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M10 - End of May 2013 Post

Hello readers. This is the end of month post. It is not technically the end of the month but it is the 10th post of the month. I, here at Debuffblog, would like to keep things around 10 posts a month. Why?

As you have noticed I am not your news source. I am not your game update source. I am not a full time reviewer site. This is just a place of "clarity" if you will. A place where come to after swimming around all the sites, and still notice: "Well, the top 10 list of each site is drastically different, so I did not get a clear picture as to what is what in the community". "Well, the forum topic seemed super inflated by fan boys and or promotion and I did not really get a good impression of the game". etc etc.. It is your towel. You have swam the pool of info and came out wet. So here is your MMORPG towel. The cold hard dry truth.

Well, there are several interesting things the end of this month to touch on before closing out.
1) The influx of MOBAs and
2) The Promises of publishers covering their asses from bad launches.

Let's briefly touch on em and reserve the details for next month.

1) Lot's of MOBA activity out there. Seems almost all mainstream publishers have their hands in MOBA dealing. Here is an interesting video:

"We are doing this for the players"...let me translate. He talked to 0 gamer's and sat in a board room and looked squinty evil eyed at League of Legends log in status (what really makes cash, not transactions..A lil mmo secret). "Well, if we make a cartoony 3 lane MOBA and slap a different title with a few different features, that otta get em in". Otherwise, it adheres to NOTHING the MMORPG community has been saying: "STOP MAKING MOBAS".
01:30 "the look and the feel of the characters people get really passionate about that". The characters flashing up all look like generic rip off cock sucking fuk tard panty waste design of a dime a dowen mobas being made....oh hey, he is right. I am pretty passionate about this :)
"Oh but Debuffblog, you are so mean. Why don't you give some positive feedback" - ok, Wanna try and break the moba mold? (because creating all the flashy things on the sidelines does nothing to the core 3 lane). Try a persistent online MOBA, where those flashy things (like RTS player resources, etc) are up for grabs in a Planet Side 2 like fashion where you log in and one faction is constantly against another in a large 3 lane (HUGE FIELDS) of players logging and taking part in an epic battle...I stop there because that is my Million dollar idea. I don't know...what I do know is allot of care was put into that "look at us, we are cutting edge" la la la music in the background. *facepalm*

Back to topic. This MOBA craze is not in the gamer's interest if forums are read. Because the core MOBA is the star. Other variations cater to the game hoppers, not the dedicated core that generates cash. To shift powers, you are going to need to shift ideas and game play, not just add things that tinker in the background of the CORE game. There is this comment I enjoyed: "Prime World looks more attractive than this. There are own castle, mechanics of native land, full valued PvE in future, talent system with which player can create unique hero and so on." whaaaa??? PVE in a MOBA? Now you are talking taking the core to the next level...
And by the way, this is a MOBA fish:

2) The promise publishers are making. Seems everything that came out in 2011 and 2012 was a flop. The community has actually been rallying since 2009 that MMORPG are dying. I believe the market trend pushed this trend when we had better single player box titles being pooped out than mmorpg and co-op online. Just before these years, we had Battlefield, and some dungeon online co op games taking the scene. WoW of course, and some shifts in MMORPG pay models took front row. Every one running to Star Wars, or Dungeons and Drragons, AION, somewhere that shifted it's pay model to allow a "test"(P2W) of its title. Now 2011-2013 came around and we we all noticed, "hey...Guild Wars 2 is pure garbage! (LOL! You can't even guild war in a game called GUILD WARS! LOLOLOL). The content stopped flowing after it was promissed every 2 weeks, etc.". Or, "Hey, Planet Side 2 is not revolutionary (large map with dead space = large map and small battles, not at all strategic but SITUATIONAL (review soon))." and "Hey, enough is enough. To many titles, to many let downs (wont even touch Final Fantasy issues). STOP the Fantasy. Just stop and focus on content and game changers"... So now were are stuck in the mud with a few Obi Wan Kanobi's waiting to help (Star Citizen, etc).
But, there are a few notable changes that helped me hop online. Notably TERA F2P, Warframe, Star Trek. Tera for changeing, WarFrame for not being P2W and abusive, and Star Trek for barely hanging in there as a F2P fighting PWE greed system. Corporate RESPONDS! DUh duh dunnnnn!
Guild Wars 2 drops prices and promises content "we so sowwy we suck".
Wild Star rears its head and promises launches.
Lots of June and July launch dates promised. Oh, City of Steam launched. I need to review that soon. Ohhh man does it hurt to see them launch their sad sad product. I want to like...I try to love it...but it can't please me with its 2 inch pENxils.
NeverWinter was pure crap, and the publishers giving out half hearted gifts to woon its fans "we so sowwy we suxxx"
Rift brought it's F2P knees "We will never go F2P" ...OOPS - Reminds me of WoW: "We will never launch Panda class"..OOPS.
Ahhh the madness. What else in the trash bin. *Sifts around* There is more but it is getting stinky in here. I guess a final word The Secret World still is over 10 dollar purchase. That is by far one of the most stale games I have played this year. With that said, I plan to kick off June with a Secret World Review!
See ya there!
Here is a closing video for you.

What games did you enjoy in 2012 - 2013?

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