Monday, May 20, 2013

M8 - PWE and Neverwinter

If it looks like poop, smells like poop, and tastes like poop...It probably is poop.
Read allot of NeverWinter around the wires. This is the latest update:

That is my sum of 99% PWE games (STO being a small exception). I had called out months ago that Neverwinter will flop. And all that based on 1)The history of PWE and
2)A special statement by the C.E.O. of CRYPTIC.

1)History of PWE. A very long story short. They are P2W in all their titles. You can enjoy a mechanically designed slow progression in their games that will eat at your mid level experience time. This gives the illusion you are enjoying content for free, with this long carrot on the stick like dream of end game one day. And when that day arrives perhaps then you will invest in the game.
Meanwhile, those with cash flow and enjoy the game will pay to enjoy that end game competitiveness right away. Sadly, this is not a question of "subing" or "tier model". This is forking out hundreds a month even thousands. AT this point most trolls will say "Oh no, I payed 20 bucks and am doing fine". No, they are doing fine in the mid game illusion content, and that is about it. To enhance this propaganda, they host articles like "first player hits top level in PWI without spending a dime". 1 out of millions of players all around the world in a game open since 1995... And if you read his comments, this guy enjoys torture. I image he looks worse than this guy:

So any ways, most PWE games end up into a large mini game called "how to beat the cash shop". It is a huge turn off even for the hardcore players. If compared to other games like Lineage 2, where you can hardcore grind your eyes out, and then just have a few purchases to continue in the end game. Or hardcore and pay subscription like pricess that are just. But burning 5 years of your life as a F2Per and then finding out you are up against a $2K wall in the end! OUCH! Allods and Runes of Magic are very similiar in this "end game surprise! Pay up $600 or more to get in the dungeon".
Neverwinter is exactly the same. There are allot of recycled content you will be doing as a mid illusion F2Per. End game can come faster if you pay out. The mechanics are in place including pet advancements taht stop 50% through their leveling.With a history of this game play, it is no surprise NEverwinter is crashing hard at launch.

2) The warnings were in place! You should have seen it coming. There is an article:

"We're doing this acrobat routine without a net. We're going full free. Ground up. We're not starting as a subscription game and changing. This is a free game from day one. So, our current presale options do not include monthly stipends that usually accompany lifetime subscriptions (like STO). I'm not sure that there've been many Western MMORPG''s to do this from the beginning and I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens. "

WHAAAAA....????? HAs he been living in a cave? This is all pr propaganda. I know PWE did not start out as a western game, but when you sign your Eastern publisher to launch your western game, and they have converted to an all west audience...and have been using the same "F2P" (actually P2W) model you say you are not sure there has been many... *SLAP YOUR FACE* Liar liar pants on fire. He knew DAMN straight that using this "oh golly look no subscription" game and going "fully free" would mean that you will pay in the end (using PWE model) more than a subscription and more than house rent. OR get in the mid game illusion for life. YAY! What makes STO different?
STO is a thriving community that has decent investing players. It has less PWE hands on because the nature of the game calls for the core designers to adhere to Trekkies. This is probably one of the biggest wins in gaming history you will never hear about or understand. This game is surviving (Barely), by a subscription rate fee paidby dedicated fans, that offers a F2P a decent progression into delusional mid game. You can get to end game and do ok because of the game is structured. For example a high level payer can group with you and all content is scaled to the appropriate difficulty. I have joined a guild of payers that have boosted me beyond any and most F2P just by grouping and questing. That said, it is Star Trek... This is a model not clonable into other models.

Another warning is PWE other titles. RaiderZ launched in US and EU by different publishers, but open IP so you are not blocked. EU was run by RUnes of Magic guys (changed names twice since the clsoed beta). I went EU because it opened it's doors first. I got in CB and they opened betad 4 days earlier than expected, so the public got to play a weekend early and for free. PWE closed the doors and offered a "founders" package so that if you paid you get in 1 day early... Same game. Same content. One greedy publisher. To double wham you, the game was a P2W mechanics. A review will arrive later, but this game had maps you were forced to change your skills around or could not take out the mobs. It was designed very carefully to get you stuck at a point where you would need a huge group push or pay up. At this point it will also feel very different. YOu have played a class that felt like it's class up to this certain level and BAM you suddenly had to change your role, including armor set and skill sets, to continue...and of course, for a fee. AGain, a review in the future to expose this mess. Point being... The news of NEVERWINTER being exploited by exploiters is GOOD NEWS! When the people fight back, the company "RESPONDS", when a company exploits it's audience, YOU should respond! Don't support it or hack it.

I will save the issues of hackers and exploiters for another article, but they can be the best thing to hit gaming. It is like a system of checks and balances.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

"I do not like to open my mouth unless I have a mid to end level character in a game. So I usually will not judge a game on it's surface value."

Nice -- you only had to review two games before you judged a game without playing it. That's pretty impressive restraint.

"I do not like to start talking about things I have no clue about."

Unless it's the second review on your website.

TBH, I appreciated your review of TERA, because it was clear that you had played it thoroughly and had a good understanding of the gameplay. The review was as informative as it was opinionated, and it made me interested in the game, as the only cons you mentioned were endgame, UI function, lame quests and the vanarch system flaws. None of those are dealbreakers for me.

Your "review" of Neverwinter was based entirely on other people's experiences and opinions (as far as I can tell, you haven't played any of the PW games (except STO), and you clearly state that you have not played Neverwinter). The "review" wasn't insightful or helpful, nor did it give any useful information about the game. Additionally your arguments pro-STO could be applied to NW, since D&D has a huge following, and the game lets you build your own dungeons for other players to play -- e.g. be a DM (an interesting fact that you could have included). I am glad you are a trekkie, so am I, but the words "Star Trek" does not somehow impart quality to a product (Next Generation Card Game = Terrible). Wizards of the Coast (the current publishers of D&D) put their seal of approval on Neverwinter, and likely have had and continue to have some of their team helping in the development of NW.

Like STO, NW has the potential to develop a strong user base from existing fans of a franchise. It has other elements that set it apart from the other PW games (significantly the ability to make your own dungeons).

Cacalips said...

I have played it since CB. I have a end level character, which is why I noted that pet's can not advance past mid level skill sets without a cash advancement. Please tell me where you read that I "have not played it". You have no idea my character name or level.
Looks like you ass out on this one.
Here is a video for you

Cacalips said...

AND PSSSTTT! You'r "dungeon creating feature", if piggy backed like STO, is subscription payers ONLY that create, and F2P to abuse.
This has been a problem facing many "design" models. They make 1 room, kill 1 rabbit, and leave getting 100000000 gold and 999999999999 experience. Corporate responds (and never bands the abusers), by capping the rewards. The value of building goes down, and leaves dungeon building only for those that have "nothing to do, bored bored bored, guess ill try a foundation quest". If you absolutely love to read text and lore and have zero interest in your character development, yes, this can be a good idea...but good enough to pay a sub for? Also, the tools are limited. I have yet to play a dungeon creator that actually matched the published content.
Again, add all the player created content you want... that can't help the fact the game mechanics are mush...Also, this is not a review of the game at all. That will come later. The subject, if you ever took an English class and learned theme and plot, is about payments, promises, and end results and over all mmorpg news). Thanks fro trolling, smell you later :)