Thursday, May 23, 2013

M11 - The art of Trolling (and extra post)

Post 11??? I know, I said I would shut down this month at 10 posts. But! This is also to prove a point and tie in perfectly with this theme: The troll.

I noticed I had a comment on my never winter article where I point out the CEO made some remarks that show how disconnected from the mmorpg community he is. Some fan boy responded how I judged the game before giving a full review...He then goes on about little details I may have gotten wrong, and tries to qoute my other pages etc...(sadly it didn't hold a drop of sense for his argument)...

I was thinking about this... The troll uses this tactic, which I will reveal shortly, to erode each other down to the point they can't debate any thing logically. For example, in my article, the glaring beast of the theme was "CEO says one thing, we get another. Trend. Fact". The Troll says I should not say these things until I "beat the game"... Then goes on to tell me how I said I do not judge a game until I have played...yes... that is for my REVIEWS. But to talk about press...I do not need to know every detail of a business. I do not need to be in the board room. I need to know enough as a consumer...any ways...back to topic... HE points out points irellevent, to make his one off topic point sound relevent.

NOW! By defnition, this is not trolling! Trolling would be if I said, "Go play neverwinter, it is so free and has so much fun. To get free gold, log in and press ALT+F4". But taking arguments out of context to give yourself "airs"... that is mostly a reflect of lack of education. Trolls are actually smart and witty. I personally love trolling.

Here is a metaphor of how 99% OF the internet community attempts to troll, and fails: "A boat is on fire sinking. I am telling you how to get to the exit the fastest possible to save your self. You reply, 'I won't listen because you did not mention that the toilet is to the right, not the left.'"
Right... You see how dumb you look now? YOu are CORRECT. I was wrong. I did not mention it, or perhaps I said it was on the right...but the over all importance is that THE BOAT IS SINKING! That is not troll, that is brain damage.

Now, here is the correct way to troll: "A boat is on fire sinking. I tell you to put on a scuba mask, breath into the tube and have a friend suck off the end. ENDLESS OXYGEN!" - that would be false information with the intent to TROLL the hell out you. For the record. I will not do that in my writing. I will do that in game though. I have led several players to their deaths, or waited for them to "recieve free gold by pressing ALT+F4"... But here, in the posts...I challenge. I break the sheep. I could be wrong. I would be the sheep that hops the fence and finds out it is a cliff on the other side. But honostly, that free fall to a fate that has 0 impact on my real life.... IS WORTH IT! And fun!

I mean, go to the forums right now! Look at the long threads of people just pick pick pick at details that HAVE 0 VALUE! The over all issue is ignored! There are a few good, intelligent souls out there. I have read some great AUTHENTIC trolling threads! Including ones that where we thought we would get free "cowboy hats" if we entered a certain code in a certain game! Well played! But those hilarious threads are hard to find. Mostly it is the brain damage delusional gamer (see my article on that).

IN CONCLUSION: the question is this. You can point out "lookkkk, you created an 11th post and you said you only were going to create 10 a month. OMG, you have no credit, you lied, we can't trust you...oh god nooo, end of the world"....

Or perhaps I am just trolling you all and you can be like "I see what you did there" (an ACTUAL MEME troll theme).
Or you can troll back and be like "You mad bro?"
Or you can agree...or disagree...Just try and know the difference... or google: Know your meme: Troll.

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