing is BAD.

11) There is a DEFCON scene, where US is tracking Zods spaceship. There is a room full of military dudes behind computers, and in a 5 second scene, the commander asks a Chinese chick behind a computer out of uniform the status updates...So I guess DEFCON hires Chinese civilians for the smarter work, despite the other female and male military counter parts behind the sae computers around her... I do not bring that up because of race, but the imagery and symbols used in this film are strange, this being one example. Especially after all the pro American images like the flag etc...If Obama made a film, this would be it. Lots of encouraging words that do not execute properly in the end, and a Chinese sell out. XD

12) 83:31 Min. mark and Russel Crow re-appears. He is a 3D program again, but not really, it is Russel Crow trying to save the day. After all, you can not sign a contract without his pretty face all over the film. Super man's dad in the original never fought for screen time...In fact, the time we actually see super man vs. Russel Crow is about the same, the film busies itself trying to fit everyone else in that S-Man dissapears some times. It should be called "Super Crow". In more monotone dialog and bad acting, Russel Crow computer AI saves the princess aboard Zod's ship. HE helps her escape. In fact, Russel Crow and the military do more to save humanity than Super Man at the end of the film. It is super disgusting and not at all exciting. Especially when the sense of dispaire, suspense etc, is killed by Russel Crow's appearance, you then know 100% that Lois Lane is going to be safe, and the rust of the crap you watch is just special effects and every things explodes around her...YAY.

13) The film is almost over and Super Man does not feel like the alien with human sentiments. By now he is fighting Zods alien forces and S-man just feels like another alien. I had no "fight for humanity" moment, especially since humanity was not doing to bad. Including the military and Russel Crow that do 80% Of superman's work, I can't help but now see the design of this film. Add explosions and tons of special effects, use Super man costume and bad acting and no emotions in dialog, and just pump in scenes of the mid west and the American flag and people will eat it up. I actually was nagging to watch the original Super Mans and read the comics after this as this was so stale and un eventful.

14) One thing I have to say backing up a little. Super man saves people from tragedies that are very recent in the real world. I think this is part that contradicts the human connection with him. Old superman saw women in trouble, or car accidents, and saved them. He helped bake pies, etc. He was reacting to human emotions. Saves kitties... In this film, he does nothing for humanity, but EVERYTHING for SURVIVAL, he first saves himself, and if you so happened to be there with him, you got a free ticket.
  For example, first and out of place accident the Ocean oil pump explosion. Next, he tests his powers by saving a buss full of children that fall into a lake and almost horrific drown. I remember allot of bus crashes recently involving young kids. Super man happened to be in the bus so he saves himself with the others also showing off his powers.
  His dad dying in a tornado is pretty recent stuff too. It still is stupid that younger Kent flys out of a lake with a bus full of kids in front of traffic...but he can't save his dad in the middle of a storm...this contradiction is so strong in the film it destroyed it for me. Just bad bad directing, editing, and movie in general. So, all those kids and people he saved...GUESS WHAT? He KILLS THEM ALL in battling Zod. He basically destroys his small town in explosions and fights. That bus full of kids he saved as a youth? They are now all dead as he blows up gas stations and houses and shopping centers as he fights Zod with his rage. Allot of punching and flying. They do not show his other super powers. Also, he uses lasers to heal Lois Lane in the pod thing, but he never once uses eye lasers to fight? But his enemy does...CONFUSED!

15) Some stupid shit about Codex...

16) MONOTONE! How does Lois Lane get around??? we are in New York, then the country, then a military base, then New York...she is everywhere. Morpheus is famous, so he get's to tag along behind her sometimes...WHY!! The boss was not a key character in the other Super Man franchises! The scientist is stupid. 110:00 min. mark RUSSEL CROW RETURNS! YOU ARE S-mans DEAD DAD! STAY DEAD! THIS IS NOT YOUR FILM IDIOT! He tries to convince Zod to stop and that S-man is stronger than him. Something about preserving blood lines...Zod replies: "I will harvest codex from his corpse"...

17) So, Zod launched these big space ship things that make no sense on the earth. They are terra forming and apparently one has a tentacle thing to chase S-man in the bad CGI event. Super man is beuried beneath rubble long enough for Russel Crows scene above. Then he some how get's motivation, like he heard Russel Crows speech. And flys up and punches the ship to pieces. That is all he needed to do apparently (where was the tentical?). IT explodes, and a stupid cut scene into a helicopter appears, apparently Lois Lane is in it...and the polot says: "he did it" and Lois Lane looks horny. At this point, the editing goes off the wall, they cut scenes to the military, Lois, Super man, Zod, every one is doing something rather, and so to track it all we hop scenes. It gave me a headache. It also was not important. It was, again, a way to make the US military as Supermans buddies. It was stupid.

18) Lois Lane then is in an airplane (no idea how she gets all these top level military security). She is with the useless Sciencetist. She has sto stick a S-man piece of rock in a bomb thing to activate it. This is the exact horrible dialog: Loi: "Something is wrong" - Scientist: "What is it supposed to do".  - Lois: "It has to go all the way in"...I actually laughed in my seat as I watched this. WoW, the suspense lacking scene used the most basic monotone dialog that had sexual innuendos. It sounded funny. I rewound the scene and looked away, and yup, that was the dialog I just heard. Sorry scientist, only S-man can get it in all the way.

19) So, Lois and Scientist save the day by pushing it all the way in, and things explode and they cut the scene to Morpheus on the ground looking up at the action in the sky of Lois Lane and scientist...and he passerby says: "Are they gone"? - Morpheus "I think so". - lady "He saved us"....NOOO NOOOO Super man is buried beneath debris. He literally is taken out of the film after punching that one ship. It was Lois sexual talk that saved you, not super man. Why did we need Morpheus in New York to guess "they are all gone"? that was a vague guess. Why not the lilitary command post that is ACTUALLY tracking the vessels??? They made a point to show how "intelligent" they were before??? Oh right...it is Morpheus...he know's whats up.

20) Sadly it is not over. There is this horrible scene of Super man now facing Zod all alone, 1 on 1. His one line of epic dialog: "You'r a MONSTER! (then he breathes the next line, I seriously think it was an accident and they did not edit it out...he literally breathes it and like chokes on his words, like the cable lifting him into flight caught his breath:) and Im gonna stop you".... LOL!

21) Fight fight fight, explode explode explode, kill more innocent people in sky scrapers. OH HEY! Remember how i said this film uses accidents a little to real to be funny or feel heroic about? So yeah, they blow up ALLOT of buildings. I know this is Godzilla like old movie tactics. But I could not help to see how much emphasis in the details they put into it. The buildings in monster movies are usually to show scale and size. In Superman comics, he usually takes his fight to the moon, space, or other outlandish settings. This one, no, it felt like I was a watching a 9/11 preparation video. Tie that in with the other tragedies this movie shows, and the detail they put on the victims. For example, in one scene, and one scene only, Lois Lane is put in make up as a victim stuck in building debris, it was done really well, but why just that scene and why just her? I felt the images they were trying to show had some sinister plot deeper than the film...or maybe it was just bad editing...I'll go with that.

22) The last battle sums up like this: TWILIGHT. So, in the start of the film, it is noted that Super Mans people have blood lines that govern their lives. So stronger bloodlines are super human etc. This is EXACTLY the plot behind vampire films. Stronger bloodline vampires are just stronger. So the last fight was just a vampire on vampire sight. Especially how it was executed. Lots of Bloom effect and punching. Lame. Super man just ends up snapping the dudes neck in a fit of rage. No impalement or back snapping like the comics usually do.

23) The movie then has to have closure for all the characters it introduced in this crap fest. So for the military, some Commander is in a truck with some lower rank chick. A plane falls from the sky and S-man is there with it, they exchange dialog. The commander says why you break our expensive material? S-man says they should stop trying to find him and just trust him, he is on US side, even if Washington doesn't believe it. This super sappy political speech is dumb. He then fly's off and the chick starts laughing. The commander looks at her and she is like all smiles, trying to hold posture and says "Sorry sir, I just think he is hot"... She wants the super-D. Thanks movie for releasing some strange sexual vibe in the dumbest scene yet.

24) Speaking of sex. Super man and Lois relationship is never really felt. Since the bad acting and monotone dialog and since the director decided to randomly cut her intimate narration. I mean, a little word perhaps of: "The world was saved, and the man I met is now missing, but I know he will return"...nNOPE none of that. To close out this part, we see that Lois goes right back to work as if nothing happened. And Morpheus is back to giving orders as if they did not just survive a building collapse, and he announces: "I want you to meet our new employee". And yes, it is KEnt Clark in his business suit ready to work and sexually harass Lois...This makes no sense... SO WHAT WAS THE OIL RIG Scene all about? His high intelligence (wikipdia his super powers) are never really used? He is now KNOWN as Super Man so how will this effect the work and Lois relationship, that goes against everything the comics and history is about? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

I rate this film 0/5. I had no emotional response to it. It was bad acting. Bad plot. Bad directing. Bad everything. I liked the space environment but it was like a whole different movie compared to the shit going on earth... I hate to say it but I think After Earth is a better movie out of the two, at least they execute basic film elements to move the plot. Super Man cut's it, and destroy's it's own credibility. I now have to pretend I did not see this horrible film. Also, no reference to cryptonite. No "It's a bird it's a plane..." No one was surprised to see super man. And no one felt scared, or showed emotion. They shouted at times but that was it. This was just a film that had Morpheus and Russel Crow fight Super Man for the lime light. AND SUPER MAN LOST!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALY POSTED ON MY MMOSITE BLOG:http://my.mmosite.com/4069628/blog/item/nanbos_aion_ascension_review.html

AION : Ascension Review

I remember exactly where I was when this game launched. It seemed interesting but allot of that “Korean” animation tipped me off to one thing…Korean Grind. So I stayed back and read reviews. I also had several friends deeply submersed in the game. Then it goes F2P. This was interesting. All my friends and their guilds left in mass. They already where upset with lack of content, bugs, balance issues.

It was so sever, and such a harsh backlash (Forums on fire!) that I thought this game would sink after F2P people left. But US did something most games at the time were not doing. Going truly F2P. The cash market was very cosmetic. That is…the US version…I moved to EU (France) years later and POOF…I got into AION. Very late…but here is my deductions.

Character Creation, Class, Race: Probably the only game that get’s as close to Perfect World as far as character creation options. SO MANY! It is great to change all the little details of the models from nose bridge, tattoos, nostril size, etc… I created an Asmodian Cleric. There are 3 Races Asmodian (Elfish) – Balaur (giant like) – Elyos (Humanish).
4 classes: Warrior – Scout – Mage – Priest. Each with 2 focus classes to change into later. So I chose Priest / and went Cleric. I usually enjoy healing and self supporting. Something a Cleric seemed to do. Feel free to visit the game website to explore the other class options.
  Aion is a game that changes to balance and caters to either market or player needs…which are always in relation. So before, I always heard that a healer should not play solo in AION. Since most games do not guild early levels, I feared my leveling would be hard to do solo, but a few game tweaks and I was able to stick to solo close to end game.

Game play and Community: Normally I keep these separate but they are so important in AION I will talk about them both. Also the evolution AION has gone through. It is important to group them. The Subscription AION is dead. The mass communities that made up Sub AION are pretty much gone. The game you will play today feels nothing like the game of yesterday or the game I am reviewing on right now. In fact, this review is talking about GENERAL AION features. I will then specify EU and US region differences after each topic…Whewww…What a mess huh? So, Game play consisted of venturing forth in this beautiful fantasy land. AION probably has one the best map lay outs I have ever played (on level with Vanilla wow).
  For example, you start out in the “noob area” with consist of a crescent shape map in the foresty fantasy world. The rest of the map has fog of war. One of the first things you will feel is the great questing system. The story might not interest you if you are a speed gamer. I do not read text, but click ACCEPT, and just look at “Kill X” on the top right quest list. The last game that interested me story wise was WOW and Secret World and Star Wars Old Rep. (Secret World being a let down), but in all those, the LAND compliments the story / Compliments the world. Example, to kill threatening Frost ogres, you naturally have to go to a frost like area, in WoW that meant actually traveling to a higher elevated place where it snows and start the killing. Some games ignore that aspect and just color the ground white for snow and toss in the mobs called “frost X”. AION is a great example of questing and land done right. The rich forest moves the story and quests along perfectly.
 Also, it is not linear. That is, you do not start in zone A and level up, move to B, level, C. etc. Some quests, early on, take you out of A. They tell you at around level 5 to leave and come back. When you leave you might pick up 5 other quests the put you in other regions. But usually not to far just yet. If I were to connect the quest dots and plot out where how a player quests, it would be like a star pattern:

Toss in several zones of the same level and you had good variety. For example, if questing level 20 quests in a desert map got boring you can wander off and search lvl 20 in a jungle like atmosphere.
 The Transitions between maps are nice. It is not “Exit the desert and walk into a snow map with not transition or loading screen”…it transitions naturally and smoothly with LOTS of elevation. Mountains, trees, cliffs, overhangs, etc.
   Exploiting…or exploring…or…adventuring…whatever you want to call it, was one of my favorite things. For example, early in the game around level 15 there is this horrible map of ogres that are tough to solo. There also is a quest (sort of bugged) that requires you slog through them to warp into a portal to a cinematic cut scene to an npc…sadly you need a group to get past all this over powered mons (only time in the game this happens, kind of a block for noobs). BUT, you will notice on the map you can get around the canyons..but how? I youtubed a video and found the exploit, there are holes in the invisible barries. So I followed the map and was “behind the curtains” so to speak of the design…but it was odd…because despite being “behind the scenes” there were outposts and npcs on the cliff posts like the company knew we would be forced to exploit so they “dolled” it up for us…Any ways, I skirted along the edges, cliff hopped, and glided my way to the mission objective solo (It was in my log for over 10 levels! To hard to solo). But the thrill of adventuring like this is great. Reminded me of the WoW days looking for the hole in the canyon to drop in a frost dragon lair. You had to exploit the canyon side with a side ways double tap jump…hard to explain…but you can youtube it.
   Gear is key in this game. Not necessary early on, but getting in early habits of knowing your build is a good thing to start doing. There is also great variety and great looking armor. This pushes for some easy socialing in the cities as most people do not look the same and you are curiously walking up and inspecting or just chit chatting. I like this in mmorpgs. I had that moment: “I do not need it, it has the same stats, but it looks good in a different way, should I destroy it or wear it??? Ohhh the choices!” I like that in an mmorpg.

There are quest types. Regional quests and story like quests. Story like arch quests are the ones that have some nice cinematic moments and push out farther out than you can go. Regional ones are those ones that offer the exp to finish the main story ones. There are key points in the game. Such as that key level to get your first flying wings and dungeon quests.

Combat. This is a smooth experience. The game posts a smooth tab targeting battle system. Probably the best tab system I ever played. Some spells are run n cast. Some are stand in place. I did not like how the voice screams for each spell. Get’s annoying fast. But, the game feels almost like it should have been a action based combat game. All in all, the battles are a little shorter after patches and the grind a little more balanced. However there is a slight grind. I recommend learning macros fast or the fingers will be aching after 1 1 1 2 2 3  repeat repeat rapidly. The hot bar gets filled up pretty fast with allot of skills almost useless but necessary, another hint to macro your set up. All those: “.005%” skills.

FLYING. Flying is key in this game but not how you would tink. Flying battles are almost non existent in PVE and most zones you cannot fly. THIS IS A HUGE NEGATIVE point for me. They really market this game as unique due to flying. But it is SUPER limited. You will learn fast it is just good for exploiting and works like a mount on an incline. Instead of walking down hill, pop the wings and glide down a surface at a fast rate of speed…it glitches to work in non flying zones often. Again, exploiting…Again the dynamics and muti layered maps that feel like a real world, leave flying a great tool to get around.

PvP is like an entire game fleshed out within the game. You will notice almost all elements in PVE are working you to either PvP or dungeon farming. Before, I heard PvP was balanced and fun and what kept people subbed. After some changes, including “Rifts” that open up to dump factions over at certain times (to prevent camping), I heard nothing is profitable except taking the most populated side and ZERGING an area for territory control. Not the same any more…People argue the F2P change brought in idiots that do not want to play fair like the subbers did. People say it was abused before and just patched now that more people ar crying…I do not know. What I do know is that there is always something to fix or something else to do. I had been ganked allot as a low level trying to level up. And that in a grinding mmorpg is no fun. Especially when grouping is hard to do. The dungeon and group finders options are null. And guilds are super VIP at times. I was in a decent guild, but most do no dedicate to anything else but end game.

Other fast points: The bank and inventory can be all purchased with in game gold. It can expensive, but I never had a problem. Also, as you level the game gives you rewards…BIG REWARDS. Weapons and other items that “get you over the hump”. This was not in the original. You had to farm and work hard in groups. Now, instead of grinding the content, they hand out the goods to get you through. I easily used the same weapons and armor set given to me at level 25 – 25 and then 25-35. SO, although I had tons of armor given through drops and quest rewards, none of it really was superior than the hand out stuff. So I looked the same in some areas. It is kind of sad, because if they changed the level scaling, then the quest rewards and drops would suffice and we can play dress up more…But no, we are just patched over.

Some combat + spell moves are wonkey. Running then DEAD stop to cast a spell was death scenario some times. Camera angels can get a little “woah nelly”. Some  mobs early levels are too tough and require exploiting to get around.

There are pets, a great cosmetic feature. Even more awesome is that some are interactive, and you can interact with OTHER players pets. Great feature.
There are other aspects to AION, including Crafting, socketing, etc..It is very simple and can be done on the fly. IF you play you cant miss it, so I will not cover it.

They introduce some solo dungeons early game. I am saddened they do not litter out a few more for certain story and level points. It is like just a test, and then NOTHING until end game.

Music and Graphics: Music is TOP! Best music in an mmorpg in my opinion. Just right for the environments. Great ambiance. The load in client music melts my soul. I LOVE aion sound track! Graphics are AMAZING! Sadly, my gaming lap top can not run it at high, but no problem on medium//low (I can run TERA medium high…). There is allot to process in AION, and just over all beauty and immersion. It is a graphic beauty. It is funny because Haters always said the game is just eye candy and nothing more. Now, years later, we see that SO MANY titles come out offering eye candy and nothing more, and make AION look like great literature form the Russian authors…So now, AION, with time, gets even BETTER! If I knew AION was this great of an over all experience, I would have played it on first F2P launch… But there is a big fat elephant in the room. And it is time to talk about it:

EU vs. US: EU and US went F2P around the same time. Both claiming to be Truly F2P. Only US will really do this. Here are restrictions to EU. All these restrictions lifted after you sub, or go “club” as it is called:

1)      You cannot chat in Global.
2)      You cannot use the auction house.
3)      You cannot trade with players
4)      You cannot form a guild
5)      You have caps on gold and other items
6)      You cannot craft properly (things break)
7)      You cannot enter certain dungeons after certain times.

Well here: http://www.aionfreetoplay.com/website/featuresdetails/
There are others, but the MOST IMPORTANT I will learn later on is that you cannot trade with your guild members or others. This is SUPER important because 99% Of the drops are engineered to be for OTHER CLASSES. The purposely made it so you get all these great upgrades, but not for you You will need to auction house or trade to get set up for end game. EVERY ONE in EU knows: ‘You are F2P until level 45ish”. And for sure all club end game. You get a few fan bois crying they are still playing and end game…oh what a horrible existence. The most frustrating, especially when US is NOT LIKE THIS!

Few years later US even opens up a FAST TRAK server. You open the channel button and hop into the fast trak channel. In EU there was mass protest on the forums. The players started a petition signed by over 1000 players. AION EU REMOVES this thread and then sets up an official thread saying: “We know we are late in the latest patch. We would like to state that the certain elements will not be released with AION EU version including the fast trak server. We find this does not reflect the communities interests and will cater the player base…” WTF??? So they are lying. They REMOVED the players petitions to be like US and just push GREEDY PAY MODELS. The Fast Trak never came out and no restrictions lifted, they just waited MONTHS to delay the content so they can trim it down…Did that help them? NOPE! They then, a year later (about 1 month ago) decided to “UPDATE” AION and installed a server (not a channel) for the fast trak, and “unlock” some features…sadly, you are still hindered to pay as the key game breaking features are still there. It is not truly free to play. It is Free to Level up until end game. It is just disgusting when US is truly free. I tried changing to US but it is too laggy in EU.
    I got to end game and was to weak. I saw the grind and pay model ahead of me and I uninstalled. But I love AION, and I am so happy the US Version is thriving. EU stays open due to a handful of people that sub. AND HEY, if you have the cash, and you want to sub to an mmorpg.: GO AION! Why not? It is a great sub/club offer.

I Advise a trip to the forums – Game Discussion. You will see the difference in the AIONs really quick

In conclusion. Aion is a beautiful game that offers a decent PvE experience in a lush world and some great PvP that can even take to the skys. The music is a beautiful bonus and you will enjoy a game that brings you back for it for one reason or another. I always think of trying out AION US again with my new net connection….
I do feel bad that EU is such a greedy mess and I have to ding the game for not allowing full free flying. It’s future seems bright and I hope you get to try it out. With so many theme parks like RIFT that are very predictable, AION has a few surprises that will will leave you impressed. If not for its creativity, you will probably have a folder full of screen shots.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

J6 - Counsel Madness !

I originally have this on my MMOSITE.COM blog. Which can be found here:

I am scanning the morning MMORPG news across the internet and I see so many games are going the way of the counsel as of Spring 2014!

This comes shortly after the showing off of E3 2013 goods I image. The viel of the Xbox 1 and PS4 being pulled off and people starting to compare pricing wars (Some accuse XboX as unjustly being 100 dollars over priced than PS4 while others say it is worth it)

But this is not an article about pricing. I am here to try to get your opinion and possible connection to other games going counsel and the BIG. BIGGGG Question… Will servers be linked crossed platforms? That seems to be a wait and see but I am sure some of you tech oriented people can verify the realities of that.

So, up to bat is Elder Scrolls on both PS4 and Xbox1! In a way this is not to surprising as their titles were always hits cross platforms. PC and counsel players always seemed to give a nod to each other (or an insult ). But all in all, we can say that both camps helped give this company a huge flux of cash for a product well flushed out. I personally remember exploring some elder scrolls on the ol Xbox…oh….so many stashes in baskets in villages now forgotten… So the mmorpg version of Elder scrolls, this begs the big question. I think this will do successful without cross platforming servers though.

Warframe: PS4 adaption! WHA???!! I love this game. I have been playing it since closed Beta. One of my sad points is that online play…if I can judge a server size by the people logged in the local chat box…it has been shrinking over time…sort of leveling out in the 2 or 300’s weekdays, and peaks a little more nights and weekends…The maps a little scarce…I know this OB flux is over so these are settling fluxes…but if counsel version spark life into this title! YES! I love me some Teeno brothers (n sisters) in arms:
World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 and I think that would be compatible with the new Xbox? I am not sure.  This is interesting. My love hate relationship with this game keeps me from getting to over excited. I have re-installed several times after promises, tweaks, and changes, just to be let down in other areas. Primarily the lack of ease of forging groups. The strange tiered game play (constantly being patched). The shop, which admits they were P2W and only THIS MONTH came out public and said they will “change that”…hmm… Well Xboxers… welcome. This game does have a stead population of players and I never lagged out waiting for matches so I can image they can avoid linking servers and be just fine..
 SO, I imagine we can see all the other World of (insert name) titles going counsel now?

War Thunder just announced it is going PS4 so… pressure is on!

Black Light Retribution: PS4. Actually I am not surprised. This always felt like a counsel shooter. It just flows like one. Not over twitched but not to slow. However, of all the glaring issues that has kept me out for so long, does focusing on counsel versions really take precedence over fixing the GAME? *shrug* Again, this could be another, “if the servers are cross linked…this might be something worth suffering it’s set backs.” Says the voice in my head…

DC Universe and Planet Side 2.  PS4. Makes sense. SONY titles. Sony counsel. Will they eventually create a mmorpg Counsel hub and link all games this way? I always found Planet Side 2 to be situational combat, and strength in numbers (especially armored numbers). So if this goes cross server! Imagine! No more rumors of server mergers. Also, Some titles are reasons to buy counsels. I remember I purchased an Xbox just for HALO matches with my friends. PS2 has this potential with the Play Station 4.
  DC Universe. Again, another game that just feels better with a controller in hand.

Do you want other titles to go way of the Counsel? I no longer own counsel systems. I game purely on PC. But I do like counsel games. They are entertaining, great for having guests over (social). And just have a “feel” that sets them apart. I would love to be able to talk my PC world to others that have counsels: “Hey man, did you ever unlock that gun set”? And instead of “wtf are you talking about”? They will now reply “yeah!”.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

J5 - Living long but Prospering?

I originally have this on my MMOSITE.COM blog. Which can be found here:

You well know in the mmorpg market there are times the decision to cut service arrives. The decisions are diverse, but this is not an article on WHY the titles are cut, but a look at the titles that stay…and sometimes stay DESPITE having some of the same reasons others are cut.

The question also lingers: Would a publisher staying active to his title over the years make you want to join in the game community?

I noticed this week, on Mmosite and a few other sites, that some old titles are getting a little love by the publishers…and these are titles I could have sworn were cut. For example.

Aika Online has announced several events in June 2013. Now, forgive me if I missed any other updates to this game since it’s peak days, but I had forgoten this title even was active still. I remember playing around Open Beta. I stopped, to test other other games as this did not take to me very well (future Review material). However, I did read of other games getting the Gpotato axe (cut off), such as 7 Core and Prius, etc… So to see this article was a bit of a wake up call. I then realized it DID get the potato axe, and is now under t3fun.com…Hanbisoft…
  Wow, some of the last “tastes” this game left in players mouth was “cheap grind with P2W elements”. Others said it was not P2W, if you “Find  a good guild and keep in mind there is great PvP where payers and freebie accounts join forces for some of the best PvP mmorpg combat on the market”. Both camps kind of agreeing the PvE was nothing to write home about.
  So, does these fidel update to the title, and the fact it survived game cuts, make you want to hop into the game for a second time? Third time? Or FIRST time? Here are some highlights on the “Updates”. To me they seem like typical publisher perks to hand out BEFORE deciding to shut a game down. I could be wrong, this could just be generous perks to hand out to loyal crowd AND attract new players (the constant goal of EVERY publisher).
 Double currrency rates. Treasure box”s connected with level up challenges. Events titles “Flag Events” wich are just cute names to mask drop rate increases for certain content. And of course to push you in the contect based areas, there are extras for going in them.
  Are these challenges, or events enough to boost your interest?
  This game… “A wild Aika appears”…woah, where did you come from? I for one have my old account lost in the Gpotato files, so I would be a noob in the this version. I do not see myself signing up in t3fun any time soon, but I have it bookmarked in the event I have the urging.

Eudemons Online in July will be releasing an anniversary update. Another title I had thought was sort of in that “abandonware” department. I was not totally oblivious to this one as I was to Aika, as I do remember seeing the Vampire update in this title. Nevertheless, a forum search and website search on various mmorpg websites will reveal this is one game most people forgot about or have not flocked too as other titles are going F2P, etc. Again, another “P2W” rumored title. I personally stayed out due to this. And this soon fell off my radar pretty quickly. I had that same idea, “After vampire update, they will see no one is playing and shut down”…but check it out, they are about to serve their aniversary! But what a weird one! Theya re going to have a child system, where you and your mates baby will be squirted out into the world to assist in questing and other aspects of your gaming life… I will give them a thumbs up in the creative department for this switch and bait…Will you fall in love with this kind of update in an older game? I for one have enough real life responsibilities and do not see myself logging in to change my virtual kids diappers…Oh look at me talk…like I would ever find a woman in game to make one! XD

Speaking of WOMEN, Granado Espada (another T2fun game), will be realeasing a June update of 3 new female characters. This title had my interest when it was called Sword of the New World. But as I entered that name in Google to down load the game…it turned into a mess. I learned it was originally called Granado Espada, but only in SEA regions. So I was a little confused. Then this happened:

And the move to T3fun (This site seems to be the graveyard where games get a second life). And well…T3 seems to be publishing all the stuff that keeps their games alive. Updates, so there you have it…you get 3 new women…Do women tempt you to test some older game worlds?

Ragnarok Online.  Kicking the dead horse or riding the live stalion? I do not know. For me personally it ended when I got bucked off the grinding pony. Years later I tried going back and I was lost because the ancient EU servers and publishers seemed to have been cut down and “only providing service to US version”…Then aftetr some shuffeling. Things seemed to have been starightened out and Gravity took over, and poof, we now have 2 mahor updates. 1)Mobile versions and 2) New content adding to the story….But my god…10 years later…to tell a story in 2 dimensions is a LONGGG LONNGGG wait. This is, for me, is an example of “Even if you are activei n updates, it is never sure if you will stick to the updating or care of a game. So I have no intention of grinding 5 years of my life to end game”. And yes, this one is Pay to continue. But if you are enjoying the subscription fee, and hardcore fan: I think it is GREAT that the title is alive and not shut down.

2005 Ran Online comes out. That is, as of this writing, 8 years ago…I think back…Shiver…and pretend that little reflection did not happen XD, not at the games expense, but at my expense. I feel so old!  WOW, so how cool is it to be a member of a game company still in business with a so-so title? Pretty cool. And in a brave move, they are shifting servers to EU region. I Will say this. I kind of like that move and MIGHT test it out. I checked the game out in it’s official west acces site…It seemed so abandoned. The forums and sign up had GOLD SPAMMERS! In them! That was just the forums! No one seemed to be active except people wanting to sell in game items. General Discussion had nothing to ontroduce me to a feel of in game social aspects. The general presentation seemed nice, but that site…felt dangerous to even put my email in…But hell…apparently you just et over it, and charge it up if you want in a campus modern mmorpg. Now they are investing in EU transfer…. I Think I need more content promise out of this one. Just changing regions after 8 years and no new content does not make me want to rush in right away…So I will keep an eye on it…A very lazy crooked eye on it…

Last but not least…The one that GETS THE AXE! Good bye SUN online or Soul of the Ultimate Nation. My character info was already destroyed when IJJI shut down. Webzen did not intrigue me to play. Webzen did a little thing like AIKA, where EVENTS gave out lots of perks and at one time they even offered an end game character for free! All leveled up sitting pretty for “new player sign ups” to take… YIKES! That was a year or two ago…imagine if I signed up, got my level 55 or whatever it was, and played for over a year only to see this game get CUT DOWN! YIKES! June 19th 2013 is deadline and you get cash items back from last 3 months. That is nice…but…that leaves the question…will these other games mentioned above get the same treatment one day?
 What does this say of company behavior? Some guys just cut their old titles out after promos, others seem to be hanging in there.

Friday, June 7, 2013

J4 - The Open Betas of Doom

A few betas going around this month. Some look ok. Most are just depressing. I will start with the most ugly.
Dragon Prophet.

This thing looks like the sequel to Runes of Magic. It is Rune Walker (previously Frogster) behind it. This is very evident with character models. Weapon models. Building models. Ugly terrain tiles. Text. The most disgusting marketing ploys to make it different. Character creation. The 3D humanoid models look nothing like the creation screen once in game. The hair selection is like an anime wig being put on Shepherd from Mass Effect. The little circle with your HP and MP bar with your image in it...looks the same in all the video reviews etc.
  There are HD looking flame graphics strangely placed around an uglier map. Dragons are not dragons but mounts shaped like monsters and dinosaurs. They make up for this by changing the back story...saying dragons mated with other animals...the OB bugs are sooo bad. Face palming bad. Normal bugs include doors not opening and other things...in this game, the text used to push the story of audio dialog is horribly off. Not just in a few words but it is as if the text is telling a story while the voice acting is telling a whole different story...it is like WTF is going on? But I regress. Petty picking is not fair, but it is just a great symbolic reflection of the game entire.
  The last slap in the face. The dragon taming, the selling point, is so lame. You tap around WASD on a dragons back to rodeo it to tame it. The "bucking" action is the RUNES OF MAGIC DANCE emote...try not think of that next time...to late, it is now stuck in your head. SOOO BAD. Mix in SONY and you have P2W boat sinking.

Got a few others. A few super heros MOBAS. Super heroes mmorpgs and video games do not interest me in the slightest. I prefer original comics and nothing else in Super hero crap. No movies, tv shows. Nothing. That is me though... I have played a few super hero titles though, especially SONY title. I liked the character concepts, like most hero games. But the game play just falls short and dull. Starts epic, drops off a dull cliff pretty quick. And turns to a cash grab even quicker. So a MOBA...Not my thing. I can't put myself in bat mans shoes running down a 3 lane path to beat up Wolverine to kill a tower protected by hench men...I will stop there. It just sounds stupid. This is all because LoL boasts millions, and companies want those millions of potential payers. Nothing more. Nothing less.

 F2P RIFT. This is tough. I want to test out the F2P model. I am already engaged in some great games so doing all this is gonna be difficult. I will keep an eye on it and see the possibilities of future review. I have so many reviews to get together here already.

Wild Star. I love sci fi and would like to play this one. Some big red flags for me though. Catoony WoW style. Set up for mass P2W and repetitive mechanics. Detraction from space themes to bring more fantasy things. Just throw in some lasers and future tile sets does not cut it for me. I need story and space and planet exploration. We will see.

I loved Prius online when it was out. I did not like Gpotato. But I did love Prius. Then the evil that is Gpotato got rid of it to make from for 7Core (which no longer exists). Big Mistake. So Arcane Saga has launched in OB and removed all that made PRIUS prius...*face palm*.

Lot's of things to not look forward too. Somethings, "meh if I have time status". See ya next post!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

J3 - The Secret World REVIEW

The Secret World.

I remember seeing the announcement of the creation of this game. The website had this strange count down ticker to the backdrop of a city land scape.
 There was this monster face looking at a girl calmly drinking a soda as a digital wallpaper and advertisign media to tantalize our imaginations. It touted next gen mechanics etc.. Rumors flying around it would be a game changing title. So what was truly different about this? Welcome to The Secret World (TSO) review!

Pay Model: Back when Guild Wars 2 was in closed beta and the rumors that Buy to Play model could be the way of the future. We had a title take the torch and launch this idea into fruitation. The Secret World decided to drop it’s subscription fee it was using at commercial launch and go Buy one box, play for free on the servers. I was on the fence wether to buy this. I had no job, and needed to save money and had my sights on some singe player titles I wanted to spend on first. BUT hey, I am an mmorpg fan and this game had allot of publicity.
  I started my research of game reviews by cross referncing articles and reading forums. This is mixed results. You had rigid fan bois supporting this title claiming how different it is. And others complaining about key points. One website, MMORPG.COM even has it as it’s TOP game in its gamelist. (right under GW2, beating GW2 by .01 voting points). I cracked. I bought in. I purchased the game through the official website. This payment process was a night mare. It took my Credit Card info but never gave me the game despite my account saying I have a legal key to use… After panicing and waiting 2 days for credit card to clear the bank. I learned that it is not my bank but the company. I read aroun the forums and learned that at F2P announcement, FUNCOM / EA had gone bank rupt on the project and fired allot of TSO staff…so I never heard back and the website purchasing is basically dead. I went to STEAM and used their services, and then I was able to play….YUP.
   Once I was in the game and spent time to end game…I learned my money was not well spent and that I am shocked people actually subbed to this horrible game. This leads us to Character Creation:

Character Creation: Basic mmorpg fare. You pick male or female, tweak some features and get in the game. However, this game has probably some of the ugliest character models I have ever seen. All the males and females share the same body structure. I wanted a tall and lean character to reflect my real life body form. I got medium stalky as the standrd size that cannot be changed. The faces look like bad. And the clothing you start out with may end up being the clothing visuals you will see to end game as allot of armor is pretty ugly and mis matched or over the top.
   I chose some cool shoes, jeans, and stripped shirt with nice pull over. I never ran into a better in game armor. The clothing you have to start is costume, and can be retained forever. So you can upgrade armor but leave the costume on. I did this. The vendor clothign list is long but very ugly. IT seriously was like the selection of clothing at WAL MART.
   The quest reward gear is a little better looking and the boss drops…but it is OVER the top. You have pirate gear, steam punk, alienoid, old fashion cult garb, fall out suits….you suddenly go from “Average looking urban dweller surviving nightmares” and go to “Drag queen over theatric movie prop”…IT kiind of kills the ambience and the tone of the game is destroyed in this sense. You will see and feel this as you pass other players or see a group of ugly gorillas huddled around the teleport areas or the bank. So I never changed. I had the gear, but it was ugly.
   The saddest part is that the core of the game is dress up. And that leads us to Gameplay:

Gameplay: In this game, you are an urban dweller that ends up chosing a secret sociecity to join. Since you are all thrown in the same world and your faction has NO EFFECT on your skills or identity other than you a cute backstory and a title change on your character…it is useless and not even worth talking about. It is just fluff, like a “Killer of rats” title floating above your character, that is all it is for. Or a social identity. All factions can group together, and do quests together and all build the same kind of skills together. The SECRET SOCIETIES HAVE NO IMPACT on this game whatsoever. Perhaps in the pvp…but that is so bad I will not be covering PvP. It is broken.
   Back to the story, you join a secret society, in the starting urban city area where all players hub together. You shop and bank here…No quests are carried out here and nothing of interest happens here other than this is the commerce hub. YOU have to go to the story missions by  entering a magical lala land of teleports. To do this you have to find the portals to get there. There are 3 portals to get tthere and they are hidden on useless stretches of running. For example, after I chose my faction and settle my bank affairs, I have to run to the metro each time and descend 3 levels, turn right, turn left, and then enter the portal to start the game…This is so bad. This walk to the portal between my bank feels so bleak and bland. Why not have bank access in the mission maps? Or in the teleport area? IT just adds frustrating load screens.
   So any ways, you go in the portals to an INSTANCES staging zone. It is on this strange other dimension tree. There are 2 giant robots and a humanoid guy like steam punk theme, he talls you to take a branch on the tree to travel to different places on earth (I geuess this is earth)… So you take a branch, and it zapps you to yet another portal to enter for each “story” or “content”. I started on an island somewhere I forgot as it is forgetable. All that is in the memmory is wow…this is instanced…So to go from character selection to the actual GAME I have to pass 2 instanced magical zones…this huge distraction and detraction of the world take out a HUGE sense of “disaster in your neighboorhood”. It is like YOU are the alien being zapped into this world. I could care less if the people die in it. The emotional strings it tries to pull just fail. WHY do I care what disaster is happening in this instanced zone when I have immunity to just instane out and hope away to safety…It is so dumb. So I go into this non motivated land to “discover” its mysteries.
   Long story short, you are in a VERY LINEAR  game. Literally, you have to follow a small path in all maps. Nothing is open wold, and if it is, you are dead the moment you break the trail as you need to progress.
    This game toats NO LEVEL progression. This is a lie, there is a rank level that exists and your characters progression is reliant on the linear path. So you cannot skip one zone and go to another. You cannot advance farther along the path in a zone unless you “level” up. IT is so linear that it KILLS THE USE OF LEVELLESS PROGRESSION. So not having traditional levels, yet using all the mechanics of having levels = the game has levels. It is just a GIMIC TO GET YOU TO PAY and join this crap fest of lies.
  The game advertised they do not have skill trees and it is “open and free” and the idea was you can have hybrid builds and wow FREEDOM! YA! NEW! YAY!   NOPE! It does not exist. Here is what they did…they took the tree in mmorpgs that is in a square menu box., that we are all familiar with, and they made it round…That is it. SQUARE MENU – ROUND MENU. THAT IS IT. There is nothing new. They did this to attract players with false promises. The round wheel, yes, you can build what you want in the wheel…you will be useless! You HAVE TO BUILD A SPECIFIC way or you will be useless. This is well known in game. You will not pass dunjons and certain PVE elements if you do not build strictly to a class model. This is like in WoW, PWI, etc, where you have skill points and skill builds, and you can plop them anywhere, but if you do it wrong…you will end up useless and people will drop you from groups if you do not perform. Simple as that. So before you go in and think “YAY I am gonna be a blood wielding, gun dealing, healing machine!” NOPE! Chose Damage output, healer output, or shielding output and chose the appropriate weapon do fulfill your roll or GTFO!
   THAT Is the secret of secret world.

   The questing is so boring. Typical quest hubs, and 3 different kinds of quests. It does not matter what order you do it, or what relation, it is all about (SUPER DOUBLE PUNCH TO THE BALLS) YOUR LEVEL! DERP!
  Unlike games like Mass Effect, or Star Wars Old Republic where your NPC relationships are dependant on the outcome of your conversations…that will effect story as well…TSO fails. It has the ability! Why have INSTANCED, no DOUBLE INSTANCED PvE worlds, yet have no dynamic story? It just has a choice of regular mission, research mission, and boss missions. It is all the same no matter what order you do them and sometimes some quests work non logical with others. Example, you take one quest that has you clear a house of zombies “for good” and then the next guy you talk to tells you to go back, where you will be attacked by zombies since you did the talking out of order…so I guess “for good” was just fancy text to plug ina  box and has no meaning on the game.
  Even games like TERA have dynamic questing with use of instanced sotry telling moments, and npcs that appear and dissapear depending on what quest oyu are doing. This helps flesh out the story…and TERA has been falsly accused of having no story…so if STO is WORSE than TERA and TERA is “BAD”…IMAGINE THAT! Yup, STO is that bad. So, get this…in addition to 3 quest types, ALLOT of quest givers have shaded out quests you cannot take because you are not HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL. The characer leveling is masked as a “cult rank” or the rank of your faction…That grows when you get EXP from quests. So if your HP and MP and armor and quests are all dependent on this…that makes it the official leveling system in this game. In fact, most people will not take you in a group if you are not a certain rank. SIGH. This game is so bad.

  Intelligence of quests:  So, allot of fan bois like to say: “Oh, I know the game is bad but I Do it because it is a thinking game. I like puzzles”. This is horrible. This game masks stupidity in quests and markets it as “intelligent”. Here is an example: You are on a mission to find a dissapearance. You walk into mayor solomons house. In the house there are portraits and a clock in the first room. In the next rool is a locked door and you need to do something to open it. Apparently, you need to to see the hour of the clock, 08:30, and because the mayors name is solomon, you need to somehow RELATE THAT TO THE BIBLE…so you go to the bible 08:30 (you know, because that makes sense…) and find a passage that says “the lion sits on the throne”….and then you know to click on the portrait that has a throne (but no lion)…And the door unlocks…Ok… ALL THAT is not puzzle making. That is just thinking like a retard…like trying to shove a square block in a circle hole…IT FEELS STUPID. IT is also forgetable. Other games know how to this. Silent Hill had great creepy puzzles…Secret World has marketing marketing marketing. It was just to sound bigger and smarter…”We built secret websites to find the answers!” yeah…the answer is there…buy it is not logival responses. It is illogical randomness. It feels stupid. IT is forgetable. I remember just being annoyed by it as I just googled the anwsers and moved on. None of it made me think huh…and IMPORTANTLY NONE OF IT IS INTERESTINGMY ENOUGH TO TRY. I mean, Silent hill, Indiana Jones, there are hemes and ambience to add to make it feel alive and interesting despite how silly it is…but STO does not deliever.
 People say “Oh the game is ambient, it is so alive”. No. It has music that picks up in the fog…to intensify the action of running. That is all. It is stale and boring.

Since the point of the game is to level up and progress, this will be reliant of armor. Yes, this is an armor based game. You need to suit up to progress. Your armor and weapons are very related to your skills and class choice, like all mmorpgs. This means repetitive boss grinding. It is bad., as socializing is horrible and groups barely run anyhting except end game bosses. Because your gaming progression and end game is based on armor and crafting we should talk about crafting:

Crafting: This is the worst slap in the face. If you want to summarize the intelligence of this game…it is here…in the crafting…Here is an example: You gather coke cans and necklaces. You dissasseemble them (anywhere on the go). The dissasembling turns into STEEL, and FIRE, and WATER….from coke cans and litter folks…. Then you buy bue prints that need X amount of steel and fire etc…and you build a gun! YUP! A nice AK-47 with missle launcher built out of coke can resources…
   This is so stupid. And the defending fan bois are even stupider. Let me qoute a defense: “Funcom told us that crafting would not be a focus on the game, so you just have to accept it and enjoy the story”….ok but I can’t enjoy the story if I Cannot progress if I do not have my armor and weapon, which is crafted from the….Oh I give up. You people are brain dead.

Social: Bad. People hang out to show off the outlandish costumes they found and do the gungam style dance by the teleporters. Other than that, most people are unresponsive. Donjons left empty. And lots of people not building the right skills so they are useless in groups. I felt so alone, and the groups usually all wiped. Since most content is just grind solo content, people run around you aimlessly and unhelpfull. So many times I could have used a nice tank to get my healer through a narrow crowded areas (90% of the game) and they just run around pulling mobs, which run back after the agro is dropped and attack you. Thanks bun holes. Strangely, 80% of the guilds and groups that used VOIP programs, were stay at home moms with babies crying in the background...and most just there to play dress up, as the ugly costumes for women were all hoochie mama suits...

Graphics: It eats ressources like crazy. I can run aion and TERA smooth. But this game hiccupped on some boss fights. And it is not like the bosses are highly detailed. It is a resource dump. The sad server pumps of EA FUNCOM abandon ware products.

Music: It is not bad. Ok.

Combat: I will end the review here. The combat is horrid. It is the first mmorpg, and video game, to ever make my hands hurt. I had cramps after doing 111111 22222222 333333 5 222222 1   3333333 5 222222 1

FOR EVERY FIGHT! The way the monsters scale, you can be end game high level, but you can not one hit a mob. YOU have to take a few whakcs…so as a regular leveld dude doing your leveld content, you will fight each encounter like a boss fight and get those spams out or you will be taken out. So you have to spam sam spam in finger acrobats.UGHHH I would have take 3 day breaks just to let my hands not get arthritis.

After all this, there may be points I am not including…but really, after the glaring core elements broke or crap, and not to mention they sell their expantions…It is all irelevant. This game is bad and gets a score of 0/5

Please, stop being a consumer sheep and saying: “Oh well its F2P so don’t complain”. No, I will complain, because complaining makes games update and get fixed. Mindlessly playing and throwing cash at titles is what allows them to contiinue to do nothing. I have spent on mindless titles before like Runes of Magic, and I do not regret it, it was fun while it lasted, but this game is the first video game I ever regret buying. It gives a bad name to B2P.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

J2 - Currently Playing June 2013

I have finished Mass Effect 2. WOW that was a great ride! Perfect Sci-Fi game! I have never played the first one, but I watched the youtube videos (over 2 hours) of people playing start to finish. Now, there is the 3rd Mass Effect I would like to play, but I read it is horrible both in the ending and game play. So I will just pretend the 3rd does not exist. I have to just end the series in my mind. I read the comic books as well to catch up on back stories. Pretty cool!

So, with 1 offline game out of the way I Tackled my mmorpgs. Nothing new on the market. Same ol same ol. So I am sticking it out to my favortire titles:


2) Star Trek Online

3) Warframe.

Warframe saw some new updates that seem interesting. However they come at a huge grind. Thankfully it is one of those games that I do not mind grinding in. Get's that FPS sci fi itch down. But it can get mind numbing.

Star Trek has been online - offline - online since last major content update. So many people complaining...LOL CRYPTIC and PWE = I am so not surprised. In fact I expected to lose my account to their crappy system but nope. Still there. I explored a little in the new content. Just that. A few new things to see. A few cosmetics. Nothing really worth getting crazy about. The new faction is the biggest chunk. However the game needs a rehaul for all existing content. Better Federation stories. Better Klingon content. etc etc.

TERA is TERA. I am loving this game. Just fun. Good ol mmorpg fun. I solo, group, dungeon when I want how I want. It is just fluid and great. Just wish the game was more packed. It is healthily populated, but when it is over populated it is pretty funny game. Lots of trolling and nonesense. But now it is just noramlity. XD

I have my eyes on RIFT F2P change. That is about it. Dragons Prophet turned out ot be Runes of Magic 2. PRetty ugly, stale, P2W, and lack luster. So, not allot there to look forward too.

I do have allot of reviews to do. I think I will do a World of Tanks review. They just announced they are no longer "P2W" hahahha! I guess I Was right calling it P2W all this time and fan bois saying no... What a slap in the face to its fan boi protectors.

What are you playing mostly this month?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

J1 - Perfect World Review

The perfect world. My second MMORPG I ever played. I started around the early 2000”s when my first mmorpg came to a halt. I played for a few months, stopped, and returned to my original mmorpg, stopped, and spent a good 2 years in Perfect World Internationl.

When I first entered in PW I was using the only English server available, in Malaysia. No other version existed unless you read Chinese. I was suggested to try it out by a family member and friends that never touched EQ or WOW. They were 100% PW fans. They brought me in, showed me around and watched me quit later.

I returned to my original mmorpg because some expations came out, which I “beat” in about 2 months. Quit, and returned to PW, but this time PWE was created in US and PWI is the “official” title to PW games. The guild had transferred here because they saw, in Malaysia 3 things: 1) The GM’s all bailed. 2)The influx of gold spammers, non active players, and nothing new. 3) The promise of faster content in PWI US

A little about PWE. They sell the core game, the core world if you will, on the market to publishers. It is a chinese title that is considered a business and you must be qualified to buy the rights. You can purchase it and use it for private use, or run a business with it but must give the cash to the creators. The core world is large and consists of about 90% of what you see in game. The rest are optional updates and add ons particular to the US version. You can find their stock market ticker on Wall Street and find the game published in a few countries.
When I first played I was in the core game only available, and in Malaysia becaue only English server. Different nations were present and guilds of French, German, Polish, etc…all played here. There were a few loop holes you had to do to sign up, which compromised Customer support, but it didn’t matter as customer support was pretty much in Malaysian anyways, so…no help if you spoke English. Also, by fufging the sign in (I believe it was providing fake passport umber) you could not open your account options in case of in game issues. This would prove hard to handle when you forget a mailbox password…But if you made nice with the English speaking GM’s, all of this is fine.
I joined the best guild in the server. They had 2 guilds that owned all the territory through pvp territory control matches. This guild started small, and both politically, socially, and skillfully took over all the maps and owned all territory when I joined. Since one of the leaders was a family member, I knew how he did it. He was fair with the public. Called out the rats. The jelouse drama queen leaders that usually abused their power threatened and faught our guild and slowly got destroyed and took over (leading to allot of rage quitters)…It was an interesting moment to join the guild with haters looming in the shadows to romances and people meeting up in real life all over the world…but before that…I quit. I hid a certain level (30) and stopped as grind hit…my first grind as my previous mmorpg did not have any…I stopped to return to my old mmorpg…


I quit old mmorpg and hopped back into PW by contacting my family member. He said they now play in US and on PWI…WOW! How did they ditch their high level cahracters for this? As I mention above there were 3 major factors and the guild sort of split and here they are in PWI. And so begins my review of PWI:

I had played a healer before, or cleric, and decided to go Barbarian this time to do something different for a change.

Character creation is Malaysia was x1000 more detailed. I do not know why, other than perhapps cash shop options, but there were hair colors, and face forms we could no longer use in PWI. But that said, there was still enough options to make a unique looking character. One of PWE selling points. Probably one of the best character creation set ups in any mmorpg I have yet to see. And it is all 1995 software. Not bad! Youtube the videos to check it out. I do not need to post links all other reviewers and sites already have. But one difference I will note between Malaysia and PWI is, I could create a mulit colored panda bear with bulgy eyes in PW My. But in US you had one model and no change…wtf. Also, the humanoids, I could not create the midget with rainbow hair and bulgy eyes and long nose in US…but I could in My.

Class Selection: Hand full of classic classes. Mage, Barbarian and female Venomancer , Warrior, Cleric, Hunter (original core classes). Back in the day Mages an Hunters were the best damage out put. Barbarians useless. Warriors better tank or dps build, and Cleric a must have healer or no dungeon run, and a great challenge in DPS.
It was unbalanced. It was rediculous. But it was not unfair. You could still take whatever your class into whatever content provided your played in the right group. Recently there have been patches TRYING to balance, but just ending up screwing things up so bad. Barbarians still a useless class. A new paladin like class that has no purpose, The female Venomancer was suddenly the best Damage dealer. The Mage dropped off the radar. The hunter is useless. Warriors still hold ground, but not in DPS, the assassin is better. They introduced a few other middle range classes like Psychic etc.. More classes, some a little more equal with each other, but the core exists: There are better over all classes and you would be foolish not to roll them.
It used to be you could not solo unless you picked a certain class. But they nerfed a few things and made it possible to solo pretty far before instancing content or PvP. Despite class.

Gameplay : Here is where things get strange. Before in Malaysia, the game was hardcore PVE. You grinded your ass off and did a few dungeons end game. And I mean GRINDDDD. Grind parties were commong. Level 1-50 you can play really F2P and solo. Starting area made no sense. The mobs were scattered penguins and spiders, and weird fire ball things. You are told by starter NPC’s with the title “Dragon prophets” etc..o go kill them..The first impression is “ok, A dragon guild in a cool world telling me to go kill mobs!’ Then you see the mobs and are like “WTF is this shit???” IT is stupid. Rediculous. And I consider a bug never fixed. The story line is meanginless, there are strange things on the map lvl 1-10 like a tree with spider webs in it the other trees do not have…like they were going to script something cool there but just left it out…allot of abandoned idea feeling in this large map…Level 1 you get a feel of 2 things right away: 1) The size of the large world and 2) you jump like an idiot.
The world is massive and you can see pretty far off that there is allot to explore without instancing between maps! The second you press spacebatt you do this space wal jump…you float up pretty high and double tap does a flying like double jump and you float lightly down… There is no drowning or fall damage in this game…What the game never tells you, but the Role players will..It is a perfect world. You are god like creatures so you cannot die except by enemies and pvp…hever…the theme….Ok, moving on…
Skills are meat and potatoes. You mus, at level 1 make little to no errors in your build. You can roll a Cleric, but put all points into strength….Normally you think, like I did, “WOW I can roll a healer with healer skills, but put stats like a tank! That meas I can make a hybrid tank healer???”” NOOOOOOOOO! YOU CANT1 DON’T DO IT!
Follow the guides for your class. It is so rediculous why they allow freedom to build out of your skill points if it has no effect on your class. They should make it automated or just let us divide based on the STATS that EFFECT our SKILLS ONLY! The only thing you need to build out of your class is for armor. Example, if you have a Cleric, you do not need allot of Strength…but to wield higher level armor you need it (apparently robes get heavy…) You will to sacrafice a few levels in magic power to be investing early for end game str requirements. IT is hard to explain, but I Recommend reading forums or you will hate life later for building like a noob. I feel it is set upa little trap like to buy cash shop reroll scrolls of course….

As you progress to end game the grind picks up massively. Around level 50 we needed groups. Killing over 500 fish will take you weeks. You learn to be a hardcore gamer here, if you are not already: You know that joy you get whe nyou level up. That sparkly flash, the litlte music, the guild spam: “DING”….In PW you have that same emotion just to see the bar go from 5% to 6% complete after 3 days of grinding…No joke… That is the prupose. A slow level progression, while you aggressively beat mobs to death. The noob area mobs mention soon turn into more challenging monsters and demons. The story sort of take place not really. It is just collection quests.I call them “Mechanic” quests. The games mechanics are “As you slowly level and grind try collecting these items to unlock certain skills later”…everything is an investment. As you are out killing keep your eye on the markets and look for stones that drop to turn in to a city NPC that takes them and gives you “harvesting” points…points that build a reputation like exp bar to unlock your next set of skills. You can but these materials off an NPC in the city and do a DAILY quest to get these points. That is the hook to sign in every day.
This will stop end game and you need to get into a dungeon. So as you see this is VERY VERY Mechanical game play if investment. You can of course…use cash shop to help…but the price for a few stones and what you need si MASSIVE! And ends up in the thousands. Better to do Dailies, then run dungeons…but there is a catch there too…All roads lead to investment in cash shop sooner or later.

AT this point I would like to mention the game play of Level 50 in the original game was impossible without cash or guild help. There are these neckalces that auto refil your health and MP. So if you dropped below 50% POOF a neckalce (called Charm) of 100000 charges gives you 5000 HP… This is good at first…Level 60 comes around. YOU have 10000000 HP, and a mob can 2 hit you…that means your charm is busted after about 2 rounds of fighting mobs…level 50 I paid a sub fee. About 15 a month to quest normally in this game… Then level 60 came around and I would need 100 a month to keep up. I stoppped and did what everyone else was doing. Just some heavy heavy farming on lower rending Exp mobs. Guild runs if they were up (hard to do as level scaling ruins exp). And Dailies…. It was a stuck feeling. Allot of feed back was ‘Spend half day famring, and the other half socializing. Allot of people your level are doing this. No ones progressing rapidly. You have to feel this game different now. It is more of a chat room with small gridning session…unless you have cash. The higher ups should be considered elite and are just going to dominate you in PvP. They own the maps….You are only good for group filler in dungeons, grind groups…And that is it. You become worthless…but you can create DRAMA and PvP with people like you…hoping their superior guild leader does not descend upon you”….THAT is PW IN A NUT SHELL!

But things changed: PWI changed the rules around. They created new classes and areas. What the media was: “New class and balance and zone to level up!” YES finally! The relaity: The new class made the warrior useless as DPS and therefore cut 50%of the people that played a dps warrior. The new land was crap excuse to put low level quests to give MASS exp boosts to get you from 50 – 80 FAST! This did several problems. 1) Forums burned for over a year of rage quiters and haters. The new class just was out of place. The new land was a cheap excuse to power level. If you leveled up and did not level slowly, you missed your cultivation quests and had a high level, skill less toon…This, of course, caused out lash.

I would also like to mention my guild. MY guild, the leader in Malaysia versiona nd PWI was a Canadien farmer. She got her salary from the government. This government paid her durring Canadian winter to do nothing but sit on the land. 6 months of a 10K salary, and she put 5K of that into the game…THAT IS HOW WE PWNED all the maps in Malaysia and were one of the 3 guilds in PWI..we were about to take over the remaining 2, but the patch ruined it all. Soon F2P flood came in to power up…they skewed the dunjon runs, screwed the PUG quality, and made pvp a nightmare. A guild of skilled players suddenly being interuppted by a flash mob os clueless turds rolling all the same OP toons (exploited Venomancers and Assassins).
My guild quit and this ancient group of players no longer exist in PWE. The game is left to a recycled crowd. That is, new players every week come in, level up of years or months of playing, realize the crap, quit, all starts over again. Cash Casino. PWE knows it. The forums reflect it. If you could only see the forul archive XD

The game saw a few other updates, but nothing that changed the core mechanisms. The worst. There are bugs from 1995. New bugs popped up including mass exploits ‘(The gonzo bug) that powere leved mass cheaters. PWE knew the names, did not ban…they know how it goes. MY guild also quit because PvP maps are reset. The new crowd will never know what it is to start in a world dominated by others, and learn through team work and skill and politics how to peel back the power and take over…only in Malaysia hard core PW did that exist. Now it is all catered to paying babies with credit cards. Before it was catered to serious grinders with credit cards…which is better??? I DO NOT KNOW!

Gameplay continues to evolve in end game. I did like the idea of heaven and hell. You will sort of learn through the bad translation that your perfect world has a hell and heaven and that you unlock these powers as an end gamer and you get a little devil or angel pet that follows you around and it greatly changes your stats etc. You also realize that giant mountain you had been playing on or questing around, houses a giant end game dungeon with evil inside. Pretty creepy and adds the idea that the world is really united and that large. THIS is the winning point for me. They managed to unite the start to end of a large map/world and bring it to gether in end game…The problem, the voyage it takes to realize this…is sooo horrible.

The forums all repeat history. IF you go now and read the forums….they are the same topics I read in 1995….just different authors and new crows..”Why PWI is pa to win”. “Unbalanced” “gear is impossible” “donjon bugged” “just got hacked”.

I can go on about how the GMs favor, cheating in game. Hacks. Stole accounts. I used to share accounts of a high level archer, we had no idea the bank code the original owner had on it LOL! Good times!

In the end… this is a game there is no dipping the toes in to test it out. You can…but you will have no idea what you are talking about if you try to review it up to level 50…You really have to get in, waste 2 years or more of life in it. Ask around, talk to end gamers….Well, that was before. I hear it is a little easier to taste…but as you are flying past dead space looking down at a hill or strange looking tree thinking “wow, that looks odd, what is that”…that was us…that was us…that was content you do not touch now..that used to be our grinding grounds…

PvP gameplay is brutal and brings in all the drama asosciated to PWI. PWI turns social as grinding is tedious. Social turns violent as you realize the community is garbage (I recommend play with friends ina close guild, the public sucks in this game). Gear based, PvP is kind of a crap chute. You can meet with people like you and hope you know what skills to pop before the opponent. Or you you are just blown down by a higher gear player. Thery have the red name pvp punishment for open pkers, and items can drop. So if killed you will drop something…hahaha. This creates so much drama.
Socially speaking people love getting intimate. I knew several hot girls all over europe that would play, and we would be in the guild on video. Freaks. Seriously I think back and like wtf…A hot blonde from Sweeden was so addicted, if she had dorm parties she would live stream it and show us on screen and log in to play a little…guys looking in like “this girls a freak…but hot” LOL I know several people in guild that met up. Some getting married….it CAN be like that. Depends. This game plays with your head. You may find yourself defending your honor for some one and get beat down and an item stolen. The girl might actually find you are not worht hanging out because you will be pvped and you guys could lose, so she will shak up with the other guy all “pro”…it also shows he has more cash than you…. So a weird perverted like sense of chivalry and love exist in this game…all in all it is pathetic but hey…so are bronies and cloppers and that exists.

Boss Fights: Bland and boring. You just make sure the right class is doing the right spams and it is over. No real threat. In fact, I used to run high level dungeons (no exp, it was “just to show you whats up”) with the guild. IT just took 2 OP classes and my noob self to go in and spank the bosses. I died with a 1 hit AOE, but it was cool to be dragged it. But every thing was horribly designed. Just cave systems, jagged edges. OP mobs, and an interesting looking boss. The grind of this game does something to your brain. After 100000 fish, seeing an actual monster is like “woahhh nice”…but when I look back, it was poorly designed. Just a mod at the end of a cave. Maybe a few skeletons set around…not really impressive, super lack luster. The excitement was WHAT HE DROPPED! So you work half a lifetime to get to this point and it is not worth it. I think the idea of seeing something "new" is the reward after drying your eyes of mob kill after mob kill...It is like changing the color of a mob "ooo something different" and you are so desperate for it at this time that it becomes a GOAL!

This game does have a LOT to offer. I have not talked about flying and how it works, the emotes to carry other players. The Territory wars in detail…but you know what… I do not need to. These are all fluff and extra that even if they sound cool…It is not worth it. The main problems and likes about this game I already mentioned, no other sub feature of this game will attract you. Or if I does “WOW I CAN FLY?? I WANT IN!!” you will regret investing your time when you realize that flying is actually not all that cool after all…
There is no crafting. Everything is Gear Based Dunjon drops. I have asked pros before. Not the turds standing around trying to pvp everyone saying they are the best. But the badasses thatt have top armor, built smart, and know the calander. They are reserved and play for self suffering. I asked them ploitely to give me some tips (and drop the name of my guild), they answer to the point nad factually: “You will need to spend cash. You can spend cash now and get a little boost, or hold off, but at X level you will need this much for this and that, and soon this or that. You can play if you want after, but if you want to be like me and run the dungeons like this…you will need over 1K”…Straight up. Trutheful, and no BS. He did not say “pay or get out”…there are things to do…but not free.
Think of Planet Calypso when it comes to end game. You will need that credit card out. Except you get nothing back like in PC.

Music is forgetable and super annoying. I used to like the origina Malaysia music: “Welcome to the perfect worllddd!:” now it is some asian theme whatever. I turn it off nad pop in the CD tracks.

Graphics: Great character creation, and emphasis on upper level skills and cash shop costumes. Everything else is ugly and 1995. Mobs, land, etc. It is not horrible, but LOTS AND LOTS of empty space, useless placement of mobs, horrible story, quest hubs of doom, best is to run a TV not far to watch your favorite show as you grind…the graphics are nothing to be like “wow I have to watch each movement of this (like in TERA)”.

Combat is tab and 123

IT is a deep and involved game. A deep game with no story. Just mechanics of investment. Interstingly these mechanics are long waits to learn. You will see games of mechanics in most chinese titles like Age of Wushu, etc. But it is a huge time and money sink. MORE than most mmorpgs and sadly less reward for the time invested.
IT is solid, the malaysian version exists and I do not know of a sinlge pubisher that shut down Perfect World due to lack of funds. But it is buggy.
But solid community and large world are not enough without crafitng. All the key sub features, flying, heaven and hell, class and character creation, are all over shadowed by the pay to win mechanics. Now real objective except to be social and piss each other off until you decide to pay up to gear up to beat that ass hole to the ground…of course the victory is subjonctif and you could lose an item and quit. The amount of changes = you could waste a huge amount of time playing PW your way now, and then patched against your favor later (nerfing you, or making you useless).
I had an obsession. I learned to love to grind here. Going 6%to 7% was a thrill. I still liked it when I could level up faster after an expansion, but in the end…when guild left, and I when ex friend sobered up and where like: “Man I can”t believe I spent my 20”s in my room grinding PW”…I just sat there logged in looking around at all the new 12 year olds insutling each other to instigate PvP…and I logged off and uninstlaeed.

I give the game 2/5
1 point for character creation and another point for persistant large world…Sadly it fails on keeping it all together and obviously not caring as this is the 1995 cash cow of PWE. Nothing will get better with this title. Just differently worse.