Sunday, May 19, 2013

M7 - The Delusional Gamer

This subject is based on an over all observation I have made in the gaming industry and community. The belief you are playing something you are not. Let us begin.

I first noticed this bizarre brain failure in Guild Wars 2 pre launch. The entire hype was out of control. Players were defending the title pre-launch with their soul. The game came out and well, look at the date of this post. I think we know what has happened since (I will refrain from basking in my "I told you so" article). But there are still a few players that actually reply, to this day, that they are doing things that just do not exist in game. I thought this was strange and found it also is in several other newer titles.

Planetside 2. They claim to be this hugely interactive world of realistic future war fare with wide open options. I found the game a bit of a scam. I found it to be situational combat, not at all tactical or skillful. I soloed 50% of a map on low pop planets, and in high population it is just a matter of how many log ins are concentrated at. For example. A hill gives no advantage. In real shooters, a hill gives the men on the top a shooting advantage and the men at bottom a slaughter run for their life. This is not the case in PS2. IT is just, "who has a bike to charge the hill" and or "lets just push focus X amount of men here (follow the tank) and it is a win". I proved this over and over. In fact, you mount an ATV and you gain an armor boost like a light armored car, it takes a .50 cal 3 full rounds to do is SUPER UNREALISTIC and a crap chutte.
But what is the fan boy defense to this day? They argue they are somehow exploiting all the land for optimum strategy. They claim to be doing things no other shooter is doing lke catching rides on airbuses. I noticed, in the loading screen and on player banners in forums, that they post things that do not happen in game...Yet they are Delusional in believing these things are happening. For example: Client loading screen in PS2 shows a grunt clenched to the cockpit of an airbus (Galaxy) using an assault rifle to shoot in and break the glass and take out the pilot. This does not exist in game. 1)The possibility of doing this is super rare. 2)If you COULD find a place to jump on an enemy Galaxy windshield. Your gun could not sniper the glass and take out the pilot. The code is written so that your vehicle acts as a second armor skin (SEE ATV EXAMPLE I MENTION ABOVE). So...Why this art work? OH I SEE! This actually effects the brains of the players! They actually think if they play long enough these can happen!
I have seen this in the promotion videos for PS2 as well. You can youtube them. There is a SONY video of ATV's launching off ramps and landing on the galaxy roof and hitching a will never find this experience in the game. The players also said they are "building" and "using" the terrain in the vast open land that is PS2. I explored this. Guess what I found out in the middle of no where? 3 men orgy. There is 1 guy that gets team killed by another guy and the 3rd guy revives him. This is an illegal practice of farming points. This is only illegal if some one reports it. So, since no one cares or uses all that PS2 land, it just serves as a place to hide and exploit the game...NOT USE TACTIC OR STRATEGY. LOL! Yet these gamers firmly believe this is the case!

I will talk Blizzard art mind delusions. Star Craft 2 was about to come out. The giant life size posters and publicity had real life sci-fi space opera themes. Apparently pre-orders were lacking. Guess what they did. They changed the art work up. We suddenly saw publicity torn down and replaced with World of Warcraft art. That is right. Aliens and Marines now had that WoW cartoon hand drawn look to it...WTF? Sadly, you, the sad sad consumer, made it work. This boosted pre-orders so high they kept this as the art. The in game had nothing to do with this art direction. You wan also argue this is the case in World of Warcraft iteslf. The art, the videos, the in game graphics have 0 to do with each other and are so different and so dissapointing...yet...people believe that the hi-rez video is what they are actually going to experience in game... and it never delivers...yet there is a part of the brain shutting down and just accepting... and I can't say "imagining" something that is not there because imagination involves creativity. No my friends, you just simple shut the brain off and ACCEPT what you are told you should be buying into.

Scary huh? I can name several other titles but I think you get the point. What you are expecting vs. what you get = either you are awake and leave it rest in its self annihilation, or you join the sheep flock and create a social group of something that is not there...

To clarfiy this is not the same as playing in alternate universes. For example, lord of the rings, star trek, star wars. We all know we can never get the perfect universe of the movies and books. But, like LEGOS, it is just a plastic theme that we are enjoying as part of a franchise appreciation. THAT is not delusional. That is accepting the obvious and liking it. I also play some of those game, like PS2, for exactly what it is. Just a value of who logs in the most. Sometimes I like logging into Planet Side 2 just to join the sheep, launch some digital bullets and hope we cap rinse and repeat. Why not? But it is not the same battle sim like, BF2, or Bad COmpany (some of my favorite shooters). No, it is just "feeling slow in the crowd? use your credit card now) marketing. I see it for that and nothing else. I play it. But when I mention that to the public the horribly disillusioned fan boys arrive and man is it hilarious!

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