Thursday, May 23, 2013

M11 - The art of Trolling (and extra post)

Post 11??? I know, I said I would shut down this month at 10 posts. But! This is also to prove a point and tie in perfectly with this theme: The troll.

I noticed I had a comment on my never winter article where I point out the CEO made some remarks that show how disconnected from the mmorpg community he is. Some fan boy responded how I judged the game before giving a full review...He then goes on about little details I may have gotten wrong, and tries to qoute my other pages etc...(sadly it didn't hold a drop of sense for his argument)...

I was thinking about this... The troll uses this tactic, which I will reveal shortly, to erode each other down to the point they can't debate any thing logically. For example, in my article, the glaring beast of the theme was "CEO says one thing, we get another. Trend. Fact". The Troll says I should not say these things until I "beat the game"... Then goes on to tell me how I said I do not judge a game until I have played...yes... that is for my REVIEWS. But to talk about press...I do not need to know every detail of a business. I do not need to be in the board room. I need to know enough as a consumer...any ways...back to topic... HE points out points irellevent, to make his one off topic point sound relevent.

NOW! By defnition, this is not trolling! Trolling would be if I said, "Go play neverwinter, it is so free and has so much fun. To get free gold, log in and press ALT+F4". But taking arguments out of context to give yourself "airs"... that is mostly a reflect of lack of education. Trolls are actually smart and witty. I personally love trolling.

Here is a metaphor of how 99% OF the internet community attempts to troll, and fails: "A boat is on fire sinking. I am telling you how to get to the exit the fastest possible to save your self. You reply, 'I won't listen because you did not mention that the toilet is to the right, not the left.'"
Right... You see how dumb you look now? YOu are CORRECT. I was wrong. I did not mention it, or perhaps I said it was on the right...but the over all importance is that THE BOAT IS SINKING! That is not troll, that is brain damage.

Now, here is the correct way to troll: "A boat is on fire sinking. I tell you to put on a scuba mask, breath into the tube and have a friend suck off the end. ENDLESS OXYGEN!" - that would be false information with the intent to TROLL the hell out you. For the record. I will not do that in my writing. I will do that in game though. I have led several players to their deaths, or waited for them to "recieve free gold by pressing ALT+F4"... But here, in the posts...I challenge. I break the sheep. I could be wrong. I would be the sheep that hops the fence and finds out it is a cliff on the other side. But honostly, that free fall to a fate that has 0 impact on my real life.... IS WORTH IT! And fun!

I mean, go to the forums right now! Look at the long threads of people just pick pick pick at details that HAVE 0 VALUE! The over all issue is ignored! There are a few good, intelligent souls out there. I have read some great AUTHENTIC trolling threads! Including ones that where we thought we would get free "cowboy hats" if we entered a certain code in a certain game! Well played! But those hilarious threads are hard to find. Mostly it is the brain damage delusional gamer (see my article on that).

IN CONCLUSION: the question is this. You can point out "lookkkk, you created an 11th post and you said you only were going to create 10 a month. OMG, you have no credit, you lied, we can't trust you...oh god nooo, end of the world"....

Or perhaps I am just trolling you all and you can be like "I see what you did there" (an ACTUAL MEME troll theme).
Or you can troll back and be like "You mad bro?"
Or you can agree...or disagree...Just try and know the difference... or google: Know your meme: Troll.

M10 - End of May 2013 Post

Hello readers. This is the end of month post. It is not technically the end of the month but it is the 10th post of the month. I, here at Debuffblog, would like to keep things around 10 posts a month. Why?

As you have noticed I am not your news source. I am not your game update source. I am not a full time reviewer site. This is just a place of "clarity" if you will. A place where come to after swimming around all the sites, and still notice: "Well, the top 10 list of each site is drastically different, so I did not get a clear picture as to what is what in the community". "Well, the forum topic seemed super inflated by fan boys and or promotion and I did not really get a good impression of the game". etc etc.. It is your towel. You have swam the pool of info and came out wet. So here is your MMORPG towel. The cold hard dry truth.

Well, there are several interesting things the end of this month to touch on before closing out.
1) The influx of MOBAs and
2) The Promises of publishers covering their asses from bad launches.

Let's briefly touch on em and reserve the details for next month.

1) Lot's of MOBA activity out there. Seems almost all mainstream publishers have their hands in MOBA dealing. Here is an interesting video:

"We are doing this for the players"...let me translate. He talked to 0 gamer's and sat in a board room and looked squinty evil eyed at League of Legends log in status (what really makes cash, not transactions..A lil mmo secret). "Well, if we make a cartoony 3 lane MOBA and slap a different title with a few different features, that otta get em in". Otherwise, it adheres to NOTHING the MMORPG community has been saying: "STOP MAKING MOBAS".
01:30 "the look and the feel of the characters people get really passionate about that". The characters flashing up all look like generic rip off cock sucking fuk tard panty waste design of a dime a dowen mobas being made....oh hey, he is right. I am pretty passionate about this :)
"Oh but Debuffblog, you are so mean. Why don't you give some positive feedback" - ok, Wanna try and break the moba mold? (because creating all the flashy things on the sidelines does nothing to the core 3 lane). Try a persistent online MOBA, where those flashy things (like RTS player resources, etc) are up for grabs in a Planet Side 2 like fashion where you log in and one faction is constantly against another in a large 3 lane (HUGE FIELDS) of players logging and taking part in an epic battle...I stop there because that is my Million dollar idea. I don't know...what I do know is allot of care was put into that "look at us, we are cutting edge" la la la music in the background. *facepalm*

Back to topic. This MOBA craze is not in the gamer's interest if forums are read. Because the core MOBA is the star. Other variations cater to the game hoppers, not the dedicated core that generates cash. To shift powers, you are going to need to shift ideas and game play, not just add things that tinker in the background of the CORE game. There is this comment I enjoyed: "Prime World looks more attractive than this. There are own castle, mechanics of native land, full valued PvE in future, talent system with which player can create unique hero and so on." whaaaa??? PVE in a MOBA? Now you are talking taking the core to the next level...
And by the way, this is a MOBA fish:

2) The promise publishers are making. Seems everything that came out in 2011 and 2012 was a flop. The community has actually been rallying since 2009 that MMORPG are dying. I believe the market trend pushed this trend when we had better single player box titles being pooped out than mmorpg and co-op online. Just before these years, we had Battlefield, and some dungeon online co op games taking the scene. WoW of course, and some shifts in MMORPG pay models took front row. Every one running to Star Wars, or Dungeons and Drragons, AION, somewhere that shifted it's pay model to allow a "test"(P2W) of its title. Now 2011-2013 came around and we we all noticed, "hey...Guild Wars 2 is pure garbage! (LOL! You can't even guild war in a game called GUILD WARS! LOLOLOL). The content stopped flowing after it was promissed every 2 weeks, etc.". Or, "Hey, Planet Side 2 is not revolutionary (large map with dead space = large map and small battles, not at all strategic but SITUATIONAL (review soon))." and "Hey, enough is enough. To many titles, to many let downs (wont even touch Final Fantasy issues). STOP the Fantasy. Just stop and focus on content and game changers"... So now were are stuck in the mud with a few Obi Wan Kanobi's waiting to help (Star Citizen, etc).
But, there are a few notable changes that helped me hop online. Notably TERA F2P, Warframe, Star Trek. Tera for changeing, WarFrame for not being P2W and abusive, and Star Trek for barely hanging in there as a F2P fighting PWE greed system. Corporate RESPONDS! DUh duh dunnnnn!
Guild Wars 2 drops prices and promises content "we so sowwy we suck".
Wild Star rears its head and promises launches.
Lots of June and July launch dates promised. Oh, City of Steam launched. I need to review that soon. Ohhh man does it hurt to see them launch their sad sad product. I want to like...I try to love it...but it can't please me with its 2 inch pENxils.
NeverWinter was pure crap, and the publishers giving out half hearted gifts to woon its fans "we so sowwy we suxxx"
Rift brought it's F2P knees "We will never go F2P" ...OOPS - Reminds me of WoW: "We will never launch Panda class"..OOPS.
Ahhh the madness. What else in the trash bin. *Sifts around* There is more but it is getting stinky in here. I guess a final word The Secret World still is over 10 dollar purchase. That is by far one of the most stale games I have played this year. With that said, I plan to kick off June with a Secret World Review!
See ya there!
Here is a closing video for you.

What games did you enjoy in 2012 - 2013?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M9 - Monthly Screen shots

Each month I will post only about 10 posts. This is the 9th one. I am wrapping up May soon. So this post will concern some screen shots of games I am currently playing.

Here are a few special moments in Mass Effect 2:

Death to all

Here is a cute one where I used a "pull" ability to pull an enemy towards me, then a box exploded beneath him mid flight, and he shot straight up breaking the game physics engine where he rests in piece floating on the ceiling:

What have you got to share this month?

Monday, May 20, 2013

M8 - PWE and Neverwinter

If it looks like poop, smells like poop, and tastes like poop...It probably is poop.
Read allot of NeverWinter around the wires. This is the latest update:

That is my sum of 99% PWE games (STO being a small exception). I had called out months ago that Neverwinter will flop. And all that based on 1)The history of PWE and
2)A special statement by the C.E.O. of CRYPTIC.

1)History of PWE. A very long story short. They are P2W in all their titles. You can enjoy a mechanically designed slow progression in their games that will eat at your mid level experience time. This gives the illusion you are enjoying content for free, with this long carrot on the stick like dream of end game one day. And when that day arrives perhaps then you will invest in the game.
Meanwhile, those with cash flow and enjoy the game will pay to enjoy that end game competitiveness right away. Sadly, this is not a question of "subing" or "tier model". This is forking out hundreds a month even thousands. AT this point most trolls will say "Oh no, I payed 20 bucks and am doing fine". No, they are doing fine in the mid game illusion content, and that is about it. To enhance this propaganda, they host articles like "first player hits top level in PWI without spending a dime". 1 out of millions of players all around the world in a game open since 1995... And if you read his comments, this guy enjoys torture. I image he looks worse than this guy:

So any ways, most PWE games end up into a large mini game called "how to beat the cash shop". It is a huge turn off even for the hardcore players. If compared to other games like Lineage 2, where you can hardcore grind your eyes out, and then just have a few purchases to continue in the end game. Or hardcore and pay subscription like pricess that are just. But burning 5 years of your life as a F2Per and then finding out you are up against a $2K wall in the end! OUCH! Allods and Runes of Magic are very similiar in this "end game surprise! Pay up $600 or more to get in the dungeon".
Neverwinter is exactly the same. There are allot of recycled content you will be doing as a mid illusion F2Per. End game can come faster if you pay out. The mechanics are in place including pet advancements taht stop 50% through their leveling.With a history of this game play, it is no surprise NEverwinter is crashing hard at launch.

2) The warnings were in place! You should have seen it coming. There is an article:

"We're doing this acrobat routine without a net. We're going full free. Ground up. We're not starting as a subscription game and changing. This is a free game from day one. So, our current presale options do not include monthly stipends that usually accompany lifetime subscriptions (like STO). I'm not sure that there've been many Western MMORPG''s to do this from the beginning and I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens. "

WHAAAAA....????? HAs he been living in a cave? This is all pr propaganda. I know PWE did not start out as a western game, but when you sign your Eastern publisher to launch your western game, and they have converted to an all west audience...and have been using the same "F2P" (actually P2W) model you say you are not sure there has been many... *SLAP YOUR FACE* Liar liar pants on fire. He knew DAMN straight that using this "oh golly look no subscription" game and going "fully free" would mean that you will pay in the end (using PWE model) more than a subscription and more than house rent. OR get in the mid game illusion for life. YAY! What makes STO different?
STO is a thriving community that has decent investing players. It has less PWE hands on because the nature of the game calls for the core designers to adhere to Trekkies. This is probably one of the biggest wins in gaming history you will never hear about or understand. This game is surviving (Barely), by a subscription rate fee paidby dedicated fans, that offers a F2P a decent progression into delusional mid game. You can get to end game and do ok because of the game is structured. For example a high level payer can group with you and all content is scaled to the appropriate difficulty. I have joined a guild of payers that have boosted me beyond any and most F2P just by grouping and questing. That said, it is Star Trek... This is a model not clonable into other models.

Another warning is PWE other titles. RaiderZ launched in US and EU by different publishers, but open IP so you are not blocked. EU was run by RUnes of Magic guys (changed names twice since the clsoed beta). I went EU because it opened it's doors first. I got in CB and they opened betad 4 days earlier than expected, so the public got to play a weekend early and for free. PWE closed the doors and offered a "founders" package so that if you paid you get in 1 day early... Same game. Same content. One greedy publisher. To double wham you, the game was a P2W mechanics. A review will arrive later, but this game had maps you were forced to change your skills around or could not take out the mobs. It was designed very carefully to get you stuck at a point where you would need a huge group push or pay up. At this point it will also feel very different. YOu have played a class that felt like it's class up to this certain level and BAM you suddenly had to change your role, including armor set and skill sets, to continue...and of course, for a fee. AGain, a review in the future to expose this mess. Point being... The news of NEVERWINTER being exploited by exploiters is GOOD NEWS! When the people fight back, the company "RESPONDS", when a company exploits it's audience, YOU should respond! Don't support it or hack it.

I will save the issues of hackers and exploiters for another article, but they can be the best thing to hit gaming. It is like a system of checks and balances.
What do you think?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

M7 - The Delusional Gamer

This subject is based on an over all observation I have made in the gaming industry and community. The belief you are playing something you are not. Let us begin.

I first noticed this bizarre brain failure in Guild Wars 2 pre launch. The entire hype was out of control. Players were defending the title pre-launch with their soul. The game came out and well, look at the date of this post. I think we know what has happened since (I will refrain from basking in my "I told you so" article). But there are still a few players that actually reply, to this day, that they are doing things that just do not exist in game. I thought this was strange and found it also is in several other newer titles.

Planetside 2. They claim to be this hugely interactive world of realistic future war fare with wide open options. I found the game a bit of a scam. I found it to be situational combat, not at all tactical or skillful. I soloed 50% of a map on low pop planets, and in high population it is just a matter of how many log ins are concentrated at. For example. A hill gives no advantage. In real shooters, a hill gives the men on the top a shooting advantage and the men at bottom a slaughter run for their life. This is not the case in PS2. IT is just, "who has a bike to charge the hill" and or "lets just push focus X amount of men here (follow the tank) and it is a win". I proved this over and over. In fact, you mount an ATV and you gain an armor boost like a light armored car, it takes a .50 cal 3 full rounds to do is SUPER UNREALISTIC and a crap chutte.
But what is the fan boy defense to this day? They argue they are somehow exploiting all the land for optimum strategy. They claim to be doing things no other shooter is doing lke catching rides on airbuses. I noticed, in the loading screen and on player banners in forums, that they post things that do not happen in game...Yet they are Delusional in believing these things are happening. For example: Client loading screen in PS2 shows a grunt clenched to the cockpit of an airbus (Galaxy) using an assault rifle to shoot in and break the glass and take out the pilot. This does not exist in game. 1)The possibility of doing this is super rare. 2)If you COULD find a place to jump on an enemy Galaxy windshield. Your gun could not sniper the glass and take out the pilot. The code is written so that your vehicle acts as a second armor skin (SEE ATV EXAMPLE I MENTION ABOVE). So...Why this art work? OH I SEE! This actually effects the brains of the players! They actually think if they play long enough these can happen!
I have seen this in the promotion videos for PS2 as well. You can youtube them. There is a SONY video of ATV's launching off ramps and landing on the galaxy roof and hitching a will never find this experience in the game. The players also said they are "building" and "using" the terrain in the vast open land that is PS2. I explored this. Guess what I found out in the middle of no where? 3 men orgy. There is 1 guy that gets team killed by another guy and the 3rd guy revives him. This is an illegal practice of farming points. This is only illegal if some one reports it. So, since no one cares or uses all that PS2 land, it just serves as a place to hide and exploit the game...NOT USE TACTIC OR STRATEGY. LOL! Yet these gamers firmly believe this is the case!

I will talk Blizzard art mind delusions. Star Craft 2 was about to come out. The giant life size posters and publicity had real life sci-fi space opera themes. Apparently pre-orders were lacking. Guess what they did. They changed the art work up. We suddenly saw publicity torn down and replaced with World of Warcraft art. That is right. Aliens and Marines now had that WoW cartoon hand drawn look to it...WTF? Sadly, you, the sad sad consumer, made it work. This boosted pre-orders so high they kept this as the art. The in game had nothing to do with this art direction. You wan also argue this is the case in World of Warcraft iteslf. The art, the videos, the in game graphics have 0 to do with each other and are so different and so dissapointing...yet...people believe that the hi-rez video is what they are actually going to experience in game... and it never delivers...yet there is a part of the brain shutting down and just accepting... and I can't say "imagining" something that is not there because imagination involves creativity. No my friends, you just simple shut the brain off and ACCEPT what you are told you should be buying into.

Scary huh? I can name several other titles but I think you get the point. What you are expecting vs. what you get = either you are awake and leave it rest in its self annihilation, or you join the sheep flock and create a social group of something that is not there...

To clarfiy this is not the same as playing in alternate universes. For example, lord of the rings, star trek, star wars. We all know we can never get the perfect universe of the movies and books. But, like LEGOS, it is just a plastic theme that we are enjoying as part of a franchise appreciation. THAT is not delusional. That is accepting the obvious and liking it. I also play some of those game, like PS2, for exactly what it is. Just a value of who logs in the most. Sometimes I like logging into Planet Side 2 just to join the sheep, launch some digital bullets and hope we cap rinse and repeat. Why not? But it is not the same battle sim like, BF2, or Bad COmpany (some of my favorite shooters). No, it is just "feeling slow in the crowd? use your credit card now) marketing. I see it for that and nothing else. I play it. But when I mention that to the public the horribly disillusioned fan boys arrive and man is it hilarious!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hello and welcome to my first blog game review. I have done several in the past, but mostly as a visitor on another website. I highly encourage you to read through all of this, and then post your own review below! DEFY ME! CHALLENGE ME! but most importantly, speak out and support or give other aspects otherwise missed here. Trolling is welcome as well! Ok, here we go:

A little info of my relationship with TERA. I used to visit the site during closed beta, and followed news feeds when it was under development. Launched as a subscription based game, I did not play it because I was engaged in another subscription game. I dropped out of the news until early 2012 when I would see news bits and arguments around the sites about RIFT vs TERA vs ...(WoW of course). People's responses always seemed to conclude it was a hate or love, and if you loved TERA you loved it for one thing. The combat. And the rest was a "Korean Grind Fest". Then late 2012 it goes F2P. I read up again, waited, and was hesitant as the same kind of argument was being had. After reading Forums and actual mmorpg site reviews, they all seem to have concluded this:
Absolutely fantastic combat
Excellent group play
Superb visuals
Lacking UI functionality
Terribly old-hat questing
Vanarch for the elite only?

And the support in the comments by readers all shared this same sort of general conclusion. So I stayed away. I also read by the comments of the community: "The classes are horrible. You can really only play without grind with a lancer. His Combat animations are the best." - "There is no story."

I also hopped into the official TERA forums to hear what community had to say about F2P turn: "This is horrible. I am quitting the game. But before I do, I want to gather as many current subscribers to camp the nooby bridge to gank all new F2P crowd."

SIGH! This kept me out of the game at least another month or two. But a few things pushed me to try it out. 1)I had just finished my stunt with AION EU(save that for another review) and was checking out the payment tier model of TERA and noted, suprisingly, that EU wasn't getting as ripped off as US (au contraire to AION). Soooo why not. Let's do this. I even told myself if it installs slow I will just cancel it and wait longer. I was super bummed, and super critical, but very curious.
So the install was fast on my end. And I got in.
So let's get to it. The first thing I fell in love with was the CLASS - RACE - SEX FREEDOM! I can mix and match whatever I wanted. Want to be a idget tank! Go for it! Want to be a giant priest? go for it! Male Female...your choice! Thanks Tera!

I created a Popori Priest, Male. That is the animal race which can be altered to look like a panda, cat, dog, racoon, ewok, thing. I am not going to delve to much into the class selection because allot of trolls created this stigma that if you play Eline, the little girl class (ONLY GENDER LOCKED CLASS) that you are a pedo bear. I think not. There is enough variety in the races that this was a for fun, cutsy, anime, like class. Same models are found in other asian developed themed games like Prius online (reborn recently as Arcane Saga). I get it. It is mostly a cutsy asian thing, but yeah, pedo magnet, ok, but you do realize that there are pedo's in Mine Craft as well... like this really is going to change pedo gaming...WTF trolls.
Character Creation. Great! Not full customization, but enough to create enough diversity, that it is hard to find your clone in game.

The tutitorial was a little confusing but I under stood after it was over why things where what they where. I started on a shore during a storm and with about 7 spells slotted in my hot bar and the the little stor pushed me up the shore to teach me combat basics and spell casting. The first questions I had was "How long is this shore sequence? Is this really the tutorial? Whoa all these spells level 20 off the bat! What does what, and is this default the set up the best?" I
changed them around a bit to my liking, and moved on. Once the tutorial shore sequence is over, you start level one with NO spells. This kind of threw me off as I just got used to 1-4-2-1 casting as I skillfully dodged around. WTF? Ok, whatever, push on. As I leveled up I realized that the tutorial was EXCEPTIONALY USEFUL to get a feel for the FUTURE spells I would have and how to place them, because my journey though level 1-20, as I unlocked the spells, I knew exactly what they did already, where to put them on my bar, and what combo suited me best... THIS is the great part of the tutorial. ALLOT of people complained that is was dry, confusing, and useless and delayed the hoping right into level 1 phase to start playing... WOW...So recently, TERA has REMOVED the tutorial and you start on noob island at level 1. Thanks you whiny babies! You just gimped a game so you cna be insta rewarded and speed level. Sadly, this is the audience.
HYPOCRITICALLY the same cry babies also cry about LACK OF STORY. or BORING STORY. Ok...wait. There is a big cinematic story that kicks off on the beach that will lead on into the main city, yet you cried to remove that part to get right into leveling, so if you had no time for story...WTF are you complaining about?
It is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of situations. Sadly TERA is catering to these poor bastards.

Questing: I will disprove the myth right now. Most mmorpg reviews NEED negative points to seem "balanced" (even though they are paid to advertise). The story here is probably one of the richest stories I have been in, in a LONG TIME. This ties into the over all game desing which I will discuss in the next part. The critic was: "The story is bland and uninsteresting text, and nothing but quest hubs"....WOAH WOAH!
So here is how it works quickly: You follow a story to the main city around level 5. This is supported with epic CUTSCENES, and short story text. In fact the text is so short for each NPC that you never have to scroll more than 2 pages. The goals are amazing. Yes there are quests to kill X amount of things to level up to continue on the MAIN quest line. The quests of each region are APPROPRIATE for each region. That is, it is not "help the farm is in trouble". USually there is something related to the environment. Sometimes you interact with flora and fuana as you have to gather new plants of a new region. Sometimes you escort. Sometimes you interact. The point is, there is enough in the sub quest to keep it variety that it was never kill kill kill...
Also, around level 30 (takes 3 days to get to), you start to not only quest in a region, but you enter these "caves" or "castles" or "forts"... when my quests first dove me in these, I though "oh crap, dungeon like group content, here we come...and I don't want to pug"...but to my surprise it was never instanced, it was super ambient mini dungeon fun, NON INSTANCED (can't stress that enough). I was thinking, "Wow, I did not know this existed on the outside map, yet it is streamlined here and non instanced". Kind of like a living world that was nesting by you the whole time. It was solo able, and it was challenging, and it was ambient! Each place like this has a theme, a special environment sound, etc. For example, there is a Pirates cove you go into. A cave with 2 large boats in the center, this is about 3 stories in depth, all non INSTANCED, and quest givers scattered through out. You usually are given the quests to go in during regular "hub questing". In the cave you hear wood creaking, water dripping, chains dragging, very pirate cave ambiance. I encountered a Pirate Cave, a "academy" (sort of haunted library), An undead tomb. etc. And I know there is more to come! And it is all apart of natural quest taking! This is dynamic and the main story ties into it!
How clear is the main story? SUPER CLEAR! The MAIN QUEST LINE: You are of the main town gaining rank as a citizen soldier, you partake in espionage, and you even save a godess in a tower around level 15. You get knighted, there is a duty officer to give you orders...the main mission like consists of several main mission plots and are usually always CINEMATIC. How can a story get any more clear??? You have a friggin movie to explain it to you. The cutscenes are epic as you meet main story NPC's, etc. I was never lost and I felt apart of a live world. I think the bad rep on this game is hugely trolled.

The region quests, the heart of leveling up as you move around, are clear and easy. I can see how these can be seen as "Boring" because yes, to get out of one map and into another you follow these quest lines. But what mmorpg DOES NOT do that? There is none. They all do this, and TERA does it well (SEE GAME PLAY to tie this in). So what we have is:
MAIN QUESTS - REGION QUESTS / Region quests that put you in the "mini dungeon" quests - I have not spoken about guild quests, daily quests, repeat quests, etc... There is so many things to be busy and coins and achievements to be had... I really do not see the point people were trying bash TERA on here... Did they want Scratch and sniff odors to smell to get a full 4D gaming experience??
Just look at all the related videos to this. They are all epic and pretty clear!

GAMEPLAY: This is where I have to tie in the questing. I have seen allot of false information on this. People saying this game is a GRIND, etc. NOPE. This game has so much diversity and map variety, you will be seeing new terrain often. I played casually, about 2 hours a day for 5 days a week. Everyday, I saw a new region, so about 2 hours of game play each map. You will be in a desert one time, a forest the next, a rocky area, etc etc... The quests are NEVER "kill 100" of this. It is always "KILL 5", The general rate of kill is 10 monsters, the MOST I have ever been asked on 1 quest I can remember is 20 monsters. But you know what? They have a patter, the higher the kill rate the easier to kill. For example, on kill 10 or 20 monsters, they usually are 1 mob of 5 tiny guys all attacking you, you kill them easily because they are like little baby monsters, so 1 mob of 5 in one kill = 4 to 5 kills only, which is the equivalent of the 5 kill ratio. Because when you are given 5 kills it is usually a monster one on one battle that is "challenging". Where as the little group of 5 baby mobs are just fodder to push back (usually they have a parent monster guiding them that adds the challenge). So this ties in to the questing, it is SMOOTH. You get in a region, take a few quests to kill about 5 monsters get rewarded, this pushes you around at a steady fast pace. This also creates MONSTER VARIETY! RARELY will you ever have to kill the same mob TWICE! It is usually a one deal affair and you move on to the next region and new story! HOW COOL IS THAT!?
Seriously, when I read the troll reviews...I wonder if they were ever playing this game...Maybe the Subscription model was bad and the F2P I played is better?
One word I can sum up game play, questing, and combat is SMOOTH. TERA is SMOOTH! That is the over all word to describe it. Everything just fits. I played a Priest class and of all the mmorpg's I have played, I have to say, this is the BEST PRIEST I have ever played! BALANCED! I can solo no problem with my handful of offensive skills, I have to adapt to larger fights with my healing abilities like a priest should. It also takes me longer to kill solo BAMs (explain later)as it should. In dungeons, I do nothing but debuff, heal, and assist damage if thigns going ok. But, my role is 100% Priest like. I sometimes wonder "Wow, I am a doing great solo, is this piest class unbalanced"? And when I am tested in pvp, dungeon, or group play, the response is "NOPE! I have to do my part or we fail". I love this! So many games fit a priest or mage in as an awkward piece or to compensate their inability to balance the class they tell us "Go light or dark priest". LOL! TERA has it DOWN!
Combat is great and is what separates if you stay with this game or not. It is Combat Camera. I played RaiderZ, and there was something a little to plastic and stiff feeling in it's combat when compared to TERA. TERA, again, is smooth, and right on. Back to that rumor: "Oh lancer is best". Nope, I am progressing like a boss and I love priest animations! I have seen Lancer, it is a little less in my oppinion. They have charges and swings. A few flashy but nothing that made me want to re roll...I do have an alt warrior that plays more like a rouge. Not bad attacks, all smooth. I recommend you play TERA with the class you want to play and do not play lancer because people tell you it is the only fun class.
BAM's. TERA has been criticized for over publishing to it's adult adolescent audience by copyrighting "BAM": Big Ass Monster... Ok, it is corny, but fucks sakes, it is not a negative point (again, the sensitive people who cry about chat). BAMS are the spice in the game. As if there was not enough to do in quests, there are BAM quests to be had. USually collect 3 pieces of X off a BAM so kill 3 BAMS. Group is best, they are like mini bosses, but I have a HELL of a lot of fun soloing it with my priest! You have to read the body langauge, counter, attack etc.. I have had good times. Sometimes it is a 5 or 10 min fight, depending on the difficulty. OF course, you cannot always find a group and have to wait to gain a few levels. But again, it is the spice in TERA and each BAM feels apart of it's environment etc. Well done, extra fun. If you were bored of questing, and no even going on, get a BAM party or try a few solo. ALSO, allot of people like to paint TERA as average MMORPG with BAMS as their only selling point. FALSE, BAMs can be hard to find. They are not around every corner, they are in some of the mini dungeons I speak about above, or in very special nooks of the map. The way it is weaved in feels, again, smooth, not "copy and paste mob here".

Sounds and Animations: Music is good. Environmental sounds are better, and character and mob sounds so so. Allot of mobs share the same kind of groan or voice. But they have their own ambiance. For example, one mob on the prarier has this sort of "ARGG" attack cry and a "gurgle" death cry. Same as a different looking mob in a cave...however, the mob in the cave might have a chain suit on so you hear the chains dragging as he takes steps... THAT sort of compensates the rather dull variety in mob voice scripting. Each environment sounds alive. Not allot to say there. Music is sub par, epic at times, calm at times, nothing that moves me in the chest area, like some other titles have.
Animations are the best. The world feels alive. Mobs REACT to you. If you are close they are "startled" before they get agro, it is possible to break a startle and avoid agro. Some animals are startled and run, others charge and threaten, but to not attack. This is especially heart stopping near BAMs, if you are navigating through a field full of BAMs, and you get close,, some will ROAR and CHARGE you, but wont attack, you have about 3 seconds to take that body langauge at move your ass out or else the agro kicks in and they will swing and chase you. THAT is ALIVE! And a new edge on game design I enjoyed. ALLOT of people overlook this. I feel people run in, power level up and ignore allot of what games have to offer. Kind of sad.

Crafting, banking, vending, and Enhancement: Very basic, and probably the worst part of this game. I do not like how it is set up. It is expensive to make things (don't expect to start crafting until later levels, and very slowly as 100 gold is hard to get and it can cost 50 just to make a few things). There is a short cut to level up the crafting. Buy the recepies, learn it, and then leave it alone. Gathering, on the other hand, can be done freely in the field. Level that up, chose a few things you want crafted, and make them if you want... Usually you have better gear and potions in game questing and venders so crafting is really a waste of time and money at the moment. That said, I have banked all my materials, and the list is not very long, but I am stocking up and put crafting as an end game thing to busy myself with.
The bank is free, slots generous. Auction house vending has no F2P limits and is active. I made ALLOT of gold selling non usable green and blue items. You are a little limited on how many items you can have on the market but it is generous. Not like other games of 1 item. or NONE at all.
Enhancing gear is pretty lack luster as well. There is no NPC to talk to. You simple press H (I believe) and that opens up this menu with an enhancing machine in it (your pockets are huge), and you plop your item in along with lower level items and press ENHANCE. POOF you get a +stats, of course there is a limit before it doesn't enhance anymore and probably a cash item to fix that, but gear has been strong along so far. I rarely enhance and again, end game goal. Also, there are gems to slot on your items if they have slots. Gems are drops, rewards, or sold at gem vendors. Click n drag em place. Build appropropiatly. You can take em out whenver you feel like it and swap em back in. No big difficulty there.

Dungeons, UI, and closing thoughs: Dungeons, a few good ones to run, not allot of variety and not allot to do between levels, but I am ok because of the "mini" dungeon areas I talk about above, and the fact yuo see so much and constantly moving in the questing that dungeons are kind of "well if I have too".
UI is smooth and great for what it is. I recommend hiding the ROUND minimap top right as it is only useful to spot gathering materials. PRESS N for the transparent region map. THAT is more usefull and I keep that bad boy open allot. Shrinking the round one also makes more room for my large quest list. Allot of people, especially the douchebag over at, apparently could not get his head around how to clean up his UI. Sad.
There is a button of standard options when you hit ESC or ALT (ALT breaks the free camera movement and pops up the cursor). In the social options there is a FIND GUILD choice. There is a list of all the guilds in the game and you can apply directly and be recruited on the spot if the GM approves! There is a voting system to give the guild a THUMBS up if you will. You can filter the list by "members, ratings, name, etc". This is VERY handy and avoids allot of forum recruiting etc. It gets you in and once again, SMOOTH menu and game play feature. Guilds can get a guild mount and that is as fast as cash mounts, so you upgrade right away from your brown quest given horse to a white stallion of the guild, double the speed.

OK, I love TERA! It is a great game! CASH SHOP is pure cosmetics and boosts. No game breaking features. If there is one negative to say about TERA, it would be the lack of content at the moment. I have allot of end game friends that log in less and less because they basically "beat the game". I play casually because I do not want to reach end all that fast. I have been playing one month casually and am level 40. I believe cap is 60 as I write this. I will not talk about the TERA chat, because you can read what I have to say about that here:

I would rate this the best mmorpg of 2013 as a F2P Fantasy title. Everything you would want and more is in this game.
I just got done looking at some candidates, and it is sad and obvious marketing ploy: Check this out:

SAD sad sad. Those games are half built, half threatening to shut down already, and disappointing on all fronts. I will reserve the Secret World for my next review. And Guild Wars 2. As many great features they have, it is no secret they have base lined. That is why I will give TERA the 2013 title! It grew, steadied out, and only needs one natural addition (content) to get it's populations back up. Most games can't do that, Guild Wars 2 is promising content but so many left already due to bad mechanics that not even content can save it now. THAT is why I keep TERA on the top. I would also like to do an AION review soon as I feel that game is as close to TERA if I were to compare it to another title. But another time, this review is finished. IF you want to know on a star rating system, I will summarize below:

Game play: 5/5
Graphics: 5/5 - I can run this on my lap top ASUS i3 ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470, 5 year old machine on MEdium/high!
Sounds: 4/5
Social: 4/5 - although chat is troll, the mass amount of guilds and people willing to help is GREAT! I met some great friends. DOnt let the surface fool you. Calm the ADD, open your eyes, and youll find lots of great gamers inside.
Replay: 5/5 I almost want to say 4/5 until new content comes out as end game is meh.

I highly rate this game. I also know allot of you prefer the Hardcore, and the extensive crafting systems, if those and other features, are what you are looking for than of course, this game will be a 1/5 for you.

My popori:

What did you think of TERA?

M5 - TRION rifts apart.

It is in most headlines: "Trion layoffs". One of the more interesting is this one over at

They announced that IGN had an "unnamed" source that over exaggerated the layoff process and numbers. So everyone is falling back on IGN and IGN is obscure. Hmmm. If you look at the "clarification" we see:

"Trion also provided the following official statement.

'To best position Trion in a rapidly changing industry, we have reorganized our teams and are expanding our free to play offering. With Defiance, we delivered a great game that more than one million gamers registered to play and continue to enjoy. As we progress from launch to ongoing development of the game, we are adjusting our staffing levels to deliver new content and improved features. RIFT, and our other titles in development, were unaffected by these changes. We are very much looking forward to the free to play release of RIFT and are excited by the other new titles currently in development.'"

Best most professional way to say EXACTLY what IGN said, but with damage control. In my opinion this is just propaganda damage control so that the consumer does not jump ship. I say that because they do not directly say "Oh that is wrong". Nor do they give the correct numbers. They simply reword EXACTLY what IGN said but more covered up. I would like to point out the last time IGN said these things, they were spot on. They seem to have legit sources. Also, there was a company that did the same thing, damage control, and months later they could not control and everything IGN had pointed out ended up true.

I do not know 100%. I do not think any one will know except those effected and the info leaks. However, if you look at business trends it is not surprising. Any time we get humans together for a project it is always messy. There are disagreements and tough situations. That is why managers and structure always ends up being installed. You will always have this guy as well:

And he will burn the damn place down! At least he will stay anonymous and talk to IGN about what is really going on. So there you have it. My opinion. I think TRION is playing damage control. I think the layoffs were massif. I think the ship is being salvaged by the koreans as interests between a television show, microsoft, publisher, and profit sharing of the other titles became convoluted. What a nightmare. Not one of these titles brings in enough cash to support the salary demands of this kind of business. It brings in JUST enough to attract the roaches, but after that...they feast and leave the bread destroyed. Whether or not that will effect game quality is yet to be seen...

Friday, May 17, 2013

M4 - Freedom of chat in game

I was thinking of a great topic. The freedoms of chat in game. I have 3 examples to start with and then a little discussion on the VALUE of chat.

1)Policed chat.
2)Lightly monitored chat
3)Free Speech

As I start with each one of these I will also touch on the forums of a game site.

1)Policed Chat. Normally this seems Ideal. Fully monitored and filtered chat. You must keep it game, clean, and ...dry. There are built in chat filters to block everything...Block or Bl***.. because the "OCK" in "block" could be a hidden "cock". That kind of police work. We start with heavy filtered chat and then move on to GM intervention. Where you see a response to almost any chat line by a GM. I have seen this in relaunches of games and current games. One game is remnant knights. You are promised a 24/7 GM presence in game (how heavy they audit you is another thing).
There was a re-launch of a 2D dungeon crawler, sort of like a cheap diablo rip off (I am forgeting the name sorry), that had a Nazi like GM presence. There was a GM in the main village gathering fold to group up around him as question in game flew out all over: "How to jump?" - "What does ENTER do?"...then you get a few guys testing the boundries: "Hey GM, give me gold.."..."Hey GM, your sexy"...ok I said sexy, he didn't punish me, can I use "sexy" again in another context? The fact of GM presence and his semi robotic replies is a little cool because we feel secure. No bad mouth noob will flood these channels...
I must now think of the hypocrisy. So why build black lists as a feature? This is kind of social as well like, if citizens had guns does that mean police are out of the job? Or do you prefer a nicely suited cop walking your hood?
I once read our behavior changes, subliminally if you will, when we know there is someone over our shoulder. It is like if you had a pen and paper and wanted to draw. Thinking you are free you might just start drawing abstract images, maybe a penis...maybe a boob...maybe a pentagram...who knows, your doodling freely. Now put some one over your shoulder. A teacher, a monitor of any subject, a random person... With this, in the back of our minds, we refrain from creating lines radical and we have more of a "shit, someone is there, maybe hell like THIS!" sort of approach and we draw trees, and cats and dogs...The problem is, we would have drawn trees cats and dogs AND added a boob somewhere alone... or not..we had the choice. With some one over the shoulder the free choice selection is limited. Now let's say : "I don't care, I draw what I want and people who like it will watch it". Ok, but in this sense, if you had a buddy over your shoulder, you almost feel OBLIGED to draw that boob. You can't see like a wussy and just draw cats and trees, then the FORCED boob drawing comes in to play....So allot comes from the relations we have with the environment around us and who is looking over our shoulder.
In the heavily controlled mmorpg environment you have these almost strict role players. The rules are so strong in general chat and in the game that they even cross into guild chat. And sometimes it is reserved for free speech in VOIP programs, because we know in guild chat, C*** is blocked and no fun. But, you can arguably say: "Oh but in HEllo Kitty Online it is mostly 10 year old. I am split on this... If I left my 10 year old online to game with the public..or just be on a computer learning GAMING for hours...hell...give him or her a dick and boob or two. What waste of time, at least he or she can get a kick out of it. Or get repulsed by it and leave. Seriously. I think I WOULD play Hello Kitty online if I can be the bad ass kitty running around saying "Ima fuckin kill ya all!" LOLS! Instead, we get this "walk this way, look this way, you are that". If you are that worried, check your own conscious and use the chat filters. If still bothered shut chat panel. If still bothered, stop playing mmorpgs. Human interaction though text is a bitch.

2)Lightly monitored chat is a joke. This is where we see certain things fly and other things not so much. You can talk about "What character do you think is sexiest"...but you are chat banned if you talk about "noobs"... I was playing WoW at Vanilla, and the GM's wanted to carve an image of "interactivity (not found today in that game)" between players and the GMs. So they would respond and get active. Hell if your guild had a problem, they could monitor the chat, and ban a player that may have stolen a guilds assets and split. I have seen it happen. I remember one time at Vanilla launch, when we all followed players in Stormwind right clinging and inspecting to drool over the armor...and sometimes we just follow, open, and say "hahah your armor sucks, lets duel"...Whatever floats your boat...EXCEPT you risked a light moderation. I clearly remember before opening your mouth it was a RISK, if you said something to erk someone he or she COULD go to GM and COULD get you a chat ban for a week or a month. Some guys just played along and all was in good sport. My personal example: Me in a whisper: "Your pally is weak". Response "LOL, whatever human, lets run X dungeon together, if we survive I win, if I die, you win"..and we do a dungeon together...challenging ourselves and the game under fun sport. Or we PvP. Then one day, some one started criticizing my armor build. He used the "OK" words of : "you do not know your class and hugely under built. Get a clue"...I responded: "STFU noob. I build how I want". He responds: "Reported". and blocks me. Ok, I shrugged him off continued on my way. INTERESTINGLY, WoW did follow up on his report. I got e-mailed a warning with a screen shot of our conversation history. Of, course, just what I said, and not what he said to start the whole thing. I remember being so intimidated. It was my first mmorpg and the first game I engaged my Credit Card too. And to be WARNED! OH WOW! I shaped up. I was mad! But I shaped up. My guild wanted to know what guild the other guy was on to "declare war". LOL! Oh the old days. But I look back, and I do not like the pick and chose light moderation. Because you will always see some guys get away with it and others punished. I always felt this was just a tactic to please the game image. In fact, even though I said "STFU noob"...which may be seen as "bullying", the fact is, the original INSTIGATOR had Corporate back up, and that is UNFAIR one sided bullying in my opinion.

3)Freedooommmmm! Hell yes! I love this option for these reasons: A)You have chat filters, USE THEM.
B)Trolls are trolls, do not feed them and they shut up. I know. I try to troll. I log in, I start a troll thread...No response, I give up and play the damn game. THAT EASY. DON'T FEED IT!
C)Entertaining! I love free chat! TERA is the best example! The random things that pop up and that lead to the greatest debates of all! One other example, in Star Trek Online, some one started a global chat: "Add GORN to every pop title: "Beauty and the Gorn" - "SuperGorn" - etc etc. IT got out of control funny I was in tears crying! NORMALLY! that game is a selective moderated game. Some one once said in general chat "I love ICecream!" I replied "It tastes like poop." "Why would you say that? Reported troll" - me: "Because this is a game of aliens, and my character is not human, to my alien species, ice cream renders us sick and has a taste of fecal matter"...I was role playing. I was correct. I got a warning by CRYPTIC in my in game mail box the day after. Pretty sad in my opinion. We can say all kinds of gorn jokes in good humor, but the moment you role play your alien you are banned. Hypocrites.
Back to TERA! During F2P launch there was a 2 hour wait, and once in 20 channels all maxed on all servers. The chat was scrolling by so fast, everyone was trolling! But it was so funny! Not everything, but there were moments I stopped playing to just chat. Now, after the F2P crowed left, it is back to business... "WTS" - "WTT" - etc etc.. meh. Boring.

Now I have read allot of feedback from players. You have the free spirited that say whatever. I am one of those guys. Please note, I will help you though. I have helped allot of players in their noob times. I also send whispers to personally aid people find things or whatever it may be. I also tell people to press ALT+F4... I also run dungeons pretty damn good...I have read in player feedback: "CONTROL THE CHAT! It is all trolls and noobs. They do not belong in this game". Sometimes people respond to my chat, "You are an idiot, that is not how the song goes" and block me... That is too bad because I usually say in global (when I am not trolling) "Available for X dungeon". And I run the dungeon fine. Just because I run my mouth bad doesn't mean I run the dungeons bad. People need to learn this. So many cookie cutter kids, or sheep, enter these games WITH ONE OUT LOOK in their head: "The chat must be for vending items or help only. With a few appropriate jokes". Fuck YOU! The internet is wild, free, and a imagination based. The stale word of vend chat is JUST AS BAD AS GOLD SPAMMING. Why would you want such a bleak world filled with lame chat. The only excuse is that you are a disgruntled player or Religious. If you think Jesus doesn't approve, use the filters. Funny, Catholics won't use condoms and apparently won't use in game filters (joke..har har..).
Any ways. You see these babies go cry about a 2 page rant of how "It is such an aweful community" "*rolls eyes* the community" " I would play the game but that horrible community"...Oh please. Get off your leather bound game chair and go play tiddely Winks. It is a small chat box that usually cna be folded out so you can enjoy the game. Chat is less than 2% of the game. Hardly anyone uses the items being sold in chat, especially if there is an Auction house...they usually are scammers in chat. If you are not using auction house...why are you using chat to sell things? Is your item really that more important and why? Do you need the gold THAT bad? Especially in games where gold is easy to get. I smell a scam.
So let Freedo reign! I love it! Sadly TERA has put a block recently. A little to late. But yeah, "YOu have used a word that is not appropriate" and the message does not go out. MEH. YOUR ENERGY AND ENEMY SHOULD BE GOLD SPAMMERS and BOTS! Let the players live! Best example is AION. The publisher spends energy and banning powers on regular chit chatters, meanwhile gold spammers are EASY TO SPOT! They hang out in the front gate of the lvl 1 area and the main town. That is it! There are there! But not a single GM plays the game to notice or do anything about it. And it is only like 5 total! Same guy since launch! LOL Worse, they are even in GUILDS!

A little word on FORUM chat!
Same principle, let freedom of speech reign. I have seen so much wasted time and effort trying to edit the forums. My personal experiences:
1) LEague of Legends: When it first launched and people abusing the ban button for no reason (you can ban people even in AI maps for training). Me in the forums: "Dear Riot, I have noticed I received a warning due to other players spamming hte ban button for fun. Do you have plans to change this feature in game in the future?" - The Response was my FORUM account banned for 30 days. THE SAME DAY they released a T-Shirt promotion. They did not want a "Bad image" of their company and did not want people to start speaking of this abuse. Shut it up, keep the game going, let bad behavior RULE. They knew they could not fix the code. To this day, they cannot fix the button. They did the ultimate Troll Science. They have a drop down box of "reasons to report" some one. The reasons are so vague.."Inexperience" -"Not co-operating"...WTF? How do you judge experience? What if it is my first match and I had questions as I play? (please note this ban feature still exists in the AU tutorial, because you fight computer with 2 other players and they can report you after). This is clearly a feature encoded so deep they need to re haul the game to fix it, and that is a NO NO cash wise (selling shirts is better idea). So they just allow it, and to cover the problem MORE they do a publicity stunt where they "Ban popular professional team members for 'bad conduct'"...yeah do that. I have played on all the languages and regions and they cannot control it. There are thousands of players using languages all over, no one bans the Russians when they cuss because no one understands LOL PROPAGANDA! LET FREEDOM REIGN!
2) Gpotaot EU ALLODS French server. There is a GM who OVER responds to all questions. He bans anything not FOR the game and hides bugs and problems. He comments so much he even whined one time: "Stop asking me questions, I am here part time on the weekends, I can't get to all the questions. SHEESHH!" - WOAH! Guy is out of control power abuser. He is in game trolling as well. I tried to bring it up, got banned by him of course. It is really bad. The chat is so controlled in forums and in kills the fun. I was having a good time leveling up in Allods but had to quit on that. I was seriously afraid if I had a problem I would get banned and silenced. INTERESTINGLY, the same subjects he banned people on, such as bug reports, are ENTERTAINED in the US gpotato ALLods. I saw the same subject in US side, and the GM was joking about it and even said, "it is a development thing, we are only publishing and limited, until then we just have to report on it and cook some smores"...GOOD feedback! HEre is proof, look to the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the forums at the last person to comment on a thread, it is NOTHING but the GM reposnding EVERY damn time. Feed back is good by GM, but MONITORING and LACK OF FREEDOM is NOT! Look here: [CM]Rhiorm [02 mai] that is the GM:

Scary huh? He is EVERYWHERE! It is the same dude 2 years back LOL this guy has no life. Just a power tripper.

3) AION EU. Oh this is BADDDD! The Community started a petition signed by HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of their players to change EU to be like US (EU is super restricted by P2W features). The thread was removed and an official thread is stickied: "Patch 3.0 changes - We will not be offering a fast trak server or other F2P items in the game because we do not think it reflects the interest of the gamers in EU..." They continue to explain how EU is special in a way that they sub more so it is more VIP club oriented....Yeah no. They lost populations big time and the just the elite few stay keeping it alive. Then, recently, years AFTER US did it, they FINALLY installed the Fast Trak server...oh what is that??? did EU suddenly change their ideals? CRIMINALS! They still block trade and chat and auction house use until you pay. YUP.

Surprisingly PWE has some ok Forums, I have been able to express myself pretty freely. The sad thing is, it is the truth. They know it, and they don't care. They are making bank by addicts with cash so talk shit all you want or point out how bugs from 1995 are still in Perfect World. That won't stop the paying crowds from paying.

Also factor in the value. Sites allow chat if you PAY to be a club member (AION etc.) Is it really worth it?

It is your turn. What do you think?

M3 - Currently Playing

In this post I would just like to point out the games I am currently playing:

2) Star Trek Online
3) Warframe
4)City of Steam Online

Single Player:
1) Mass Effect 2
2) Far Cry 2


1)Arcange Legends
2)Inotia 3


1)Final Fantasy 6
2)Chrono Trigger

Any of you spending the next few months in these titles?

M2 - The pay model ROUND 1

I just got done reading this today:

Reminded me of the several thousand topics of payment models in numerous forums. There seems to always bee the stereotypes (which I will debunk below):

1)Subscription - Red Carpet Treatment. Customer service there to wipe your ass.
2)F2P (with cash shop) - Little less quality and or shop manipulation.
3)B2P - Pay once for the ass wiping, enjoy the non restrictive ride. Perhaps pay again for updates, perhaps not.

I have allot to say, especially in the behind the scenes boardmeetings that take place. But I will reserve that for a Round 2 discussion. For now, I will keep it sweet and simple and let's get some feed from you the reader. What do you think? What do you say on this and your experience?

Mine? To generalize. I think:
1)Subs depend on the company. I was a WoW player since launch and when I compare how we were treated in comparison to other games...I see no difference. Yes, they had a hot line, and yes I was put on hold for hours asking an account question. I never received a personally responded email. Everything automated. In game, if a dungeon bugged, we could open a ticket, have a GM descend himself upon thy: "You reviece a Whisper from [GM]Thunderballs: Hi I am the active GM, I see you opened a ticket what can I help you with?" The entire guild shutters as the guild leader proceeds to talk to the GM. "Oh hi, well, we just downed X and the doors wont open"... now, as nice as it is to have the GM descend his grace upon thy. They usually were useless. They can not magically code things on the fly. His advice was to log out. He acknowledged the problem, gave us our keys back that we spent on getting in, and they advised people to not go in, and the game shut down to fix the issue days later and posts on the site right away. In fact, that seems to be the GMs greatest power. Item management and teleportation.
As populations grew and servers got convoluted the GM presence becomes automated and not sure if that is what my cash is really getting me anymore. I can't say it is content because well...look at the market. Wow's content can be rivaled with any other F2P like Star Wars, etc. Start to end, full story ride and armor changing games with high quality animations...So where is that sub cash going? Also, the GM's power to contrl inventory, set out global messages, and teleport you are...present in any game...Some abuse it, some use it, some professionalize it...I can go on about GM behaviors but let's save that for another post. So to summarize I think your red carpet treatment, the "we pay for this service" is crap. I think it is a dillusional feature in your gaming world. I DO BELIEVE that the payment model creates a more "club" like atmosphere. When I paid with cash, I felt OBLIGATED to log in. I felt the walet means serious business and therefore the next guy must think the same. We are here, were are serious, let us form a group! And we also knew the population growth would not be flooded with F2P testers hopping in to see if they like it and ditching the guild. We knew we were lifers, and the club mentality is more apparent.
I think it is a myth also that Subscription holds more dedicated players. How many times did I See WoW subbers log in and fart around reaching level 20 max, and ditching...another alt, alt alt ditch ditch. And in the end just give up. This same behavior is like F2P titles so I do not think Credit Cards change this. I think this is just a question of how many people ACTUALLY have credit cards to charge up. The mentality is the same, just the numbers are a little more filtered. I lay down the credit card for just a few months then cancel, they lay it out, then fact, I found some games give perks in their payment models that are better if you play like that instead of engage your monthly subscription permanently (Where one time silver tier = better boosts than gold tier in some SONY games).

2) F2P - I like it. MY consuming habits have turned to F2P recently. I can't say I was a fan before. Not because of quality though (myth). But because I just add email; user name, and password and I am in. I skip the Credit Card forms. Simple as that. I think the quality is the same as Subscription models. I just think they open up earlier and we run into open beta bugs more than subscription games, but that argument is weak because I have subbed to so many games and they all have bugs. Even in World of Warcraft, half the fun was not hte new expansions, but finding the "holes" in the walls that dropped you through he textures and you ended up in strange game land below the ground. Glitches never really fixed and who cares. Then there are those glitches like: "If we catch you exploiting, you can get banned!". So you are paying monthly for a code so untouchable they can't fix it, they just play police the area...hmmm...
I think, in F2P, it is easier to ignore than in Subscription. For example, in Perfect World, there are certain glitches since 1995 that still exist. Most people are so over it is not even a factor. Some populations in certain areas move on that the problem effects no one. For example, there was a pvp area where you can train high level mobs out of a cave dungeon into the public and you basically got your pvp battle trolled by dungeon mobs...this was a bannable offense "policed" by GMS. But, since it is to lazy to fix it, they just let it go when people found other pvp spots, they built more content and just left this glitch one is there, the world is big enough to ignore it. Now if this is a Subscirption game and people complained they will withdrawal their credit cards. There is more of a image protection in subscription like: "oh if this is broken, well I will not pay for the next expansion". Even though it does not really effect you if you move past it, but because you are have the right to cry baby. FOR THAT, I am enjoying F2P. It allows people to adapt, move along, and in a twist of fate, expect more content instead of major changes. Now, that said, some game breaking things should be fixed, and for all that I have seen, both Subs and F2P make those changes. There really is not a "fully broken" game out there. People usually fix their shit, paid for or not. (because they make cash not by your subs, but that is another post).

3) B2P - Really, there are only 3 models out as of this post: Guild Wars 2, Secret World, and Defiance. I have played all except defiance. I am not a fan. ALL have been over hyped and when I got it, I REALLY felt like I could have put the cash into a single player box set. I have been dissapointed by all. Guild wars has little to no content biweekly like they promised. The world is not "alive and growing" as they promised. Both Secret World and Guild Wars have half podged expansions that feel more like Beta fixes and excuses. We basically got a sub standard F2P game and all suckered into over paying 60 bucks or less. Slap in the face is cash shop built into both these games. So, as of now, until more games come out with better product, I would prefer to invest my cash in a F2P cash shop or single player game...or hell, 3 to 4 months of a subscription title. Star Citizen will be a B2P, I hope it breaks the standards!

Well those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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